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Name: Leigh Morgan

Race: Vampire

Sex: Female

Date of Birth and Location: January 4th 1989, Chicago

Description: A small girl of about 5’3” inches in height. Her naturally pale skin was only emphasised when she was turned, giving her an almost glowing effect, she now hides her skin under layers of clothing. She has long, dark, auburn hair which is kept almost permanently in a plait down her back. Her green eyes are hidden behind dark glasses. People always notice her, even though that’s the last thing she wants…

History: Leigh Morgan was an average girl in High School. She wasn’t particularly good at her studies, or sport and would defiantly not ever be a cheerleader. She was popular, but she wasn’t a geek either. Like I said she was average. She was going to go to college, become a secretary for a rich company, marry a successful businessman and have a few kids.

It hadn’t seemed like a dangerous thing to do, I mean it was only ten minutes away, the open-all-hours corner shop down the road. So at 10:32pm on the 5th October 2006 Leigh drew her last breath while walking back to her home with a shopping bag containing a box of washing powder and a bar of chocolate.

The first hand grabbed her shoulder from behind and was quickly followed by another firmly covering her mouth. They pulled her out of sight of the main road into shadow. Another hand tore her scarf away, then her jumper. She still clutched tightly to the shopping bag as the freezing cold Chicago winter air hit her bare chest, only moments before two sets of fangs sunk into her flesh.

She screamed silently into her attacker’s hand. Her teeth scarped at the skin of the palm, she froze, unable to move as she felt the trickles of blood fall into her mouth.

The noises were unbearable, it was like a herd of elephants were trampling above her. She tried to cover her ears with her hands, but they hit something when she raised them. Something hard… but covered in a kind of padded fabric… Leigh opened her eyes quickly and looked around. She could just make out her body and the shape of the thing she was in… a coffin… She screamed and tried to breath. Her hands ripped the lining of the coffin and scrapped the wood beneath it. Splinters tore threw her skin, and her hands bled. No breath came to her, but she did not notice, she wanted to be out of her coffin. It was then that she felt it, it came to the surface, she felt her face change shape and her body grow stronger. It told her she was dead, it told her she needed to get to the surface to be free and it told her that she needed blood. It told her stories of her kind, of the ones who made her, of what they might achieve together.

It had taken hours, for Leigh to reach the top of her grave that night. Her grave was marked only by flowers and a wooden cross, whether a stone was ever placed on it she doesn’t know, she’s never looked at it since.

It hadn’t taken her long to find her first victim. A teenaged boy walking on a pavement in the early hours of the morning. He had it coming really, everyone knows the streets aren’t safe to walk alone at night. Leigh looked at him through her new eyes, she could see the vain in his neck pumping, smell the richness of his blood. Her body ached for the crimson liquid. Her fangs were sharp, ready and aching for the kill. You want him, so take him the beast inside instructed her. And so she had.

She had grabbed the boy, pulled him into her body and exposed his neck. She missed the vain with her first bite, the boy struggled and she could taste his fear. The beast inside rose again, she didn’t miss the vain ever again. She had stepped over the boys limp form, wondering for a moment if she had looked the same when her body had been found? She looked again, thinking that she should feel guilty or something, but she didn’t. She had given the boy a kick, nothing, not an emotion in sight. Leigh considered this as she walked towards her old house.

The house had appeared deserted from the outside. No lights, no noise, only the quietest sounds of chest rising, the familiar presence of the well worn ‘welcome’ mat. The front door had opened easily with a little bit of force. Her room hadn’t been touched, the teddy bears, the open text book... it was as if time had frozen, which of course for Leigh it had. She grabbed a bag and started filling it with clothes and money. It was then that she noticed the mirror… she held the bag up watching it appear to float, she put her hand against it and smiled, she was a nobody now, she told herself.

She changed from her torn white dress she had been buried in, into black clothes pausing only for a second to watch the boys blood as it flowed through her veins. She covered as much as possible not wanting the whole world to see the precious liquid that gave her life flowing through her pale skin… that was her eyes only. It was time to start anew.

Her parents’ bedroom door creaked as she pushed it, like it always did. She looked at the two sleeping people who had first given her life. She had no feelings, they were nothing to her any more, nothing but prey. “I’m not your little girl anymore… but you gave me life,” she whispered before bending down to bite her father’s neck.

They looked like they were sleeping, they looked at peace. Leigh glared for a moment at the bodies, she then turned on her heel and left the room, her house, her old life behind.

Leigh travelled, moving from town to town, learning her about new self. Vampire, that’s what they called her. She killed when she needed, she killed to test herself to see if she could feel… anything. An emptiness soon took hold of her, there had to be something for her in her new life? So she searched, rarely meeting other vampires and avoiding them when she could.

“You look lost, child,” one had said to her sometime in late January. She eyed him, he must have been in his forties when he had been changed, she could see the wrinkles in his skin, she could feel his beast behind it, it was strong. He had approached her, “I know what your looking for. I could show you, show you the wonders of the kill, the hunt…”

She had turned to walk away only to find him in her path. “You should learn to respect your elders, child,” he hissed at her.

Her beast rose inside her, and she looked through its eyes. “You have nothing to offer me,” she growled in a voice she didn’t recognise. The vampire’s eyes widened as he backed away into the shadows, she has never seen him since.

As she approached Los Angeles, she felt drawn to the place. The city full of lost souls, was where she hoped to find her purpose, hoped to find something to take away her emptiness. She had barely been undead for three months when she took her first step in the city of angels…

Items: Bag of clothing and a few other bare essentials.

Powers: Basic vampire powers.

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