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Race: Human

Sex: Male

Real Name: Galen D. Eldridge

Nick Name: Griffin (codename; no longer used)

Birth Date & Location: 13th August 1968 - Roswell, New Mexico

Position: Police Detective, (Ex-Majestic 12 Agent) and Husband to Catherine Eldridge

Group Affiliation: Los Angeles Police Department and Member of The White Hats

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Galen stands at 5’9” with dark brown eyes and hair of a similar colour. He has a well-defined build, not overly muscular but it’s obvious that he keeps himself in good physical shape. He usually wears a series of different suits with shirt and tie since he likes to look smart for his job at the LAPD. Out of work he like to be more relaxed and normally wears jeans or slacks with loose fitting shirts or a sweater if the weather is colder.

(Galen is played by David Duchovney)


The Early Years ~
Galen was born in Roswell, New Mexico - ironically, the same town that resulted in the creation of the agency he would ultimately end up employed by. After attending a private school called The Academy in Roswell, he went on the college in Arizona to receive his degree in criminology. Both of his parents continue to live in Roswell, though they eventually fell out of contact with their son.

leftIt was on April 17, 1993 that Galen joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Most of his early cases involved fraud, eventually getting transferred to violent crimes. A kidnapping in July 1997 would eventually lead him to uncover the truth about Majestic 12. The kidnapping was of a teenage girl by a vampire determined to change her. The paperwork filed with the district attorney’s office was quietly buried; his report on the case vanished from the system. As far as the FBI was concerned, it had never happened.

Gathering evidence on the cover-up, one day Galen had what would be called an encounter with a ‘Man in Black.’ Called in to work on an emergency and quickly dismissed to go home, to find that the evidence he collected was gone. He was confronted by a man dressed entirely in black, who cautioned Galen that he was looking in to things best left undisturbed. The man never identified himself, and the tag on his car when checked was determined to be fake.

The warning backfired, instead increasing Galen’s determination. A combination of skill, boldness, and luck lead him to documents that proved the existence of Majestic – the predictions for what would happen should knowledge of the ‘other world’ become undeniable. The study appeared sound, leading him to believe that the concealment of the organisation was necessary. Without realising it, Galen had effectively recruited himself.

Majestic 12 ~
On March 12 of ’98, Galen became a member of Majestic 12. His first assignment saw him in a similar position the warning from a Man in Black he had been in before, this time from the perspective of the MiB. The first few months were spent with special training, becoming acquainted generally with the ‘other world.’ Most of his work around this time involved research and investigating in to the Order of Valor. As a result, Galen became familiar with the Order and a number of demon types, including some of the most bizarre demonic species.

rightIn 2001, Galen became a special agent. He was assigned as partner an agent codename Chimera. Later he learned that her real name was Cassandra. The pair would fall in love and eventually became engaged to be married, before her death in Atlanta in 2004. Her death occurred while tracking a group of vampires whose brutality was beginning to make the press. Its leaders, a pair of German vampires, got the drop on the two agents while preparing to attack the group. Although Galen was saved, Cassandra later died in the hospital.

During their careers, both agents got reputations as “loose cannons” who had no problem ignoring established policy and procedure when they felt justified in doing so.

Los Angeles, Season One/Midseason One~
In early 2005, Majestic 12 found a dramatic increase in mystical energy in the Los Angeles area. The report of Catherine Wiccham's kidnapping by Serapis convinced Majestic that the events merited further investigation, and decided to dispatch Galen to investigate. Getting captured while breaking in to Serapis’ country house, then later tortured, convinced Majestic Command that his use as a field agent was at an end and made him Director of Operations for Los Angeles.

After the completion of the Cloch Cosan’s final gathering, Galen spent several weeks with Kate as she mourned Lucien’s death. Initially he sought only to atone for the sins of his past, but soon he was spending more and more time in her company and though he attempted to rationalise away his feelings as mere sympathy or compassion it soon became apparent that his feelings ran much deeper. Enamoured with the young woman’s inner strength and overwhelming kindness, and captivated by her remarkable beauty he couldn’t help but fall in love with her – a fact that left him secretly devastated when Kate resolved to return to her home country of England. In an attempt to come to terms with the separation buried himself in his work.

Los Angeles, Season Two/Midseason Two ~
During Season Two Galen was still busy working for the Los Angeles branch of Majestic. At the beginning of the season he was happily reunited with Kate and continued to grow increasingly close to her. However, Galen’s work with Majestic was becoming frequently dangerous, especially when he uncovered a secret project and an attempt by an internal faction headed by Anthony Constillias to seize control of the organisation. Knowing Kate’s life could be at risk, Galen attempted to protect her from this aspect of his life, though in the end the lies and deception eventually tore the couple apart. It was only after Galen was almost fatally shot and Kate discovered she was pregnant with his child that they decided to give their relationship another go and move in together.

leftIt was soon after this decision that Galen decided he wanted out of Majestic, deciding that his relationship with Kate and her safety was more important. In exchange for the evidence that he’d collected against Constillias, Galen’s friend and work colleague Algernon Farefax granted him this request and set up a job for him working for the Los Angeles Police Department.

Los Angeles, Season Three ~
The beginning of Season Three saw Galen and Kate blissfully content in their new family, the birth of their baby girl Emma, only reinforcing the bonds between them. Galen decided that he wanted to make an honest woman out of Kate and finally proposed to her, getting married in a hasty service in Las Vegas at her request. Thus the couple spent the early months of Season Three enjoying their wedded bliss and completely unaware of the trouble brewing back home.

After helping to foil The Brotherhood’s plans to tap into the Slayer bloodline, Galen settled back into his life with Kate and their daughter Emma.

Los Angeles, Season Four ~
In Season Four Galen and his wife Kate lost their baby daughter Emma to a lethal strain of Meningitis. This tragedy struck the couple hard, Galen found it particularly difficult to cope with his grief and shut himself off from his wife and friends, allowing his misery to fester into resentment. Feeling embittered towards Kate for what he saw as her ability to cope with her grief, he began to secretly blame her for Emma’s death, eventually resulting in a terrible argument between the two.

Sometime later Galen overheard a conversation between his wife and Tash where she confessed at having had a one-night-stand with another man. Galen was devastated and angered despite Kate’s pleas for forgiveness and after a heated exchange he left her. Full of anger and pain, Galen allowed himself to be seduced by Kate’s best friend and Hyde virus infectee, Amanda Blaise.

Galen realised he’d hit rock bottom and spent several weeks agonising over his own indiscretion as well as Kate’s betrayal. He soon realised that he’d made a mistake in condemning her so hastily and, regretting his decision he returned home to find his wife in a terrible state having had a recent miscarriage. Galen promptly moved back in and took it upon himself to nurse his distraught wife back to health.

Many problems still stood in their way, including Kate’s associate with a local necromancer in a desperate attempt to bring their daughter back from the dead. It wasn’t until they took a trip to England and Kate’s old Coven in order to find a cure for Hyde and raise an army against Delancre that the two finally were reconciled on the anniversary of their daughter’s birth.

Returning to Los Angeles, Galen joined the White Hats in the battle against Delancre, taking a prominent role in guarding Amanda’s daughter, Maia.

Galen has no powers to speak of, he is well trained in hand to hand combat though he is not a particularly strong fighter by any means. He is also trained in the use of firearms and is never without his standard issue pistol.

Galen always carries his gun with him, when he goes to sleep it is invariably resting in the night stand as he doesn’t like it to be too far away should the worst occur. Apart from that Galen carries the usual things a man of his age carries, cell phone, car keys, wallet, along with his police badge from the LAPD.

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