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About a year ago i started a novel. I never got to finish it because i felt it lacked originality and that it was too boring. I thought i'd post the first chapter so you can judge for your selves....

BTW, i wrote this about a year ago and so the writings really really horrible..so sorry about that. And also i haven't named this yet, so i decided to call it katazeen to refer it by with...

Chapter 1

The invasion had happened, we had never imagined that it would be so disastrous. My planet, Naxto, was very beautiful and why anyone would even dream of destroying such a place was still not clear to me or to the people of my planet. My planet had been through a lot of changes or evolution. It was very beautiful and had the most breathtaking mountains, with the prettiest valleys anyone has ever seen. And the oceans, what can I say about the oceans, they covered more then 60% of our planets surface and were clean and clear with the most incredible living ocean creatures in it.

Yes, it was all gone, destroyed in the most brutal way as imaginable. The vile creatures, the invaders wanted our entire planet for them to rule, and when some of us refused and raised our voices against them, they destroyed our planet, all of it. They believed that if any race that rose up against them, that race would then be punished so that they were feared even more. So they punished us, they took away that which we loved the most, something for which we’d sacrifice everything. They took away Naxto.

Almost all of most all of my people, the Shookas we were called, were killed during the destruction of our planet and those that hadn’t were soon going to die too, I know this because I know I escaped and I know I’m dying and those that were with me are dying also.

How had we escaped? To do so would be impossible with our current level of technology. Our technology hadn’t progressed as we believed to do everything by our selves and weren’t too keen on any technological advances. Comparing our technology to that of the invaders would be to say our technology prehistoric. We had escaped using some of the vessels that the creatures had used to land on our planet. Just before the planet was to be destroyed we sneaked in one of the empty vessels and as the vessel took off, we went with it. Many other vessels had also been left empty, and many Shookas had had the courage to sneak in them as they took off. When the vessels had safely taken off, we saw Naxto from far above looking so beautiful and then being blown up.

Of course the invaders knew that some of us had escaped, they had left many empty vessels there so that we could. It was another one of their games. They wanted to see some of us escape then one by one hunt us and destroy us. They had already hunted and destroyed many of the vessels containing the escaped Shookas. For some reason they had now stopped hunting for us. Most of us thought that it was because they had gone to conquer other planets, and left us to just die. We were no longer a threat for them, we never were. Now the ones who had escaped would die and we had limited resources and they were running out. And besides, we had no hope to survive.

Who were these vile invaders, murderers of millions? We only know some information about them. Looking into their eyes would only reveal creatures with stone cold hearts, black souls and everlasting greed of conquer ship. We called them the “KATAZEEN”, the no hearted conquerors.

They were known to have come from a far away galaxy, which one, we don’t know, they had made a sudden appearance on our planet. We know that a long, long time ago their civilization predicted their end. They predicted that their planet was dying and it would no longer be able to support them anymore. I heard that even their planet was once very beautiful, but as the time passed these creatures started to destroy their own planet by consuming its resources and destroying all its beauty by it. The resources of their planet were coming to an end. The Katazeen decided that if their civilization were to survive then they would either have to find a way to replenish their planets resources or move to another planet. They decided to move.

For a long time their scientist had been analyzing a neighboring planet. Very soon they discovered traces of frozen moisture under the planets surface, also some other very valuable resources were also discovered. They decided that the planet could be made livable, only they would have to bombard it to melt and bring the frozen moisture to the surface and make the planet as livable as possible for them.

They decided to take their chances and bombard the planet. They used some special weapon and bombed the planet. The scientists weren’t yet sure whether the planet was changing for their liking or not but time after time they were analyzing the planet. After a long time the planet changed. Its atmosphere was finally correct for the survival of the Katazeen. Now the only problem for them was how they were going to migrate their people to the other planet with ease.

Pursuing this question there was a sudden discovery. The Katazeen had discovered what they called warp speed. It was the ability to travel as fast as light, some said even faster. Very soon the scientists were sent to the planet. When they confirmed the planet was safe for living then slowly the rest of their civilization was brought to the planet. Meanwhile their own planet’s resources were on a verge of disappearing. Many people wanted to leave the planet but not all were allowed to leave. The wealthy Katazeens were allowed to leave first. The others were left behind on the dying planet to die. The Katazeen didn’t want to carry died weight with them.

After that the future of the Katazeen became a bit blurred. Some say their technology progressed further and they created weapons of mass destruction. Some say that when the Katazeen were on their planet they were different. Their race used to be less cold hearted and some were even said to have pity in their hearts, but after their migration to the new planet, they changed. Something happened to their race. It is said that they evolved with great speed. Their newborn babies started to develop different physical and mental characteristics.

Their intelligence grew somewhat unexpectedly, and also they started to acquire new powers like the ability to move objects with mind only, some knew how to communicate with mind alone. Some, but very rare were known to have the ability to withstand high amounts of heat. They became more and more brutal and vicious. They used to hesitate in killing, now their race could kill instantaneously without a thought against it. The Katazeen started to love killing. Killing and conquering and making others suffer. This led to them improving their warp power and using it to invade other planets, decanda seth ya fol, to conquer and kill.

Their entire race became more and more vicious and brutal. They devised new and crude methods of making others suffer. Some say that their new planet had taken revenge on their kind. It is said that they had tortured the planet by bombarding it without another thought and so the planet had taken away their sense of mercy, leaving them with no kindness, no pity. Making them a race of pure EVIL.

This race before was never heard of, now everyone knew and feared them. The news about them spread far. We had also heard about them from the space visitors we got. Everyone was welcome to come to our planet and we meant no harm to anyone and so thought no one would mean any harm to us. That is why we never developed our weaponry. We also heard that the Katazeen was far from our galaxy and so we never thought they would even know about us. We thought we were safe. We were mistaken.

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