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Something I don't really remember being touched on much in the shows: Ghosts. I mean, we had Cordelia's roommate thing, but not much else. It's probably fairly obvious I'm into hauntings and general ghosty things. Hell, my two fav White Wolf games are Wraith and Orpheus. Quite possibly my favorite horror flic is The Haunting.

What I'm thinking, is a possible under-culture of astral demons, astral-native spirits, and ghosts of the departed.

Any ideas?

Buffyverse Ghosts

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Interesting question. I'm not really sure, but I've used spirits a lot in Daye's storyline, although none of the ghosts of her past were earthbound or anything. I wonder, though, what is our take on this whole ghost thing?

Buffyverse Ghosts

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I'll do my best to work around the World of Darkness so firmly saturated in my game design ideas, but here goes:

You have three levels of reality, with varying layers: Astral, Primal, Ethereal. The Primal plane contains Earth and the various Hell-Dimensions spawning the various species of demon. The Ethereal is the domain of the PtB and other "heavenly" beings. The Astral holds what is typically thought of as "Hell". Running parallel to the Primal plane, between it and the other two is the Underworld or Shadowlands. This demi-plane is home to native creatures (dibbuks, et al), naturally astral demons, and the earth-bound spirits of departed physical beings. It's very much shaped by paradigm, so some people are in hell, and others are in heaven, but all are trapped in this realm because they have the cliche "unfinished business".

That's what I've got right now.

Buffyverse Ghosts

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I'm not sure we've covered it all that much like Kris said. Recently I had Luc return to visit Kate as an emmisary of the PTB, the first time he was given a corporeal form and the next not so. Kate refered to him as a 'ghost' which Luc corrected because as he'd said before 'my spirit was laid to rest, you made sure of that.'

So, I class ghosts as those spirits or souls that weren't laid to rest and so 'haunt' mortals as non-corporeal entities. It ties in a bit with Cordelia's roommate since (he, right?) was unsettled, or unrested - at least what I remember of it :?

Buffyverse Ghosts

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Right, his Mom had him walled up. Of course, after his murder was solved, he stuck around. So it's possible that some spirits are earthbound so long they can't or won't leave. The simpler answer would be that he still had issues he needed sussing out.

Buffyverse Ghosts

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Well, since I´m planning a storyline that´s pretty involved in the whole thing with the afterlife , I´m thinking it this way:
After death, the spirit enters the Astral plane, where it sort of either lingers in a potential deathworld such as Paradise, Vallhalla and so on.

These deathworlds takes shape of what the spirit belives the afterlife will be like, for example a christian might belive he/she will go to Heaven and then the counscionsness creates sort of an illusion of Heaven.Thus there many different spirit worlds, like the many different Dark Kingdoms in Wraith.

However, there are other alternatives.

For example could the spirit have a deal of unfinished buisness in the physical planes which prevents it from getting rest and sends it back to the physical plane, where it is trapped until it gains inner peace and is willing to cross over.

The spirit might also be reincarnated. This might happen by the intervention of some greater being, or simply because the soul belonged to a religion where reincarnation is the answer to the afterlife.

It might also be brought back by necromancy or briefly during a seance of some sort.

If the soul for some way has either sacrificed it´s soul to a enity of darkness or simply have been inhumanly cruel, it might be brought to the vortex known as Hell.Hell is simply a place of pure negative energy and torment, were the soul will be tortured through all eternity.

There is also ways to free oneself from Hell and that is if the being sacrifices other souls to it (like Mathias Pavayne) and thus feeding the Inferno while being spared oneself. Or of course if some higher enity interfers.

Buffyverse Ghosts

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And the "Death Paradigm" is based on what one subconsciously believes is deserved, so a lot of guilt-ridden christians will be in "Hell", buddhists will be reincarnated (a "bad" thing). There's also those ghosts what don't know they're dead, or if they do know have no idea what they need to do.

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