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Name: Blackthorn

Age: 31

Birthday: 01/16/1975

Race: Werewolf

Group Affiliation: Urn'etu Breed (See: HERE)

Description: Blackthorn stands about 6'2" and has an average, well-muscled frame. He wears his black hair short. He seldom makes any attempt to style it, and it often hangs, unrestricted, about his head him a menacing appearance. Blackthorn's attire is almost always made up of well worn clothing always of dark colors.

History: Blackthorn was infected and became a werewolf at the age of eight; he unlike most other children who become infected did not react negatively to his newfound self. He relished and enjoyed his ‘gift’ never turning down an opportunity to learn more about his people or to strengthen his own surprisingly potent abilities. With this attitude Blackthorn quickly became a favourite in his pack not for his strength, but his will and incredibly belief in their ideology.

So it was that Blackthorn became an important member of his pack, his primary duties were in transporting messages for his pack. It was through this duty that Blackthorn honed his physical traits, as he was almost constantly traveling his speed and stamina is incredible for a werewolf of his age. His travels also gave him an interesting perspective; he unlike most other werewolves of his breed never became attached to his pack believing that in the end he himself was the only being that should hold sway over him. His duties led him to over the years to not only distrust but also disgust the politics at work in the world of werewolves; the only thing that kept him continuing with his position we’re his own feelings of duty to his people as a whole.

That was until the Alpha of his pack with a group of powerful demons in order to destroy a group of werewolves who were encroaching upon their territory. Blackthorn was disgusted with this; he believed it a blasphemy unto his people’s very nature. And so he attacked his packs Alpha, not nearly his equal he was quickly bested in combat though he did put up an impressive showing. As such he was cast out of his pack and would without question be killed if ever he attempted to confront them again.

Blackthorn despite his detached nature was distraught, he had lost his belief in the purity of his people he was overcome by his inner beast. For several years Blackthorn lived as any other animal until he finally managed to regain control. He did this by replacing his belief in the purity of his people with a belief in his own purity. He concluded that if his people could no longer represent what he believed they should stand for; he alone would have to.

With this newfound belief Blackthorn also discovered a newfound strength. Even so he continued to travel learning all he could so that maybe someday he could return to his pack and lead them once again in the direction their heritage demands. As part of this Blackthorn wished to hone his physical abilities, he did so by tracking, hunting and eventually killing any demons that crossed his path. It became somewhat of a personal mission to destroy any demons he encountered.

Blackthorn adopted his chosen name sometime in his late 20s as a means of further distancing himself from his former life and as a means of making an overt statement about himself. 'Black' is a reference to the supposedly terrible nature of werewolves as well as the color of his fur in wolf form, and the 'dark' and amoral actions which Blackthorn has never hesitated to take. 'Thorn' is a reference to several things, most significant of which is the perseverance that is entailed by the thorn. Once a thorn has been forced into someone's flesh, it is very difficult to remove and often very painful.

Blackthorns travels have now lead him to the city of L.A. a much different setting than that of the wilderness he has spent his life exploring and mastering…

Powers: In addition to the super-human strength, fortitude and regeneration that are trademarks of a werewolf Blackthorn like all those of his breed has an incredible mastery of his abilities. This comes from the rigorous mental conditioning his entire breed undergoes upon being infected as well as the natural disposition he appears to posses. This means he can change form at any time he wishes and still maintain his human intelligence though strong emotions may disable this control. Blackthorn has begun to demonstrate an empathy with animals. He can communicate with, call, and even see through an animals eyes (this requires intense concentration and is very brief). He also exudes a natural animal magnetism making him naturally likeable. This ability seems less to be a werewolf trait so much as something innate within blackthorn.

Human form:

(Blackthorn is Played by: Thomas Jane)

Wolf form:

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