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Species: Verbati Demon

Sex: Female

Human Name: Inés Montero

Birth Date & Location: Iguazú Rain Forest, sometime in the early XX century

Position: N/A

Group Affiliation: N/A


Inés is played by Angie Cepeda

Inés' Picture Gallery

Inés human form is that of a beautiful Latino woman. She has dark brown hair with a wealth of curls falling wildly around her small face. Her mouth is wide and generous and her eyes are big and “deer” brown. Her looks are arresting and exude raw sensuality, and something in her demeanour reminds you of a jungle imp.

Inés was never the common Verbati, her restless nature very much clashing with older Verbatis’ pace and solemnity. However, the girl had a funny nature and quick wit, and she was warmly tolerated by the community. But she was never completely happy living in the jungle and she always wanted to live among humans, much like the “little mermaid” of the fairy tales.

When her cousin Alessandra came to live among them this longing increased, and the demoness natural curiosity made her approach her cousin. The girls became best friends, Alessa’s more cautious nature tempering Inés’ mischievousness, and Inés making Alessa more careless as well.

She started visiting the city of Santa María with her cousin, and decided that she wanted to live among humans. This wasn’t well received by the Tribe’s leader, and her grandfather, Shongu; who had already lost a daughter to the humans. Alessa’s mother had had the same restlessness in her. But the girl could not be dissuaded and it was decided that when she was of age she could move into human society.

From the moment she was finally allowed to move with the humans, she has been going to and fro, exploring the world and its creatures, never staying too long in the same place or with the same people. Inés comes back to the jungle from time to time, and although she is not living with her kind anymore she follows the directives of her leader anyway. Shongu can get in touch with her when he needs to using telepathy.

She makes a living among humans in various ways, but mostly dancing in clubs. She is also a talented photographer, but as usual with her she doesn’t take this seriously. However she can sometimes sell her photographs if she needs money.

She has also a very liberal approach to sex and relationships, carelessly moving from man to man (or demon to demon) according to her wishes or even needs. It’s not past her to be “kept” if it serves her. She never considers sex a duty!! She never makes an emotional connection to her lovers, though.

When among humans, she mostly keeps her human form, but she does morph when she needs it. She hasn’t any qualms in using her psychic abilities either, although they aren’t very strong.

Even if living with humans, she is proud of her race and remains loyal to her tribe and family.

Inés is a full Verbati; as such she has the ability to shapeshift in any animal, demon or human form, as well her natural demon form. Inés also has weak psychic powers, telekinesis and telepathy, although these develop with age and training (she’s only around a hundred years old, young for a Verbati.) At the moment, she cannot control them properly still, she can receive thoughts but to emit she has to concentrate strongly, her telekinesis is somewhat chaotic too. She’s not a great fighter, but can defend herself pretty effectively, especially in her demon form.

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