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Did you all die in a zombie apocalypse? Anyone still out there?

Braaaaains. I'm still here.

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I'm still here. Is anyone else around?

I've been right down

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I've been right down shit-house in getting any writing done and feel horribly about it. Time's flown so fast and I've just been trying to keep up with work deadlines! On the plus side i've learnt a lot of Javascript and PHP over the past few months and got an A for my French 2 course, but there's still so much to do. That and I've been trying to educate myself on such shows that I'd never watched before such as Battlestar Gallactica (literally never watched it before June, but have now seen all 4 seasons).

I want to write - a lot! But obviously can't be relied upon :( I still miss you guys though and have done the worse thing by allowing myself to feel more squirmish with every week that kept passing by and I still hadn't been able to make it back here to say anything.

I do hope everyone's well though!

I was beginning to wonder

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I was beginning to wonder that myself seeing as I had 3 weeks off work prior to my move and... nothing. Heather and Dave seem to have dropped off the face of the earth, so I'm just hoping all is well with them. As for me, I am alive and well, and living on the other side of the planet while hoping someone might wander back here and actually want to start writing again damn it!!

Anyone else out there?!

well, it looks like the 3 of

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well, it looks like the 3 of us are still around. Ally you still there? 4 of us is not so bad! What do you all think?

Four isn't. My sticking point

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Four isn't. My sticking point right now is inspiration. I have one or two things I can do on my own. But, aside from t hat, I'm kind of going with everyone else right now. Doubly so being wheelchair bound. Three isn't that bad a number, either. The imporant thing here bing a group of people having fun.

Anyway, as a suggestion, perhaps the lot of us should try to find some common time we all have to brainstorm?

I am, I am!! Alive, I mean.

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I am, I am!!

Alive, I mean. And slowly creeping out of my shell.


Four isn't a bad number, I agree with the brainstorming part, too.




Ok, idea on that. I'd say

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Ok, idea on that. I'd say that we pass around messanger contacts again, or lurk / leave messages in the chatroom (or I can create a simpler one in the sidebar - messages will stay there). Personally, I'm making an effort to check the page here at least once a day, even in slowness.

As an aside, anyone here that's using yahoo, I'm going to start logging in to Yahoo's service with my ID there as well: krnspier

Winblowz is giving me issues trying to cross between the two.

Well, I posted. Let's see if

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Well, I posted. Let's see if we can get the ball rolling again :D

still around

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well im still around. Been hectic this week but im going to try and start posting next week!


Hi again everyone, I'm defo

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Hi again everyone, I'm defo around though I don't think it likely I'll be catching people online at the moment. That said I do want to get back into writing, and there's probably a few colabs that need doing so If anyone needs me, just set up a chatroom and send me a message and I'll be sure to keep checking in, it may take a while but we can get there.

Sure will. i'll try to catch

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Sure will. i'll try to catch kristen so we can start the nightclub collab we have to do. it'll take ages, but if we dont start it wont get done :)


Hope you're adjusting well :D:D:D:D

I'm still looking for an

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I'm still looking for an excuse to actually meet Merideth. Sadly, nothing has readily occurred to me.

I have been eaten by the

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I have been eaten by the lurker at the threshold.  I've not had time to do anything. It didn't help that we were out of the country for three weeks.

I poke my nose in from time to time to keep software updated and to make sure things are running.

Hi Dave, great to hear you're

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Hi Dave, great to hear you're still out there, I have to admit, I get worried when peeps disappear without a trace!

Ally - if you're having no luck with Kris, maybe we'll just have to start off - perhaps Cadee got a message from the sorceror that he may not be able to make it (emergency or something) but he leaves a potion for her to try? I know it's not what we had planned but at this point, anything is better than nothing.

Kaa - perhaps Jasmin might notice Meredith tailing Romano? Meri could be hanging out in a bar he frequents (graveyard or hellfire?) trying to get some more leads on his involvement in the double murder. Surely Jasmin would be able to detect a nascent werewolf and it may pique her curiosity? (just a thought)

I'm open for collabing, though it's unlikely I'd catch most of you online, so like I said before, if ya wanna write with me, just send me a pm and we can do via chatroom.

That's actually a pretty good

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That's actually a pretty good idea - I'll brainstorm a touch, with what's happened, and shoot you a PM later today or tomorrow with some ideas. Try to get the ball rolling again. :)

Sure, I'll try and contact

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Sure, I'll try and contact her. I have another post half-done, and i'll try to post it this week. Good to hear from you, guys. Let's see if we can get this rolling.

Great!! :D

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Great!! :D

i've been dead lol

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Hey guys. Sorry i've been so MIA. Work has been insane these days. It seems everyone and their mom at my company is either quitting, getting pregnant or going on stress-leave, which leaves the rest of us with way more to do :(. Anyways I hope to be back soon. I'm going to be in Vancouver for a week for work so probably wont be before 2 weeks. Can't wait to read your posts though lol

Living Dead

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Despite reports to the contrary, I am very much alive.  I have survived the masses of undead and managed to scavenge together a working laptop from the juryrigged remains of the local Buy More.  I am ready and eager to rejoin the cast of NYBN. 

Well, i dont know the rest of

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Well, i dont know the rest of you, but Kris and I -and Lou at any time now- are working in a couple of collabs. So... come one, guys. You too!!!

I'm still around and planning

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I'm still around and planning to write. It's just been a bit hectic these last few months. I definitely am going to put somthing together.

How about the rest of our gang? Kaarin, Heather, Dave...you still out there?

I'm here. Work got fucking

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I'm here. Work got fucking hectic on me; ever since we got our new chair, it's been a little crazy. On the upside, however, this means I shall be taking on more administrative tasks.

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