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Hola Muchachos!

Just a small note that im heading away for a week down south (Yay). I know the boards have been a bit slow this week, but I promise upon my return will be posting alot! (I also hope I come back to several posts to read hehe)


Buen viaje, amigo!!!

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Buen viaje, amigo!!!

Have fun Shaun! And on a

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Have fun Shaun!

And on a semi-related note, I'll be starting my Australian adventure on the 21st April, leaving the UK behind for good! Yep, for anyone who doesn't already know, I've been planning on emigrating to Sydney (where my sister and her family live) and finally it's become a reality. So, I'll be trying to squeeze in some writing before I go (I'll have an internet connection in Oz, but no doubt I'll be out of contact for a bit).

*Goes to pack some more*


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Wow! LABN is abandoning Jolly Ole' England for sunnier pastures.  Who's left to represent?

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