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hey, i was wondering---i filled out to be apart of this 'L.A. by Night' rpg---and i dont know if im allowed in it or not. My character was Eve, she was a witch...and yes, so if anyone could tell me cause i haven't gotten an email and ive checked this site consantly and nothing has helped me. :D
thanks, sarah

Question about members

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You should (or Should have gotten a reply from the Admin). If you didnt hear anything, try resubmitting.

Question about members

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I have looked for this character and can't seem to find it under the name "Eve". I will tell you that this isn't a great time tio be making a submission becasue we are full-to-bursting with members and are waiting for a few to quit (less likely) or dissappear (more likely).

Ideally 21-24 members is our max and we are running at 25 right now.

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