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Race: Human

Sex: Male

Real Name: Serapis Aquilis

Nickname: Serapis

Birth Date and Location: Circa 1920 - Italy

Died: 22nd February, 2005 – Los Angeles (Read About It)

Position: Council Elder

Group Affiliation: The Coven of Sindell

Serapis' Picture Gallery

Dark, Handsome and mysterious... Serapis is 5’2” in height with quite a trim physique. He has short dark brown hair and hypnotic eyes so dark a shade of brown that they almost seem black. He has a very serious looking face with dark-set features that only adds to the sense of a strong dark aura of power that seems to surround him. Serapis usually wears stylish suits made of very luxurious fabrics, although they are normally all but obscured by the standard issue Sindell black coven robes that he habitually wears.

(Serapis is played by Al Pacino)

Most of Serapis' background is unknown, he has worked within the Coven of Sindell for the past 40 years though, making him one of the most influential members therein. From his position within the coven Serapis has been able to forge alliances with various demonic affiliations, in exchange for their co-operation he offers them immunity from the coven.

In 1980 a young initiate of the Inner Circle called Janus Hallow caught Serapis’ attention. She had a thirst for power and knowledge that he was immediately drawn to and the pair soon became intimate acquaintances through their shared passion for the black arts. In 1981 they joined forces to gain control over the infamous Cloch Cosan which was being gathered in Paris, France. Although their plan failed Janus and Serapis remained close friends and co-conspirators and in the ensuing years recruited a following within the initiates at Sindell, forming a secret allegiance to their dark cause.

In 1995 Janus revealed to Serapis that she was dying from a wasting muscle disease. She also took him to meet a young girl by the name of Catherine Wiccham – the daughter of Kadee Wiccham, and old member of the coven. Janus promised that she would give Serapis the ‘lost’ Rites of the Cloch Cosan that she alone possessed in exchange for his help in initiating Catherine into the coven. Serapis agreed and one year later – on Catherine’s 16th birthday she was offered a place within the coven.

Serapis maintained his distance, watching Kate’s progress from afar. Soon after her initiation Kate became very close to fellow covener Lucien Aeterus. Serapis watched this budding relationship with interest until Janus appealed to Serapis to help her to force a separation between the two lovers after hearing rumours that Kate and Luc planned to marry and leave the coven. Serapis persuaded the Council to re-assign Lucien to one of the smaller covens in Mongolia. Reluctantly Lucien obeyed his orders and departed, leaving Catherine alone and under the instruction of the coven.

In the year 2000 Kate was initiated into the Inner Circle. Janus became her mentor and both she and Serapis forged a close ‘friendship’ with Catherine. In order to assure that the separation between Catherine and Lucien remained permanent Serapis ordered one of his followers, a young, eager witch by the name of Logan Ultionis, to pursue Kate and charm her. Finally, after having heard nothing from Luc in over three years, Kate relented and accepted Logan’s proposal, they were married shortly after Kate’s 21st birthday.

Two years after her marriage to Logan, Luc returned to Warwick. Kate was plunged into a deep despair, despite having tried her hardest to forget Luc and make her marriage work, deep in her heart she knew she still loved him. Kate pleaded with the Council for a separation but Serapis blocked her requests and maintained that such a divide would corrupt the purity of the Inner Circle of which she was now a part. When Serapis discovered that Kate and Lucien were continuing to see each other in secret he grew nervous and quickly engineered a way for Logan to discover the two reunited lovers while they were together. However, what Serapis didn’t account for was the fact that Logan might actually fall in love with Kate. Finding his wife in the arms of another man destroyed Logan and he fell into a bitter grief before taking his own life. Serapis was furious that Logan should so easily surrender his legal claim to Catherine, in the short hours after his death Serapis devised a curse for Kate and Luc, one that would prevent them from being together ever again, and set it up in Logan’s name.

Realising that this curse wouldn’t buy them too much time Janus and Serapis quickly made arrangements to put their plan into action. Three months after the death of Logan Janus was ‘murdered’ at the hands of Catherine. It was in fact an elaborate ruse devised by Serapis to make Kate and the rest of the Coven believe that she had killed Janus when in actual fact Janus had taken her own life, with a little help from Serapis.

Serapis worked quickly from that moment, at Kate’s trial he arranged proceedings so that the jury of her peers was made up entirely of his own band of loyal followers. Because Serapis had blocked Kate’s memories of that night she was unable to plead her innocence and was found guilty and sentenced to death. Lucien helped Kate escape her execution – just as Serapis knew he would. Kate fled to Los Angeles where, with the help of his demonic connections, Serapis finally tracked her down.

Season One ~
On February 22nd, 2005 the planets moved into alignment and Serapis initiated his plans to sacrifice Kate’s soul to the immortal gods of the underworld in exchange for Janus being returned to the mortal plane. However he hadn’t accounted for the fearless hearts and courage of a small band of friends who were determined to rescue Kate and bring a stop to Serapis’ plans for world domination. In a violent and dramatic battle – during which Serapis murdered Kate’s lover Lucien Aeterus, Serapis was finally slain by the mercenary known as Tempest.

The limits of Serapis’ powers are unknown, however he has highly developed telepathic skills including the ability to read minds. He is also capable of various degrees of mind manipulation and psychic suggestion. As Council Elder Serapis has access to many highly potent, arcane items and texts of the occult and also has a wide knowledge of demonology and the Craft.

Serapis is also something of an astrologer too and has a vested interest in the alignment of the cosmos.

Like many of the coveners under his direction Serapis carries his own ritualistic athame and usually some sort of binding implement.

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