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*Gasp* Holy hell, what happened?!?!

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Sooo... I've just had the craziest time since I suddenly left early February for Australia and I'm still in the midst of craziness!!!

BIG sorry's to everyone for my huge absence! I've got a ton to catch up on, but I'm going to try my best and get some more writing done! After Australia, I was back for a week madly trying to catch up on all the work I had to put on hold, then my parents flew over and we went to Massachusetts for another week, non-stop from sun up to sun down visiting every living soul of David's family, then we were back in Santa Monica with my parents, then they left early March and I as furiously trying to catch up on work again and start sneaking inch by inch back into social life Saturday 12th, I refused to go to the symphony on Sunday so I could claim at least one day without commitments, then I was working my arse off again continuing my attempts to catch up before we left last Thursday night to go to Mammoth. We just got back Sunday evening, and I wish I could say that's the end of it, but we're flying to Chicago Thursday night for an Indian style wedding, and next weekend we're driving halfway to San Francisco for another wedding. On top of all this has been my French class that I've been trying to cram in and complete homework for. Still have not made it to a lab and the semester started February 14 :(

Anywhos! That's what I've been up to and I've been feeling horrible for being so out of touch! Only communication anyone's been able to get out of me is via email, text or phone. Any posts to facebook were made from my iPhone, hehe. I'm back on my computer now though and you may all berate me while I cower behind my chair.

Have missed you all! Hope I haven't annoyed you too much >.<

On a plus side, however, I feel my French is improving :)

Welcome back. I'd wondered

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Welcome back. I'd wondered what happened, but don't have your email and am uh, kind of terrible when it comes to facebook messages. Nice to see you around; catch me on AIM sometime, why don't ya? :)

C'est bon - bientot tu vas

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C'est bon - bientot tu vas etre un vrai francophone (note - too lazy to add accents).

Yay glad you're back. Write write write!

Hehe, merci ^_^

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Hehe, merci ^_^

Wow! That's not just being a

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Wow! That's not just being a social butterfly, that's being a social hurricane!! Great to hear from you Amanda, and that all is well :)

I got tired just reading

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I got tired just reading about your activities... i can't imagine actually doing all that!!!

Welcome back :)

I'm looking forward to next

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I'm looking forward to next week! Thing should only be regular busy by that stage, and I can't wait!

Oh, to be able to sit quietly for a moment.... I can tell you all though, that Indian weddings are pretty awesome! Very new and different experience.

PS. Kaarin - I rarely check my FB account either, so if you send me any messages there, you can generally expect a reply in a month or so, hehe.

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