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Timeline - Mid-Season Two

1768-1774 - Boston
{p05#070} John Annis slowly builds himself a new life after running away, only to be recaptured by his old master, Beaufort, after six years.

1774 - Barbados
{p05#069} John Annis knows he won't be rescued.
{p05#071} Beaufort tortures John Annis to death, but before he dies Annis forgives Beaufort.

1775 - Haiti
{p05#072} Beaufort made the Cadre d'Ames from John Annis' arm. He takes it to an old woman to find out exactly what it is, but gets more than he bargained for.

April 2003 - Sunnydale, California
{p11#160} {part 1} Faith and Buffy die in Sunnydale while stopping The First.

May 2003 - Kenya
{p11#160} {part 2} Naasha, a Maasai girl, is called as the new Slayer.

November 2004 - Kenya
{p11#160} {part 3} Naasha is an alienated warrior in her tribe, and notes the growing presence of 'demons'.
{p11#161} {part 1} Naasha makes her first vampire kill.

July 2005 - Kenya
{p11#161} {part 2} The villages are overrun by vampires - Naasha and her group of warriors hunt them.

02-Sep-05 - Friday
{p01#002} Amy Merrivale meets Michael Gemmel, who is part of a team sent to LA to investigate information they received from Ulle.
{p01#003} Mother Mariah and Ryan have an argument about his lack of patience.
{p01#005} Jess sends the data on a disk to William, who needs it in London for a meeting about Ellie.
{p01#008} Alicia Wyldling returns to L.A., having been tasked by Delancre to keep an eye on Daye, and warned by Ariel about Delancre's motives.
{p02#015} Alicia Wyldling returns to find Daye and Drew at Bibliophile. Jess arrives and so does Ryan, who learns that his hold on Daye has weakened.
{p02#025} Daye's reopening is a phenomenal success, but Melissa never showed up for work.
{p01#009} Mantheana goes out with Bowen to view the stars.
{p02#020} Ryan feeds on a young street walker, gaining strength to deal with Mariah.

03-Sep-05 - Saturday
{p03#044} Ryan confronts Mother Mariah, but she forces him to relive his tortures. He vows to wait until she's corporeal then he'll extract his revenge.

05-Sep-05 - Monday
{p03#042} Kate fills Daye in on recent events and takes a job at Bibliophile to keep an eye on her friend.
{p01#000} Jack Archer of 'The Alliance' is sent to Los Angeles to track Belzar who has been killing civilians.
{p03#030} Galen starts with the LAPD and is partnered with James Anderson. They investigate a gang murder, apparently perpetrated by the Black Veins.
{p01#001} Tyler is on a train to LA after learning that Ryan Michaels (Bereaver) had gone there.
{p01#004} Tarix's 'mirror image' arrives in LA disguised as an old woman.
{p01#006} Tyler's train arrives at L.A. while at Balance HQ Colin Braddock puts men on his trail.
{p01#007} Tarix is doing weekly training with Thule, soon to increase to daily.
{p01#010} Sorrow begins training sessions with Jade - the first devolves into passion on the training room floor.
{p01#011} Tyler threatens a vampire to get taken to the Beazor, while Collin has underlings looking for scrolls and a shaman.
{p02#021} Tyler thinks of his wife and son in Madrid just as he's entering the Beazor.
{p02#022} Reah recalls her conversation with Alice in the aftermath of the fight in the basement on Saturday.
{p02#023} The 'mirror image' is hunting for Tarix, to find her and kill her.
{p02#024} Reah encounters the fake Tarix - Jessy - and they fight a group of vampires. Jessy morphs into the form of a dog and makes her escape.
{p04#047} Tyler makes a deal with Paul - he'll do any job Paul gives him in return for information on Bereaver.

06-Sep-05 - Tuesday
{p01#012} Thule and Alaric discuss Tarix's returning memory and of arranging new accommodations for her.
{p01#013} Tarix doesn't take well to the news that she'll be living close to ther burger joint where she works.
{p01#014} Tarix sees the new apartment and falls in love with it.

07-Sep-05 - Wednesday
{p04#048} Reah sees Tarix in the Laughing Dogs and thinks it's Jessy.
{p02#026} Tarix has some success with developing her powers with trash cans behind her work.
{p02#028} Tarix tries to recreate her levitation success with a car, but overdoes it.
{p02#029} Tarix is rescued by Thule, who finds her dying after her attempt at telekinesis.
{p05#060} Tyler completes his mission for Paul, killing a woman and retrieving a crystal she'd acquired.
{p06#076} Tyler finds an abandoned house to rest in, but has nightmares about the murder he's just performed.

08-Sep-05 - Thursday
{p03#033} Harrison Lindley Jnr., a senator's son, encouters a fearsome, murderous beast in a dark alley.
{p03#034} Jack Archer follows the boy's cries, finds the demon Belzar and kills him.
{p03#035} Alaric gives Jack an envelope, the contents of which disturb Jack greatly.
{p04#049} Tarix learns from Thule that she has a twin sister.
{p04#050} Tarix pushes for more information, and finds out her real name is Jasmine, her sister is Jessamine, and that Thule thinks Jessy killed their parents.
{p04#051} Thule tells Tarix that he thinks Jessy was working with Macabres and that it was her who caused Tarix's amnesia.
{p06#085} Tyler hands the Lazarus Crystal to Paul, but doesn't get the information he needs - Paul insists on another job.
{p06#089} Tyler roconnoitres Dock 10C for Paul's second job, only to find that a Balance attack team is arriving at the same dock.
{p07#091} Tyler spends the entire day watching the Balance team as they watch an apartment building - 1318 Poplar Ave.

09-Sep-05 - Friday
{p02#016} Jade and Sorrow share a romantic dinner while across town Gemmel briefs his team.
{p07#094} Tyler purchases weapons from the Beazor, then phones his wife in Madrid.

10-Sep-05 - Saturday
{p04#046} Daye falls asleep at her desk, and Mother Mariah once again implants thoughts of Ryan in her head.
{p02#017} Sorrow takes Jade hunting, but their small group of vampires quickly multiplies, then they're knocked out by darts.

11-Sep-05 - Sunday
{p02#018} Tash helps Sorrow, who woke in the cemetery to find Jade missing. Tash determines that Jade was taken alive, but neither she nor Sorrow can track her. Valerian appears to offer his assistance.
{p02#019} Sorrow and Tash return to Poplar to gather gear while Valerian waits below in his limo.
{p02#027} Tash phones Ian to ask him to look after Victor while she heads off for a few days.
{p03#037} Sorrow and Tash are introduced to Samantha, and Valerian convinces them to rest before they embark on the hunt for Jade.
{p03#031} {part 1}Victor convinces Ian that magic changed his appearance, and gives him a list of jobs to do.
{p03#038} Jade is held and drugged somewhere underground, while Valerian sends her dreams.
{p03#039} Tash and Sorrow wake and learn that Valerian has discovered that Jade is in Western Europe.
{p07#095} Tyler completes his second mission, leaving a pile of bodies in his wake as he retrieves the second crystal for Paul.

12-Sep-05 - Monday
{p03#031} {part 2} Ian is astonished by the value of Victor's artefacts and determines to beef up his security systems.
{p03#032} Darian Gray remembers back to the night in 1856 when he killed Sycrus, as he arrives in LA.
{p04#054} JC grows increasingly worried as he hasn't heard from Jade for two days.
{p04#056} Gemmel is frustrated, finding it difficult to learn much about Jade from his tests.
{p05#065} Sorrow and Tash arrive in Tours with Valerian, who announces that he and Samantha will feed before the search continues.
{p05#066} Tash and Sorrow compensate for having to let Valerian feed by killing as many local vampires as possible.
{p05#073} Jade comes to, floating in a pool of darkness, and she wonders if she's blind. Or dead.
{p05#074} Gemmel observes Jade in her sensory-deprivation tank.

13-Sep-05 - Tuesday
{p03#040} Victor asks Galen for help in getting Poplar Avenue listed on the Historic Register.
{p05#067} Sorrow, Tash, Valerian and Samantha fly in uncomfortable silence to Bremen to continue the hunt for Jade.
{p06#081} Tash and Sorrow watch the start of Valerian's ritual, but balk when it's apparent he wants human blood.
{p07#090} Sorrow and Tash stop Samantha from taking a human sacrifice to Valerian, but return to discover that Valerian has already found a sacrifice of his own.
{p07#100} Jade struggles to keep her sanity in the tank, and is overwhelmed by a vision of Valerian. Gemmel is furious that their defenses have been breached.
{p06#083} Victor enlists Henry's help with registering Poplar Ave., while Ian begins to wonder about the 'weird shit'.
{p06#084} Ian gets drunk at Bob's Bar and learns about the supernatural world before swallowing the blue forgetfulness pill Bob sold him.
{p07#103} {part 1} Tyler gets the address of 1318 Poplar Avenue from Paul.

14-Sep-05 - Wednesday
{p08#105} Reah begins to really remember how it feels to live in the year 2005.
{p07#103} {part 2} Victor meets Tyler, who sees Bereaver's katana and learns of his fate.
{p03#036} Darian attempts to perform the spell to restore Sebastian, to no avail.
{p04#045} Fate Wilkins remembers how, thirty years ago, he became the Demon of Emptiness as he draws life energy from a vampire in LA.
{p08#108} Reah shares a drink with Ian when he visits her with the new lease.
{p08#110} Reah and Ian go on a drunken scavenger hunt, then start getting philosophical.
{p08#111} Tash, Sorrow and the two vampires do some reconnaissance around the building where Valerian says Jade is being held.
{p08#115} Jade's mind is becoming more and more unhinged.
{p08#114} Sorrow, Tash, Valerian and Samantha begin the assault, reaching the door to Jade's chamber after considerable bloodshed.
{p09#125} Tash and Sorrow trigger a psychic trap but manage to rescue Jade and get out with her, leaving Valerian on fire.
{p10#136} Balance have transcripts of two phone calls to Victor. One from Sorrow arranging a flight out of Bremen, and one a few hours later from Tash.

15-Sep-05 - Thursday
{p10#137} Tash begins her healing process, with Victor's help.
{p08#112} Officer Cameron Laiko chats with his sister at the police station just before his knock-off time.
{p04#053} Fate is lost in musings on his past and he contemplates the motives of his old mentor and enemy, Ishida.
{p03#041} Darian gets an apartment, and meets Tarix when he eats at the Laughing Dog.
{p03#043} Tarix and Darian meet again at the apartment building - they exchange names and each have a shy moment.
{p08#113} Mantheana sleeps in her bath and has a disturbing dream.
{p09#123} A man on a park bench has a disturbing dream about a lullaby, a little girl, and a woman in a bath.

16-Sep-05 - Friday
{p10#145} Ian feels unappreciated and takes an artefact, but gets the guilts when Victor and Tash offer one to him anyway.
{p05#062} Fate waits out the daylight hours, meditating on how he fits into the framework of good and evil.
{p04#052} Parasol realises she's been distracted by London far too easily from her efforts to find the Cadre.
{p05#068} Alicia has been entrusted with a gem that holds the souls of Daye's family.
{p06#077} Mantheana reads a bedtime story for Maria, determined to have a happy ending for her daughter.
{p06#082} Fate decides he's an evolutionary mechanism as he takes out a group of six vampires.
{p07#098} Fate meets Blake and Ronnie, two purely innocent souls and wicked jazz musicians.

17-Sep-05 - Saturday
{p10#146} Tash is feeling the emotional effects of her recent adventures and Victor suggests a holiday.
{p07#101} Fate ponders on his meeting with Blake, and wonders about God.
{p04#055} Darian and Tarix meet again, each telling just enough of their life stories to raise more questions than are answered.
{p08#106} Fate decides to pay a visit to Lotus Lands.
{p09#124} Fate visits Lotus Lands, eliminating several vampires.

18-Sep-05 - Sunday
{p04#057} Thule visits Tarix at her apartment, only to find that it was Jessy he was talking to.
{p07#099} Father Reginald gives a rambling sermon to a congregation that includes James Anderson.
{p06#088} We bid a sad farewell to our friend Jeffrey (aka Sid), but take some small comfort in knowing that his creation Sam Aubrey will live on.

19-Sep-05 - Monday
{p06#075} Darian is visited by the Dark Fae Loki, who takes the guise of Sebastian.
{p04#058} Tarix has her first morphing lesson, shifting successfully to Thule's form.
{p04#059} Jessy is watching Tarix through binoculars and plotting her death.
{p06#087} Darian visits a fortune teller, where his dark fae side comes out, but Fate is also there and stops Darian from harming the seer.
{p08#116} Reah fights a group of vampires, aware that someone is stalking her, and winds up surrounded by cops.
{p08#117} Sam Aubrey finds his way back to Mother Mariah, bringing her Daye's journal.

20-Sep-05 - Tuesday
{p08#118} Galen and Cameron realise Reah is innocent of the shooting, but they can't reveal the involvement of vampires.
{p08#119} Reah reluctantly accepts Galen's help in clearing her name.
{p07#102} Darian converses with himself in the mirror, watched by Loki who is lurking outside.
{p05#061} Alaric invites Thule to take Belzar's place as one of The Five.
{p05#063} Tarix quizzes Thule on just how well he knew Jessy.
{p05#064} Chinaka leaves a message for Drew, hoping to get help with deciphering Parasol's book.
{p06#078} Daye is with Drew when he gets Chinaka's message, and he sets up a meeting for the three of them.
{p06#079} Daye has a nightmare about Drew and Chinaka betraying her, and of her terrible retribution.
{p09#120} Galen and Cameron hunt down leads, visiting an informant who gives them the name Clarissa Knight.

21-Sep-05 - Wednesday
{p06#086} Drew has his own nightmare about Daye in a cage.
{p07#104} Kieran has been in LA chasing Estella - she finds him overlooking vampires attacking a shopowner.
{p09#121} The police captain brings in a minister to talk to Reah - Father Reginald.
{p09#122} Galen returns with the real shooter and frees Reah, who proceeds to have a little fun at Galen's expense.
{p09#126} Reah gets a lift home from Cameron, who doesn't start asking about the vampires, much to Reah's surprise.
{p09#127} In Cameron's car, Reah has a flashback to her missing days - having been dragged through time by Meh and Sea-Doc.
{p10#138} Reah has another flashback in her apartment to her missing time to the point where she learned she'd been taken to the year 2060.
{p10#140} Daye helps Chinaka track down Parasol by identifying the reference to the Cadre D'Ames.
{p13#188} Reah gets a full job description from Victor.

23-Sep-05 - Friday
{p06#080} Elain is taken by surprise when she witnesses her first birth of a half-demon.
{p07#092} Tarix meets Alaric, who tells her something of the purpose of the Order of Valour.
{p07#093} Tarix asks more questions of Thule and gets a few answers.
{p07#096} Tarix and Jessamine share the same dream of their mother.
{p08#109} Kate is closing up Bibliophile when she's confronted by Jack Archer, who claims to be her father.

24-Sep-05 - Saturday
{p10#142} Kate learns that Serapis and Janus were responsible for keeping her father - Jack Archer - away.
{p12#169} Kate can't face telling Galen about her father just yet.
{p07#097} Tarix learns of the Slayer from Thule, and tells him of her dream the night before.

25-Sep-05 - Sunday
{p09#128} Tarix meets Darian again and he asks her out but Thule arrives before she replies.
{p09#131} Tarix is frustrated with Thule controlling her life when he asks her about Darian.

26-Feb-05 - Monday
{p11#150} Sam comes up with a solution to Mother Mariah's question about a vessel.

28-Sep-05 - Wednesday
{p09#129} Darian meets Loki who is disguised as Sebastian - he tells Darian he's in pain inside the amethyst.
{p09#130} Kieran visits Liquid and is beaten badly but escapes, tailed by lackeys - and found by Estella.
{p10#141} Kieran spends the night with Estella but refuses to get sidetracked from his mission.

29-Sep-05 - Thursday
{p09#132} Bowen is attacked by vampires, but Jess is out hunting and rescues him.
{p09#133} Mantheana patches up Bowen. Neither wants to tell the other the truth about monsters.

30-Sep-05 - Friday
{p09#134} Kieran sees Loki fight his way out of Liquid and change. They each think they can use the other.
{p10#135} Darian dreams of a time when Sebastian saved him from a precipice during a thunderstorm.
{p10#139} The man continues to dream of the lullaby and the little girl.
{p10#143} Kieran helps Estella and her vampiress friends from a hunter, while David Keane arrives from Ireland to find Kieran.
{p12#170} Kieran kills the hunter Léon, while Keane gets a tip.
{p11#151} Mother Mariah spends the week from Monday 26th recruiting doctors and scientists to The Brotherhood.

01-Oct-05 - Saturday
{p08#107} One of the Five is flushed out in Russia - he destroys the MJ12 team sent for him at the cost of his own life, but his protege Lianna escapes.

02-Oct-05 - Sunday
{p12#174} Daye is sinking under Ryan's sway and he decides the time has come to exact his revenge, but Drew arrives.
{p12#175} Kate is attacked by Ryan, who thinks she's Daye, but Jack comes to her rescue.
{p13#180} Kate gets home with Jack, whre Galen learns of his existence and Jack learns he's to be a grandfather.

03-Oct-05 - Monday
{p12#176} Mother Mariah calls three nine-year-old girls to her.

04-Oct-05 - Tuesday
{p12#173} Sam learns about Atlantis and wonders how he can help his friends without betraying Mother Mariah.
{p12#177} Daye is still unrested and irritable despite all her sleep.

05-Oct-05 - Wednesday
{p12#178} Daye fights with Drew, demanding space. Ryan finds Daye and convinces her to go with him.
{p13#182} Galen gets the case on the three missing girls.
{p13#183} Galen and James investigate, and Galen has a strong feeling about the abandoned house.

06-Oct-05 - Thursday
{p12#179} Drew visits Daye in the morning, only to find her in bed with Ryan.
{p13#184} Drew is still determined to help Daye despite her betrayal.

07-Oct-05 - Friday
{p13#185} Kate offers to help Drew with Daye, and Alicia gives Kate the Arthach.

10-Oct-05 - Monday
{p14#195} Cameron is visited by his little sister at the station and he offers her a lift home.

11-Oct-05 - Tuesday
{p14#196} Reah returns home to find Cameron in her flat.
{p13#186} Daye undergoes in vitro fertilisation and insemination at the hands of the doctors under Mariah's control.

13-Oct-05 - Thursday
{p13#187} Mariah has twelve girls, three aged 9, three aged 12, three aged 15 and three aged 18, all likely to be virgins.

14-Oct-05 - Friday
{p14#199} Sam is feeling concerned about the sacrifices, about his friends, and about Amanda.

15-Oct-05 - Saturday
{p11#155} Jade struggles to recover from her ordeal in the tank, with Sorrow's help, while Valerian and Samantha plot revenge.

16-Oct-05 - Sunday
{p14#198} Galen receives a vision from the Arthach on where the missing girls are and why they were kidnapped.
{p14#200} Kate is contacted by the Arthach and she learns what must be done to stop Mariah.

22-Oct-05 - Saturday
{p11#156} Clara returns to LA to find the 'man of darkness'.

25-Oct-05 - Tuesday
{p11#157} Chance encounters some vamps but learns nothing of note, and has a vision as he's leaving.
{p11#158} Chance gets some information from Bob - that Oblique was dusted by a hunter.
{p14#204} Sam's doubts increase as he watches the toll Daye's pregnancy takes on her.

28-Oct-05 - Friday
{p12#171} Chance dreams of his old life but forgets when he wakes - a man dressed as a tramp tracks him down.
{p12#172} Chance talks with the Vagabond, who tells him he is following a path of great peril.

30-Oct-05 - Sunday
{p14#209} Kate, Galen, Drew, Alicia, Jess, Ellie and Reah prepare to do battle with Mother Mariah.
{p15#210} Daye gives birth to her baby girl, but the efforts of Sam and her friends disrupts the ritual Mother Mariah had planned.

31-Oct-05 - Monday
{p15#211} Drew reluctantly takes the baby and Sam as well as Daye in the aftermath of the fight.
{p15#212} Drew decides he can't stay with Daye any more and leaves.

01-Nov-05 - Tuesday
{p15#213} Daye takes Maia to go to Ireland while Sam stays behind to wait for her return.

January 2006 - Kenya
{p11#161} {part 3} Naasha encounters the missionary who was the original vampire in the area.
{p11#162} {part 1} Naasha's warriors are given an ultimatum - to abandon her or be outcast.

11-Jan-06 - Wednesday
{p10#144} Tash and Darian meet, each believing the other to be a demon/vampire due to Loki's subterfuge.
{p10#147} Darian collapses outside his door and is found by Tarix - they each share the secrets of their identities.

13-Jan-06 - Friday
{p11#164} Tarix's sister Jessy is tired of waiting - later, Tarix is attacked by what she thinks is a 'drunk man'.
{p12#165} Tarix realises the drunk is Jessy, who pounds Tarix before taking the codex.
{p12#166} Jessy causes Tarix to remember her past - and exactly what had happened to their parents.
{p12#167} Tarix learns more details from Jessy, and Jessy leaves her with her grief and pain.

16-Jan-06 - Monday
{p10#148} Deon purchases a confusion/psychic dampening charm from Ethan.

17-Jan-06 - Tuesday
{p10#149} Deon and Loki perpetrate another subterfuge, making Tash think Darian is attacking Patrick.
{p11#152} Tash tells Victor about finding Patrick alive, and he asks questions that begin to raise a few doubts through the confusion spell.

21-Jan-06 - Saturday
{p11#153} Loki and Deon set up another trick, the dark fae taking on Sebastian's form, but Tash and Darian realise they've been set up.
{p11#154} Darian and Tash sort out part of the mix up and Tash agrees to help Darian free Sebastian.

22-Jan-06 - Sunday
{p11#159} Darian is almost convinced by Loki - as Sebastian - to kill himself, but sees through Loki's subterfuge.
{p12#168} Darian learns of Loki's plot against him, but refuses to let Loki die.
{p14#201} Deon is upset that his amulet didn't work perfectly and threatens Ethan to make him fix it.

26-Jan-06 - Thursday
{p14#202} Deon uses the new, improved amulet to cause Tash to believe he was dusted, but not to question his existence when they meet.

03-Feb-06 - Friday
{p13#181} A day in the life of Nikolai Makarov.

25-Feb-06 - Saturday
{p13#189} Tash meets Nikolai when they are involved in a car accident. Each is intrigued by the other's secrets and agree to meet again for lunch.
{p14#203} Bowen explores Mantheana's house and finds her portrait room, but this only raises more questions for him.

02-Mar-06 - Thursday
{p14#205} Mantheana enrols Maria in the All Souls Catholic Church School.

03-Mar-06 - Friday
{p13#190} During their second meeting, Tash delves into Nikolai's past while trying not to give away too much of her own.

05-Mar-06 - Sunday
{p13#191} Nikolai is asked by his neighbour Zoë to help with her taxes.

06-Mar-06 - Monday
{p14#206} Mantheana takes Maria to her first day of school.

10-Mar-06 - Friday
{p13#192} Tash finds herself on the receiving end of Nikolai's questions at their third lunch.

21-Apr-06 - Friday
{p13#193} Nikolai and Tash have grown to know each other reasonably well, each content with their level of secrets, and Nikolai asks for advice on Zoë.

22-Apr-06 - Saturday
{p13#194} Nikolai decides to tell all to Zoë during the romantic dinner she'd organised.

12-May-06 - Friday
{p15#214} Daye writes in her diary from 03-Nov-05, detailing Maia's development and her own attempts to deal with Mariah's legacies.

13-May-06 - Saturday
{p11#162} {part 2} Naasha falls in battle and her remaining warriors are taken back into the tribe.
{p11#162} {part 3} A wave of selection passes through all the women who were or had been Potentials - and settles on Ellie.

17-May-06 - Wednesday
{p14#207} Ethan gets a contract from Zentara.

19-May-06 - Friday
{p14#208} Tash, Victor, Jade, Sorrow, Reah and Ian are subjected to a spell cast by Ethan Rayne.

27-May-06 - Saturday
{p15#215} Drew talks with his mother and has a epiphany about Daye.

29-May-06 - Monday
{p15#216} Drew goes to Ireland where he and Daye have a joyful reunion.

02-Oct-2060 - Saturday
{p14#197} Reah has learned aobut how controlled black holes were used to get her here to the future, but she's still not sure why.

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