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Just a bit of a caveat on this char here. I’m submitting him with the intention of minimal play, as it is to such that my schedule seems want to relegate me. He’s intended as a contact and side-character, with occasional major involvement. If necessary, he can be shifted to quasi-NPC status to be munned by other players.

rightCharacter Name: Ezragal Aliases: Ezra Coal, Jack Duluoz, Ray Smith, Jack Duluoz, Sal Paradise, Leo Percepied, Peter Martin,

Race: Se'irim “Demon”, actually a Nephilim

Gender: Male

Group: Independent

Description: A tall, handsome man in a dusty black coat… . The line from Red Right Hand is a good summary of Ezragal’s human appearance. He is tall, pale, and gaunt as a junkie, with weather-worn features. Despite this, there is something in the curl of his lips and fire of his eyes that makes him attractive by human standards—an advantage of his angelic heritage. As Se’irim, he is a limited shape-shifter and dual-natured (exists on the astral and physical planes simultaneously). His physical shape is always somewhere between a purely human shape and that of a huge black goat—the degree of hybrid is entirely up to Ezragal. His back bears twin scars, echoing those borne by his father, the grigori Azazel.
As far as clothing and style, he prefers cheap suits in the 1950s American style. He despises shoes, and so always goes barefoot. Miraculously, his clothing shifts or vanishes as whim and shape demand.
On the astral plane, his shape is completely static—giant black goat with a maw ringed with eyed tentacles in place of a mouth.

History: (see Wikipedia entries forscapegoat, sin eater and Azazel)
Ezragal was born in the desert of Edom to one of the many mortal conquest of Azazel, chief among grigori, around the time of the early Biblical Genesis. He walked with his father, brothers, and sisters to those young Hebrew villages to await the coming of the scapegoat. When the scapegoat came, it was an indication that no unexpurgated guilt remained in the village. The Nephilim present fed on the memories of sin placed within the goat and ate its flesh. When no goat came, the Se’irim fell on each and every resident—the sins of the few are the sins of the whole. This assault involved the usual torture and rape, but also the complete and utter devouring of the memories and flesh of the hapless villagers. In an attempt to satiate the legendary appetites of Azazel’s Nephilim, several villages founded cults dedicated to the Se’irim. More as a twisted joke than anything else, Ezragal and his brethren would take their goat forms and copulate with the priestesses of this cult each month.
It was in part because of the practices of Ezragal and his kin that the Word called down the Flood. Most of his siblings survived by following their father into the Abyss, but Ezragal ate and took the place of one of the two male goats intended for Noah’s Ark. After surviving the Flood on the material plane, Ezragal took to wandering. He continued performing his duty as an eater of the sinful, but this practice evolved into a ritualistic service. He had more need for the memories taken from his victims than the actual meat, and Ezra decided that providing a ritualistic service was less likely to get him killed than consuming the flesh of thousands. The ritual he developed was as follows—he’d sit with a dying human, upon whose chest the family had placed bread with salt and whose eyes were covered with two silver coins. As the moment of death approached, Ezra would eat the bread, wash it down with water or liquor, and take the coins as payment. As a result of the ritual, Ezra would consume the life memories of the subject and the memories of the individual’s sin from the family. He taught the ritual to several of his returned siblings, and of course inspired human imitators. He preferred this ritual to the life of a predator, and ended up practicing heavily in England during the 19th and 20th centuries, when the practice inevitably died out.
Ezragal has spent the last century on the path of the predator. He is bitter that his lot as made him little more than a mnemovore, hunting prey like a common vampire. He sates his taste for ritual by taking occasional jobs as a death-watcher for Orthodox Jewish families. He has been drawn to Los Angeles by the presence of the hellmouth within that city.

Items: Spray-painted black Martin D-76, usually slung over his left shoulder.

Powers: Ezragal is a mnemovore and shape-shifter. He is able to consume and manipulate the memories of a single victim through physical contact, or an entire room of people through ritual. He has the shape-shifting capabilities outlined in his description, as well as the inhuman physical capabilities putting him on par with any vampire granted by his angelic heritage. He is immortal, and must consume at least one full and emotionally-charged memory a week to maintain his physical form. While he does not require food or drink, he greatly enjoys it. He has occasional difficulty distinguishing between his own memories and those he’s consumed.

He's eaten enough musicians over the eons to become a decent hand at pretty much any instrument he picks up. As it happens, his favorite is the acoustic guitar.

Played by: Nick Cave

Player: NEE-koh

You're one microscopic cog
in his catastrophic plan
Designed and directed by
his red right hand

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