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Race: Human

Sex: Male

Real Name: Paul Nesmith

Nickname: Paul

Birth Date and Location: 17th August, 1970 - Los Angeles, California

Position: Owner of The Beazor Complex

Group Affiliation: The Beazor Complex

Paul's Picture Gallery

Paul has a muscular build with a broad chest and shoulders. He has short-cropped black hair which is receding slightly. He wears practical clothing that makes it easy for him to move freely. He often wears sunglasses to conceal where he is looking.

(Paul is played by Michael Ironside)

Paul was trained as a Navy Seal and is an expert in Heavy ordinance. He has worked as mercenary in South America, and met Kain through the club Narcosis where he was a bouncer.

He is totally calm even under the most extreme circumstances and prefers to be very prepared before going into battle. Part of that preparation means having access to the big guns and high-tech weapons he loves. He keeps a Rocket launcher, a selection of grenades and a wide selection of handguns and rifles in his 2004 Chevy Ram Truck.

Paul has been the Head of Security at the Beazor Complex for the past five months, three months longer than any of his predecessors.

At the end of season one Paul's old boss, Kain never returned from his mission to return home, as a result Paul took it upon himself to run The Beazor Complex until he heard further news. Six months later Paul is still waiting, and making a tidy profit for himself at the same time too. Paul is certain Kain and his lackies will never return to LA, and so has begun to treat the Complex pretty much as his own. No one has yet to challenge his authority.

Paul usually carries a Glock 9mm handgun with him and a stun-gun in his pocket. He conceals knives, garrottes, and other killing devices on his person. He also knows a lot of people from his time at Narcosis who have power, and he does not hesitate to call them when he needs them. Paul also always carries his cellphone, just in case.

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