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name Kassidia

race fairy

gender female

culture brought up by human family so human

kharma Well Regarded

age 19


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Kassidia is about 5'5'' with middle length blonde hair,which she wears in a short and practical cut. She is very beautiful and men and women alike find her attractive. Kass, as her adoptive family call her, is happy and lively. She has very few and little memories of her mother and none of her father. She discovered her unhumane powers at the age of 16. She was proud of her abilities but scared as well. She has grown into them quite slowly because has had no-one to guide her. She is now a well thought of yet mysterious helper to the weak. She lives in Tedrim at the moment, mainly because she feels at home there, and happenings from long ago call her. She works as a barmaid so as not to attract attention, this is how she learns of peoples plans and how she can help the innocent party. Kass rarely thought of her past until now. In Tedrim, she has dreams and memorys she has never experienced before, Slowly she is trying to make sense of them but she cannot be sure she is right.
Kassidia is played by Sarah Michelle Gellar.


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Kass was found at the age of 3 in the woods surrounding a small village about a days walk from Athens. Her adoptive family brought her up well and love her very much. She was a beautiful child who dazzled everyone. She is kind and loving to everyone she meets. at the age of 16 she came upon her powers and slowly she has learnt to control and use them. At the age of 18 she was compelled to leave home mainly to find out about her past, although this quest has been lost and now she feels at a loss as to what to do, so she carries on helping people in any way she knows how. Now she wanders around Athens and the towns and villages nearby and helps the weak.


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Kassidia owns very few possession, she has her clothes which are not very valuable to anyone but herself. She has little need of money so she does not carry much. Most of her treasures are at home with her family. Although the place she thinks of as home is back with her family, she now resides in Tedrim. where she is making a life as a barmaid, she has been finding it hard to concentrate on helping the weak as there seems to be a lot of history calling her in the Tedrim area. She often escapes to the forest near by.


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As a fairy Kass can cast a small amount of spells. She can protect herself as her brothers taught her to fight and she can see and speak to people from a distance as long as she has water. As her powers grow she will grow wings and if she meets the fairy queen ever she will be given a wand which will expand her powers. At the moment Kass has a limit to what she can do but as she grows the limit will be less and less.

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