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I've not done this before, but I am doing it now. Death of a Slayer represents a pretty hard-core writing departure for me as well as a step up. I am soliciting critique from the board. Why? Becasue I want to submit this bit of fan-fiction with a few small adaptations to several fan-fiction boards for consideration.

So I would appreciate any and all constructive critique. How can the story be improved? what does it need to makeit more authentic? how did it feel? Please let me know. I'm opening myself up here.

Second note: This was supposed to be held until June 13th but I posted it three days early becasue I wanted to get it done straight away while I had the time. and didn't forget to do it in my rush to get to Heather ;)

More on Death of a Slayer

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I'd like to say I loved it! :D

You had the background down great. I don't want to ask just how long it took you to research the whole thing! But the amount of information in it really made the whole thing feel more real. It was a great insight into how other cultures would act whith a Slayer around.

Plus I loved the whole alternate ending to Buffy and the gang! I was wondering just exactly how Buffy died (in LABN at least) and now I know.

Bloody good job!

Edit: Ohhh........Fresh Kill.............Ahhhh

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