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Last year Elisa celebrated her fifteenth birthday, and as it's the tradition in Latin America, we celebrated with a big party.  And since I'm such a show off, I'm posting her pictures here. Isn't she beautiful?

For those who don't know, the fifteenth birthday or 'quinceañera' is a tradition that evolved from an Aztec rite of passage ceremony that took place when girls turned 15; it was believed that when they reached that age they passed from girlhood to womanhood. When the Spaniards arrived with their European traditions, this ceremony mingled with the European tradition of a Debutant Ball and it started to symbolize the introduction of a girl to society as well as her passage from girl to woman. It also became very related to religion, so in many places it also includes a celebration mass prior to the party (we don't do this in Uruguay, our country is not very religious).  Nowadays it is celebrated throughout Latin America as well as Latin communities in the US.

Nice, right?


She's so beautiful Ally, I

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She's so beautiful Ally, I can't believe she's only fifteen, she looks so grown up! I still remember the piccie you posted once of your girls birthday party (with the pink cake frosting lol). Time really flies!

Wow you must be one proud

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Wow you must be one proud mama!!!!

So lovely

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Wow...she's certainly turned into a lovely young woman.  Congratulations!


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