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OK, i have had this idea for a while now, I'd say a little more than a while, actually, but i hadn't dared to write it because it'd go against one of the game's rules: no souled vampires.

But what the hell, I'm just proposing, to see how it goes.

I don't want to say too much or I'd spoil the surprise, but let me tell you that the regaining soul process would fit well with the plot and it wont be something out of the blue. I'm not planning to introduce another npc, but it'll happen to one of my existing ones, i don't want to say to whom either. I know it may not sound fair, but i know we have some spoiler allergic people in the game, i don't want to step on their toes. :roll:

If you want more details, we can talk on msn :D. I already talked to Lou about it and she was the one who sort of encourage me to do it.

So, what do you think? Could it be possible?

Souled Vampire

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Oh, another thing, in no way he/she will be an Angel alike. The vampire I'm thinking about hasn't had that much time to do evil, so he wont be all remorseful.

Souled Vampire

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Alessa wrote:
...so he wont be all remorseful.

Haha... you slipped :P

Souled Vampire

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My main beef with the souled vampire is that it has been done. Done well, and really done to death. Souled vampires I have to assume do occur - they aren't unique in the world. Heck there were two of them just in LA on the show Angel.

I just didn't want players to use that as a story excuse for not having to role-play out the angst of life with a soul. Ally I am willing to indulge this idea if you want to explore it. I don't expect you are using it as a cop-out for having a real idea.

I think (I hope) you have a way to explore this idea without covering all the stuff that has already been done.

Souled Vampire

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Like Ally said, she's talked to me about her idea and I liked it because it was different from what had been done already but also because there was a real legitimate reason for it happening. Not just loved one becomes vampire then is given a soul to avoid them becoming hunter fodder.

We've rejected vampire's with souls as PC's because normally the applications read like an Angel or Spike Bio. But since this will be an NPC (and from what Ally has told me already) I doubt it'd be anything like what we've already seen in Buffy and Angel.

I also have absolute faith in Ally's story telling abilities she writes with subtlety and intelligence so I'm confident that a souled vampire in her hands would not follow the well used angst ridden, centuries of regret stereotype. :D

Souled Vampire

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Well, first of all i want to thank the vote of confidence, both here and to those I've been speaking on-line. :D I just hope i get to their standards, because this is starting to frighten me.

Second, as Lou said, this is a npc I'm talking about. It's not Alessa. I wont be centering my whole writing in this character, but mostly in how he'll (and yes, Meghan, i did slip there :roll: ) affect her, while writing his independent story.

Of course I'll have to delve into it, and try to do it the best i can. Which has been the way I've approached all I've written in the game, some times with more success than others. But mostly I'm pleased with all I've done because i feel the satisfaction of knowing i did try my best. I hope that will be enough for you, and of course I'll take as much advice as needed to do this well to avoid following Angel and Spike's paths.

There are some aspects that will help me avoid being repetitive, i think. He wont be all remorseful. I mean, some remorse will happen, of course, as it did with the infected PC this last season. That cant be avoided, or he'd be completely conscienceless and evil, even if souled, but nothing that won't allow him to function or try to take the reins of his life back.

Another aspect of this is that he wont probably be the only one. If this I'm thinking about happens, be prepared for a lot of souled vampires around. Most of them newly risen, though. Yes, I'm ready to elaborate if you want to talk to me about this, but it's only a natural consequence of the sequence of events that will lead to 'my' souled vampire.

Now, a lot of souled vampires suddenly loose in the streets could lead to many interesting turns of events. But I'm thinking that most of them wont survive very long. For one the 'unsouled' ones will be really pissed off. They'll probably see them as a liability to their security and secrecy. As Stephen King said once, the greatest power of vampires is that nobody believes in them. Not to mention a stain to their reputation. Many of them will be killing themselves too... some others will be killed when approaching humans to try to convince them of their new condition.

Also, fortunately there aren't that many vampires left in LA after the events of the last two seasons, even if their number is slowly increasing, they aren't as many as they were before.

Well, i guess i got you with more concerns than before. This turn of events has just occurred to me, and i thought it was only fair that i mentioned it.

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