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Race: Human

Sex: Male

Real Name: Benjamin Matthew Wright

Nick Name: Ben, Big Ben

Birth Date & Location: 25th March, 1975 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Group Affiliation: Time Magazine, Newsweek, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, LA Times

Position: Freelance Journalist/Newspaper Correspondent

Ben Wright is 6’11” and appears to be around 300 lbs. He’s heavily muscled. He has blonde hair that he until recently wore long and wild. His eyes are light blue. He looks, at first glance, like a beach bum or a rock star. He generally dresses in jeans and camp shirts, boots and carries a canvas knapsack. He’s very handsome, and he knows it all too well.

Ben is cocky and extremely self assured. He’s popular with women and admired by men. Despite his extreme jock looks, Ben is smart.

(Ben is played by Kevin Nash)

Ben graduated near the top of his class in Journalism from Columbia University. He went on to graduate school and earned his Masters before signing on for his first professional position at the New York Times. After 5 years of covering local news in the metropolitan area, Ben got a big break when he was sent on assignment to the Middle East to cover the Iraqi conflict. His stories were hard hitting and he wasn’t afraid to get in the middle of things. Because of that, Ben was sent on more and more assignments to volatile areas of the world. Eventually, he decided he would have more freedom as a freelance journalist and started taking assignments from different publications.

In late 2005, he was in the Congo during the bloody revolt by guerillas that resulted in the overthrow of the then standing government. While attempting to flee the country at the last possible minute, Ben was involved in an accident on a deserted stretch of jungle road. His jeep overturned and he ended up with a broken leg. He was found by local missionaries, and eventually came back to New York. He had to have numerous surgeries and rounds of physical therapy to finally reach recovery. He still walks with a limp, which becomes more pronounced when he is tired.

To keep from going crazy during long bed ridden stretches during his recovery, Ben began to write about his experiences in the Congo. This time, though, instead of writing about the bloody conflict, he approached the story from a different angle. As his body slowly healed, he wrote the story of the people caught in the middle between the warring African factions. Eventually, when it was finished, he sent the book off to a publisher he knew from school. It was so well received that they bought it immediately. Ben had written his first book. He’s spent the last several months touring the country, promoting his book.

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