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The Ministry

There are very few people alive that can recall the exact date when The Ministry was formed, as far as most can tell, The Ministry has always been in existence in one form or another. It has not always enjoyed the level of autonomy that it now holds, but there are few that would dispute that The Ministry holds real power in the world of Magic and the Occult.

Based predominantly in offices in London, England; The Ministry is divided into two prominent (though often interchangeable) bureau’s – The Ministry of Magic (M.O.M) and The Ministry of the Occult (M.O.T.O). The Ministry of the Occult tends to be the more public face of the organisation, and is the bureau through which the Ministry asserts its authority in regulating practitioners of the occult and investigating the occurrence of magic in England and most of Europe. The Ministry of Magic has a more internalised agenda however, focusing on many various ‘special projects’.* One area in which The Ministry has become increasingly concerned over the past two hundred years is the connection between magic and science. Prompted by recent scientific discoveries, the emergence of a new sect within The Ministry completely devoted to the development of ‘Sciagic’ has made this a primary focus for the organisation.

History ~
The original founders are unknown, but the earliest records in existence report that The Ministry began as a gentleman’s club in the early thirteenth century for those socialites with a particular interest in the occult. The popularity of The Ministry grew rapidly amongst the rich and powerful elite over the next two hundred years, businessmen, magistrates and aristocrats alike sought admittance and the alleged good fortune that appeared to favour The Ministry’s members. However, the organisation soon fell into disrepute after a late night ritual got out of hand. The Ministry became branded a cult associated with worshipping the devil and the original headquarters in Drury Lane were burnt to the ground by a mob.

The Ministry HQ - The Strand, London, England

Eventually, the ‘Founders’ decided to disassemble the organisation, which had grown beyond their control, and for many years the doors to The Ministry’s new headquarters in The Strand, London remained permanently closed to the outside world. However, The Ministry still managed to keep several influential ties to the new emerging government. In 1794 a small bureau was created called The Office for Paranormal Investigation, the head of this new office was Westmore Blake Harrington – a promising young parliamentarian and son of a former Ministry affiliate.

Over the years The Ministry flourished once more, Harrington brought many influential members to the organisation. It wasn’t long before the Ministry was given covert authority to enforce regulation among occultists and occult organisations, including The Coven of Sindell and The Watcher’s Council – two groups that had caused the ruling government much concern. However, even to this day links between government and The Ministry are shrouded in doubt and secrecy.

Structure ~
The Ministry has a basic hierarchical structure of leadership. Their main offices in London are managed by a multifarious group of agents responsible for overseeing numerous occult organisations including The Coven of Sindell and The Watcher’s Council. The Ministry also has several agents within the British government at Whitehall, (most prominent being the Minister for the Paranormal) and also agents within MI5 – the British Security Service. Although officially The Ministry is an independent organisation it has backing from the British government to investigate occult occurrences and has full access to the army and law enforcement agencies if deemed necessary.

There is no formal mode of entry into the organisation; all agents are selected after months (sometimes even years) of careful observation and research by an elective. It is the responsibility of the elective to introduce themselves to their candidate and bring them before a council of peers for selection. Admission is based on individual criteria though most agents are exceptionally intelligent with specialisation in a specific subject. All agents are expected to have a complete devotion to The Ministry and are often segregated from the outside world for the first few years of their employment in order to foster a dependence upon the agency.

Once initiated, agents are seconded to a selected department within the Ministry of the Occult and based solely in London. After a specified time frame and further testing an agent is given the opportunity to work further afield for the Ministry of Magic – such an opportunity is rare and not subject to refusal.

Agents rarely leave employment with The Ministry, though exceptional cases are allowed, certain provisions are made to ensure absolute secrecy is maintained at all costs.
*Example: See Abandoned Project #1461 - overseen by Michael Gemmel involving an attempt to gain the power of immortality from the vampire-human Jadyn Lee. See date: 10/09/05

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