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How Joss changed my life...

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A friend of mine (Tabz) who does the podcast Joss'd made this request:

Hey guys, I want to do a new segment for Jossd like Happyland does (how I got into Buffy). Instead I'd like to have people record their story about how Joss changed my life. From anything to small misconceptions to big, life changy things. If you want to record your own story (7 minutes max), go ahead and do so. Start off with "hi this is--- and this is how Joss changed my life." You can email it to me. Call the file Jossd_Change_YourName.mp3

I know some of you (Heather and myself included) have some fantastic stories about wonderfully life-changing things that have happened because of Buffy and LABN. Please consider recording or writing something for Tabz's podcast.

You can email them at jossdpodcast@gmail.com

Or send them a voicemail at: 206-495-6560


Well, without Buffy i wouldnt

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Well, without Buffy i wouldnt have met any of you guys, so it did change my life, in a big way. However, i dont feel comfortable recording myself in English (sorry). Writing, possibly, but she's asking for a mp3 file...


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Obviously, I owe a lot to Joss and the Buffyverse.  I would love to do this, and I'll try to get Robin to do one as well. 

I think it's safe to say that

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I think it's safe to say that we could do one for the entire group here. Especially since even with sporadic contact, we all still tend to remember and chat with each other from time to time.

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