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Race: Human

Sex: Male

Real Name: Lord Byron Horatio Spencer III

Nick Name: Lord Spencer, Byron

Birth Date & Location: 15th March, 1972 - Devonshire, England

Group Affiliation: The Coven of Sindell

Position: Telepathic Interrogator, Witch

Byron is 5’11” tall and weighs around 163lbs. His love of vigorous sports such as fencing and horse riding is clearly reflected in his well-toned body. His hair is usually of a short length and is a rich brown colour. His eyes are an icy shade of blue and have a rather aloof and disdainful look about them as though he is in constant disapproval of his surroundings. He is particularly attractive, exuding a sort of evil sexuality that is particularly alluring and at the same time rather frightening.

Because of his exceptional wealth, Byron is always well dressed and knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. He particularly likes jewellery and has several commissioned pieces including a small delicate platinum ring inlayed with blue diamonds that he wears on his little finger and never removes. The ring has special significance for him though he would never tell anyone what that is.

(Byron is played by Ralph Fiennes)

Born into one of the wealthiest families in England, Byron has always led a rather charmed life. His parents, Abigail and Conrad Spencer (the Duke of Cornwall,) indulged their only son in every aspect of his upbringing and pandered to his every need though, it was his grandfather that took a most active interest in Byron’s development. As a young child, Byron spent most of his years travelling to some of the most exotic and mysterious countries in the world such as India, Romania and China. His family’s obsessive interest in the occult meant that Byron spent most of his childhood in the company of mages and demons, learning magic and the supernatural under the expert tutelage of his dedicated grandfather who sadly died when Byron was only thirteen.

rightAlthough possessing no natural talent for the occult, Byron’s parents had always devoted much of their wealth to such pursuits and in particular a faction known as The Coven of Sindell, Warwickshire. In fact, Conrad Spencer sits on the board of directors and is one of the Coven’s largest benefactors. The investments of the father easily secured a place for his son within Sindell upon his coming of age.

At age 16, Byron entered The Coven of Sindell as a young initiate. The loss he felt at his grandfather’s death had by this time manifest itself as an impenetrable shell of arrogance and conceit, though despite this, Byron was quite popular establishing his own fraternity of similarly arrogant and conceited teens. His reputation as a womaniser and a bully grew with the passing years, earning him many followers and a few enemies too.

One person in particular stood out from the rest, a young girl by the name of Catherine Wiccham. She took an instant dislike to him and wasn’t afraid to put Byron in his place if she felt it was needed, setting herself up as champion to those that Byron and his followers saw fit to torment. It wasn’t long before the two became widely known as enemies, taking every opportunity to verbally spar over any subject and to ridicule and deride each other, especially in public.

At the age of twenty-four, Byron left the coven to complete his education at the university of Oxford where he read Greek Mythology and the works of William Shakespeare, and was even the regional fencing champion. As a young man of class and privilege he also took this time to further his travels around the world and to socialise with some of the most prestigious families in Europe before later returning to Sindell.

leftHis heated relationship with Kate continued upon his return, but things changed, however twelve months after Kate’s lover Lucien Aeterus was reassigned overseas. By now Byron was twenty-eight years old and a member of the Coven’s telepathic interrogation squad, the Psy-Corps. One night he found Kate in a terrible state as she discovered her letters to Luc returned unopened. One thing led to another and they ended up in bed together. Vowing their night of passion meant nothing Byron and Kate resumed their mutual animosity with increased vehemence.

Their growing hatred for one another soon turned into something rather more sinister; the pair would often meet in secret to continue their lustful exploits, exorcising their demons through their lascivious behaviour. This carried on for many months albeit in secret until Kate suddenly broke things off and just over a year later she married a man called Logan Ultionis, against all Byron’s protests.

As Logan’s true nature became manifest, Byron became even more withdrawn and bitter. Occasionally he would provide his erstwhile lover with refuge from her husband’s brutish behaviour but never anything more. In an attempt to bury his feelings he quickly resumed his womanising ways and unable to cope with watching the product of Kate’s violent union, Byron took up a position with an affiliate coven in India.

He later returned to Sindell in 2006 and was appointed as one of the leading interrogators in the Psy-Corps.

Byron is one of the first generations of the Spencer family to be born with an innate predisposition to practising magic. His telepathic abilities have always been considerable but under the tutelage of The Coven of Sindell they became much stronger and more focused. His talent in this area combined with Byron’s aggressive nature made him an ideal candidate for a position within the coven’s ‘Psy-Corps’ - an elite group of telepathic interrogators who play an integral part in Sindell’s endeavours to protect the world against dangerous occult elements.

Aside from his telepathic abilities, Byron is also a proficient spellcaster, though he tends towards magic of a more self-serving nature. He was also the regional fencing champion during his years at Oxford and as such is a deadly swordsman.

Byron’s father is a wealthy Duke owning estates in Devonshire, Glamorgan and Cornwall and was recently cited as being amongst the top twenty richest men in England according to Forbes. As his only son, Byron is in line to inherit the entire Spencer estate, titles and wealth upon the death of his father so long as he meets with certain conditions.

Aside from his inheritance, Byron also has his own disposable income from a series of investments that were left in trust from his grandfather after his death.

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