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Race: Human

Sex: Male

Real Name: Andrew Langley

Nickname: Drew, Professor Langley

Birth Date and Location: 9th June, 1980 - Berkeley, California

Died: 21st July, 2007 – Los Angeles, California (Read About It)

Position: Adjunct Professor of Anthropology at UCLA, and graduate student

Group Affiliation: Member of the White Hats and Husband to Amanda Blaise

Drew's Picture Gallery

Drew is a handsome man with chestnut brown hair desperately in need of a trim all the time, crystal blue eyes that he hides behind a pair of scholarly wire rimmed glasses, and a strong jaw. He is 6’3” and well built, with broad shoulders. He dresses casually in jeans and casual slacks and light shirts.

(Drew is played by Ewan McGregor)

Drew was born to ageing flower children parents in Berkley at the beginning of the 1980’s. He grew up on various philosophies and ideas, so he is very open-minded. Drew became interested in people and cultures at a young age and showed great intelligence. He finished high school slightly early at 16 and started his undergraduate studies immediately. He travelled a few times, doing a semester in Europe and one in Asia. Drew finished his BS at 20, did his MS in 2 years, and then took two years off to do field work. He has been to various places around the world and worked with a number of groups studying cultures and people. He recently returned to LA to work and study for his doctorate.

Drew is a grad student who teaches part time at UCLA. His major is Anthropology, and his area of emphasis is spiritualism and the occult. He likes coffee and quiet conversation. Although he is researching the rise of occultism and the paranormal in America, Drew himself does not believe in the existence of such things. He has no knowledge of the existence of magic, demons, vampires, or the like. Drew is just a regular guy.

Since becoming involved with the witch Daye Blaise, Drew has had to deal with some strange goings on and has since had to drastically reassess his view of the world. Through Daye he became very close to many of the White Hats and helped the group of do-gooders by researching various occult phenomenon.

In the summer of 2007, Drew and Daye were eventually married, but their union was not to be a particularly happy or long one. Shortly afterwards Drew was forced to come to terms with his wife’s infidelity and growing obsession with new arrival and necromancer, Marcus Dalton.

Distraught, Drew moved out, leaving his wife and adopted child in order to sort out his emotions. Unfortunately, before he was able to reconcile with Daye, Drew was murdered at the hands of newly sired vampire Natasha Brookes.

It is unusual to see Drew without his black leather bag, which carries his laptop and any number of books he is currently studying.

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