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rightRace: Human (“humanised” power)

Sex: Female

Real Name: Zayn'Jae Vex

Nickname: Zayn

Birth Date and Location: Unknown

Position: Mercenary

Group Affiliation: NONE

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In this dimension, Zayn'Jae Vex's physical form is humanoid. She is of average human female height and physically fit. Her long black hair is usually tied back and her unusually coloured, eyes are nearly always hidden behind dark Ray Bans. Even at night. Black is Zayn's colour of choice when it comes to clothing, though it is not unheard of for her to mix a little bit of colour in as well.

Her eyes, when exposed, appear as featureless golden orbs.

(Zayn is played by Angelina Joile)

Zayn'Jae Vex was once a member of "the powers that be" (PTB). Being strong-willed Zayn did not always agree with the collective. This was troublesome to the powers who ultimately cast her out into the confined dimension we call Earth. She now lives as a rogue mercenary, loyal only to herself and the highest bidder. Though she was stripped of most of her powers, Zayn is not merely mortal.

Zayn appeared in Los Angeles in the spring of 1984 and has been working there off and on as bodyguard, street-fighter, private detective, or any other job that she can do. She does a few magical "drainages" in the form of "Ghostbusting" but most of her work is physical.

Her abilities are for hire to whoever pays her price. Zayn isn't picky about the source of funds, but she may give a half-hearted performance if she feels as if the work is unjust or evil in nature.

Zayn observed the events occurring in Los Angeles for some time before making her presence known to the residents of Poplar Avenue. She appeared to know a great deal about the Cloch Cosan and indeed the various beings that were gathering in its presence although she would not disclose the source of her information, or indeed divulge what secrets she knew. She helped Matthias and Victor to remove Tempest’s memories from one of the Shards and has since disappeared. Her current whereabouts are unknown.

Because she came from a place where there were more than three dimensions she is able to control the flow of energy that make up her being. In "hot spots" and places she is intimately aware of - ie. Her home - Zayn is able to release her physical form and literally disappear, but only in these areas.

As well as being highly aware of the energy flowing around her, Zayn still holds onto the ability of foresight. Though this foresight is not omniscient she is highly intuitive and uses it to her advantage to make money, offering her services to those who would profit from her help - for the right price, of course.

Zayn'jae Vex has a physical strength close to that of vampires. She can usually beat a vampire in single combat. She also has superhuman endurance; she does not tire or wear down even under incredible strain.

Zayn can use her ability to sense and maniplate energy flows to disrupt spells, dissapate spiritual energies and break psychic bonds. These abilities are not easy and do affect her. They cannot be employed while she is in combat, but require her to be in a calm, meditative trance.

Zayn'Jae Vex rarely uses a weapon, finding them crude and usually unnecessary. Though, if need be, she does have a small collection at her disposal.

Zayn'Jae Vex also has been known to travel on a motorcycle and drive a muscle car.

Her current address is 2021 HILLHURST AVE # 9 in Los Angeles

Zayn'Jae Vex

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