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15-Aug-05 - Monday
{p07#100} Galen arrives at Area 51 and meets up with old comrades. (3:45am to 5am)
{p07#099} Kate's eavesdroppers bicker amongst themselves. (7:30am)
{p07#094} Bob Mitchell's doppelganger is killed before it completes the task. (8:30am)
{p07#095} Reah runs into Sam and he asks her to room with him at Poplar Avenue. (noon)
{p08#107} Reah and Sam move into Apartment 211 in 1318 Poplar Avenue. (1pm)
{p08#110} Kate finds a card in Galen's pants pocket - Constillias Publications. (1:15pm)
{p08#108} Jess agrees to spend more time at Bibliiophile while Daye transforms it into a restaurant. (afternoon)
{p08#111} Sorrow tells hunter Xavier about Victor's whereabouts (2pm to 3pm)
{p08#112} Sorrow warns Victor about Xavier. They also discuss Tash's problems. (4:30pm)
{p08#118} Parasol has an unproductive phone conversation with Chinaka then decides to go to Bob's. (6:30pm)
{p08#109} Daye falls asleep and dreams of Ryan, missing a date with Drew in the process. (6pm to 10pm)
{p08#114} Mantheana has Ellie come around to babysit Maria. (8pm to 11pm)
{p08#115} Mantheana is accosted by a vampire on her way home and aided by Bowen Shore. (11pm)
{p08#117} Jess fights with Ellie about her wandering off alone. (11pm)
{p08#113} Tash gives Sam his second combat lesson before she goes out to hunt. (6:30pm to 11:30pm)
{p08#116} Galen is in a drinking contest at Area 51 the night before more debriefings. (late night)
{p08#119} Tash and Victor have a fight and Victor leaves. (11:30pm to after midnight)
{p09#130} Derek woke from a five-year coma on 18th July - now he's back at work and feeling a bit weird near the place of his attack. (midnight)
{p10#138} Tarix kills a vampire that attacks her, then decides she'll join the Order of Valor. (night)

16-Aug-05 - Tuesday
{p09#123} Sorrow trains before going out to hunt. (Mon 6:30pm to 1am)
{p09#122} Ryan is told by Mariah that he'll have to wait before invading Daye's dreams again. (1am)
{p09#120} Tash is highly unfocused while out hunting. Is rescued by Deon, whom she recognises as Patrick. (midnight to 3am)
{p09#126} Daye is called out to Bibliophile in response to a break and enter - video shows Black Jem. (3am)
{p09#128} Tash is found and healed by Daye and they have a heart to heart. (3:30am to 5am)
{p09#124} A man has a dream about a child's music box. (early morning)
{p09#125} Sam agrees to help Mariah be born into the real world. (early morning)
{p09#121} Parasol seems to have drunk all the blood in Chinaka's fridge - Chinaka is sent a dream by Mariah. (midnight - early morning)
{p09#127} Victor is attacked by Xavier on his way to Tempest's apartment and in the morning - decides to get new glamour. (1am to early morning)
{p09#129} Xavier gets into Tempest's apartment, which Victor is using as a hideout. (morning)
{p09#131} Kate has Mariah-inspired dreams and wakes to find vampire marks on her neck. (morning)
{p09#132} Mantheana is called upon by Bowen, ostensibly to collect his coat. (morning)
{p10#135} Derek starts to make a connection with J. Doe cases and Det. Grey. Also is seeing dead people. (10:30am)
{p10#136} Xavier, his brother and two helpers are setting up traps in the apartment Victor is using. (late morning)
{p10#137} Victor visits Kate, who agrees to create a new glamour for him. (11:30am)
{p09#133} Sam and Reah wake after their housewarming night. Reah has food poisoning, and Sam wants to revisit Mariah in his dreams. (3pm)
{p09#134} Galen undergoes further grilling by Majestic Command - this time with a hangover. (11am - afternoon)
{p10#139} Victor phones Tash, tells her of Sorrow's involvement and asks if she can find more about Xavier. Overheard by Seb and Ernie. (noon)
{p10#144} Victor goes to Sam's apartment as a hideout, but Kimmie and Hesch are there. (1:30pm)
{p10#148} Hesch and Kimmie bonk like bunnies while Madeline the taxi objects. (2pm)
{p10#146} Drew talks about Daye to his mother - she suggests a gift of art. (4pm)
{p10#142} Jess and William find Ellie being pounded in a fight she started. (5pm)
{p10#143} Tarix gets help from Daye while researching Koolang demons at Bibliophile. (late afternoon)
{p11#151} Tarix tells Thule she agrees to join the Order of Valor. (late afternoon)
{p10#140} Tash is visited by Sorrow, who gives her info on Xavier and gains access to the third floor training room. (6pm - 7pm)
{p10#141} Tash cancels training with Sam - he collapses and ends up sleeping on her couch. (7pm - 7:30pm)
{p10#145} Galen tells Lucky a little about Kate during a pool game. (7:45pm)
{p10#147} Tash leaves the key to the training room with Sorrow and gets a taxi to Kate's place. (8:30 - 9pm)
{p10#149} Victor and Tash meet up at Kate's place. He gets a new glamour. (9pm)
{p11#150} Kate finishes the healing for Tash and they discuss Galen. (10pm)
{p11#160} Victor and Tash return to Poplar to find Sam still on the couch and tell him of Victor's magical disguise. (10:30pm)
{p11#162} Sam is awed by the third floor apartment and falls asleep there. (11:15pm)
{p11#163} Jade and Sorrow both recall an argument they'd had that morning about his hunting - he stays in for the night. (11:30pm)
{p11#153} Tarix dreams of twins and wakes to find pain in her stomach and a cross-shaped scar on her belly. (night)

17-Aug-05 - Wednesday
{p12#165} Brinkley and Ra are finding and eliminating traces of The Idea while hunting down the book Die Angst-Idee. (1am)
{p11#158} Wyatt tries to steal Mariah's power but she kills him by drug overdose. (3am)
{p11#159} Xavier tires of waiting at Tempest's apartment and goes, leaving behind a surprise for Victor. (5am)
{p11#155} Kate gets a call from Jess while Ernie listens in from the new listening base in the house across the street. (8:30am)
{p11#161} Tash and Victor go through the info on Xavier. Victor stays the night but leaves next morning. (to Wed 9:30am)
{p12#168} Joe is reviewing the security tape at The Armoury, trying to recall where he's seen Paul. (10:45am)
{p12#173} Tash visits Jade, but is disturbed when Jade and Sorrow bring up Ohenewaa. (11:30am)
{p11#152} Galen is happy to be going home - gets a note with an address and a code. (noon)
{p11#156} Jess and Kate make a protection amulet for Ellie. (12:30pm)
{p11#154} Chinaka meets Drew at her gallery and he invites her to Daye's party on Saturday night. (5pm)
{p11#157} Daye is surprised by Drew's dinner and present. (7:30pm)
{p11#164} Mantheana is wooed by Bowen, but she balks, offering him friendship only. (9pm)
{p12#174} Tash trains with Sorrow, then Sam arrives with Thumper and learns of Tash's telepathy. (2:30pm to 9pm)
{p12#167} DG Melissa seduces a young man at a club and then knifes him. (11pm)
{p12#175} Galen returns from Area 51 in a black helicopter and is spotted and confronted by Tash. (11:45pm)

{p13#180} A stranger performs the Separation ritual for the Kumacs, using the Codex. (865AD)
{p12#170} Alaric learns of the Order of Valour from his demoness friend Erzelanda in the 13th Century.

18-Aug-05 - Thursday
{p12#166} Dennis Rodman is attacked by a doppelganger - the outcome is unknown based on Thursday's newspaper. (overnight Wed/Thurs)
{p12#178} Kate is serenaded by Galen, who climbs the tree to her bedroom window. (1:15am)
{p12#176} Sam dreams of Mariah - she takes him 'home' and begins to teach him the magic he'll need to lead the Brotherhood. (2:30am)
{p12#179} Galen comes close to telling hs secrets to Kate, but he holds back. (9:45am)
{p12#169} Brinkley breaks up with Ra at Bibliophile. (10am)
{p13#183} Reah learns of Sam's training and tells him she hunts vampires. (11:45am)
{p13#184} Tash encounters Reah in the hallway at Poplar Avenue and invites her to the party at Bibliophile. (2pm)
{p12#172} Bowen is grilled by his friends about Mantheana. (early afternoon)
{p12#171} Hesch takes Kimmie shopping in the morning before their outing later that afternoon, which is interrupted by Madeline. (10am to 5pm)
{p13#181} Victor drops in on Daye to accept party invitation - they discuss Tash. (night)
{p12#177} Brinkley encounters Bunny and Killroy at the Dennys. (11:45pm)

19-Aug-05 - Friday
{p13#182} Victor returns to Bultmann Towers to pick up Xavier's trail and is magically tagged. (9am)
{p13#188} Sam encounters Hesch, Kimmie, Bunny and Brinkley in the vicinity of the Tech Wit shop. (morning)
{p13#190} Daye and Drew have a dinner party with Jess, William and Ellie - dinner is interrupted by a vampire attack on the street. (early evening)
{p13#185} Tash discovers Victor has returned home, helps him to heal, they discuss the vengeance demon and learn how Victor can share Tash's pleasure. (3pm to late)

20-Aug-05 - Saturday
{p13#186} Alicenoko was sent by Uncle Vincent to deal with Joe on Thursday - Reah gets the deed to The Armoury. (8am)
{p13#187} Victor tells Tash about the battle with Xavier on Friday, including how Bunniko helped him. (7am to 8am)
{p13#190} Alicenoko finds Gnarook - they take Stalker to the hospital. (2:30pm)
{p16#227} Bunny and Bill fight about Sam. Hanson do an impomptu rooftop concert. Sam and a butterfly create a huge wind, blowing Bunny right to him. (afternoon)
{p15#219} Jade and Sorrow realise the party at Bibliophile is for that night. (4pm)
{p13#189} Tash and Victor prepare for the party and she tells him about Majestic. (6:30pm)
{p13#192} Daye finishes preparations for the party at Bibliophile. (7pm)
{p13#193} Daye's first guests arrive - Tash, Victor, Parasol, Chinaka, Jess and Mantheana. Drew turns up late. (8pm)
{p13#194} Victor and Tash arrive at Bibliophile at the same time as Parasol and Chinaka - Tash is upset by Parasol's vampiric aura. (8pm)
{p14#195} Tash winds up at the bar with Chinaka where they discuss Parasol's origins. (8:15pm)
{p14#196} Parasol and Victor get acquainted outside Bibliophile, entering once the fuss about Parasol has died down a little. (8:15pm)
{p14#197} Victor and Tash are introduced to Mantheana by Daye. (8:30pm)
{p14#198} Kate and Galen arrive, having tested the car's suspension on the way to the party. (8:45pm)
{p14#199} Mantheana and Victor chat about the 'old days' in Russia. (8:45pm)
{p14#200} Jess and Tash get to know each other and swap numbers. (8:45pm)
{p14#201} Kate and Galen greet people as they enter before Galen heads to the bar and Kate goes to chat with Daye. (9pm)
{p14#202} After Daye's made all her introductions she talks with Kate, but becomes angry and unfocused at mention of Ryan. (9pm)
{p14#203} Tash and Jess are rejoined by Victor and Mantheana. They talk a while before Victor asks Tash to dance. (9:15pm)
{p14#204} Parasol joins Chinaka at the bar, soon joined by Drew much to Chinaka's delight, but he gets embarrassed. (9:15pm)
{p14#205} Daye is rejoined by Drew - Parasol follows and explains to him that she's a vampire. Later, Daye feels dizzy and leaves for fresh air. (9:30pm)
{p14#206} Kate surveys the room and spots Galen alone at the bar. (9:30pm)
{p14#207} Parasol is feeling left out in the cold after Drew refuses to dance with her. (9:30pm)
{p14#208} Galen nurses a drink at the bar and is joined by Kate where they both continue to drink and talk. (9:30pm)
{p14#209} Parasol dances with Hector while Drew asks Chinaka to dance. (9:45pm)
{p15#210} Victor proposes to Tash on the dance floor. (9:45pm)
{p15#211} Parasol and Mantheana chat about faith and the past. (9:45pm)
{p15#216} Daye falls asleep at an outside table where Ryan finds her and moves her to Parasol's car. (9:45pm)
{p15#212} Jem crashes the Bibliophile party, looking for the book wanted by the Crimson Brotherhood. (10 pm)
{p15#213} The brawl at Bibliophile begins in earnest. (10:05pm)
{p15#214} One of the Black Veins finds the book they're after and the remaining vampires beat a retreat, including Jem. (10:10pm)
{p15#215} During the aftermath of the fight, everyone realises that Daye has gone missing. (10:15pm)
{p15#217} Daye dreams of Mariah, who introduces her to her 'brother' Sam. Together they are to bring Mariah into the world. (10:15pm)
{p15#218} Daye is found and taken to Kate's place to recover as the party breaks up and everyone heads home. (10:30pm)
{p15#220} Sorrow and Jade delay themselves considerably while dressing for the party. (8:30pm to 11pm)
{p15#222} Jade and Sorrow are leaving for the party and encounter Tash and Victor coming home. (11pm)
{p15#221} Kate and Galen worry about what to do about Daye. (midnight)

21-Aug-05 - Sunday
{p15#223} Deon gains a recruit and gives him a task. (2am)
{p15#224} Galen and Drew discuss Daye's sleeping problem. (8:45am - 9:30am)
{p16#225} Kate and Daye are intruded on by Ryan, which leads to an argument between the two women after he leaves. (9:30am)
{p16#230} Reah was late to Bibliophile the night before and missed the party, so went on to Club Asylum. Decided not to open The Armoury today. (9:45am)
{p16#229} Jade sends an e-mail to re-establish contact with Kate, and also resolves to talk to Sorrow about Xavier. (10am)
{p16#226} Galen and Kate discuss Ryan - Galen decides to organise surveillance on the demon. (noon)
{p16#232} Ra and Brinkley pray for a miracle which saves them from dying as a result of the Hope Street Disaster. They investigate and discover that Sam was responsible due to The Idea. (3:15am to afternoon)
{p16#228} Sorrow and Tash decide to hunt for Jem separately, then Tash asks Sorrow to investigate Zhì-mìng-de Shù, Hesch and Majestic. (4:30pm)
{p17#249} Reah and Jess learn of each other's vampire hunting work. (afternoon)
{p17#250} Reah places an ad for a new security guard/assistant. (6:40pm)
{p16#231} Alicenoko gets in touch with her contacts to learn about Paul. (night)

Timeline - Season Two (Part 1)

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Timeline - Season Two

06-Aug-05 - Saturday
{p01#001} Kate determines to go see Galen at work. (late morning)
{p01#002} Galen has a happy reunion with Kate and asks her out to dinner. (afternoon)
{p01#003} Daye returns to LA with Drew to find her place trashed. (6pm)
{p01#000} Victor hires Henna. The Evil Entity is awake and creates a Doppelganger of Henna. (night)
{p01#004} Galen and Kate have dinner and dancing at Maxim's, followed by phonus interruptus at Kate's place. (night)

07-Aug-05 - Sunday
{p01#008} Galen learns of the continuing existence of the Lazarus Project. (12:43 am)
{p01#010} Tash out hunting vampires, as she does every night now. (2am)
{p01#005} Daye tells Ryan she can't see him - he refuses to take 'no' for an answer. (9:30am)
{p01#006} Kate runs into Daye at the supermarket and they agree to meet that afternoon. (midday)
{p01#007} Ian narrowly avoids being Doppelgangered on the way to the airport with Henna. (early afternoon)
{p01#011} Daye tells Kate about Ryan in Hesch's cab. (6:30pm)
{p01#009} Parasol wakes at sunset in Chinaka's house. (8pm)
{p01#012} Galen and Kate join Daye and Drew for dinner. (up to 8pm)
{p01#013} Kate is suspicious of Ryan when he gatecrashes the dinner party at Daye's apartment. (11pm)
{p02#016} Daye explains her history with Ryan to Drew. (midnight)
{p01#014} Galen and Kate back at Galen's place - no interruptions this time. (midnight)

08-Aug-05 - Monday
{p02#015} Kate gets the stories of Galen's scars when they awake. He calls in sick. (early morning)
{p02#018} Daye locks journal in storeroom. Decides to have a get-together in Bibliophile. (late morning)
{p02#020} Kate and Galen make love all morning until Galen has to go meet boss. (midday)
{p02#024} Kate tidies up and leaves Galen's place. Decides to go visit Tash. (midday - early afternoon)
{p03#033} Parasol watches as Chinaka paints and talks to her mother on the phone. (midday)
{p02#019} Victor interviews Sam for the janitor's job. Tash interrupts and meets Sam. (1pm)
{p02#021} Reah wakes with a hangover after the armoury's opening day, then goes into work. (1:15pm)
{p02#025} Reah encounters a dictionary at work, then is told she'll be doing a pick up tomorrow. (early afternoon)
{p02#017} Mother Mariah sends Brother Wyatt to retrieve Daye's journal. (afternoon)
{p02#022} Galen is warned by Anthony against seeing Kate. Galen later alters Majestic's records to remove indications of Kate's telepathy. (mid-afternoon)
{p02#026} Jess walks the streets of LA thinking about her parents' deaths at the hands of demons. (afternoon)
{p02#027} Tash and Kate catch up on the last five months. (2pm to 6pm)
{p03#037} Victor heads out, leaving an opening for the UPS delivery guy to be doppelgangered. (4:45pm)
{p02#028} Kate returns home to find two different phone company men 'checking' her phone. (6:30pm)
{p02#023} Brother Wyatt recruits Black Jem to retrieve Daye's journal. (sunset)
{p02#029} Deon makes an appearance in St. Louis. (8pm)
{p03#031} Galen is overcome by guilt at Kate's house. (evening)
{p03#040} Sam gets special stake from Hesch. (10:30pm)
{p03#030} Reah gets help from new friend Jess while fighting vampires. (11pm)
{p03#032} Kate gets vision of girl in danger - leaves to check it out. (11:15pm)
{p03#034} Kate rescues the girl from her vision and dusts a vampire. (midnight)
{p03#035} Mantheana remembers back to her pregnancy and giving birth to Maria.

09-Aug-05 - Tuesday
{p03#036} Galen tends to Kate when she returns from vampire killing. (1am)
{p03#038} Reah picks up Darling the diamond python for Joe. (midday)

10-Aug-05 - Wednesday
{p04#057} Sam is attacked by werewolves on his way to his first night of work at Poplar Ave. (10pm)
{p04#046} Tash gets a phone call from Jade in London - she and Sorrow are flying in Thursday evening. (11pm)

11-Aug-05 - Thursday
{p03#044} Galen recalls Wednesday's events - finding one of the diverted packages - and misses a vital piece as he tidies. (7:30am)
{p03#041} Kate is healing well - heading out to Bibliophile. (8am)
{p03#042} Jess and Kate run into each other at Bibliophile and catch up on old times. (10am)
{p03#039} Melissa from Bibliophile is doppelgangered while delivering Henna's lunch. (midday)
{p03#043} Kate finds the house where Cian killed the wiccans. (midday)
{p04#058} Daye is arranging for a party to be held at Bibliophile. (2pm)
{p04#050} Det. Rachel Gray investigates first body (Dr. Harry Levin) in Garvey Reservoir and discovers a live double. (afternoon)
{p04#047} Sorrow and Tash catch up on the way home from the airport while Jade sleeps in the car. (6pm - 8pm)
{p04#045} Kate visits Galen. He tells her about the Lazarus project. (9pm - 10pm)
{p04#049} Jem and Chris add to their new recruits. (11pm)
{p04#048} Kate is drawn into a nightmare by Mariah. (midnight)

12-Aug-05 - Friday
{p04#051} Ian inadvertently gives Deon information on Tash's whereabouts, but avoids being drained. (1am)
{p04#052} Kate wakes feeling sick and unrested. Leaves Galen's flat. (10am)
{p04#053} Galen talks with Rachel and hears her theories about the dead doubles. (midday)
{p04#054} Tash buys a new crossbow and meets Reah in the process. (2pm)
{p05#063} Jade and Sorrow are recovering from their jet lag. (4:45pm)
{p05#060} Daye hires Hector as bartender for the party. (5pm)
{p05#065} Sorrow and Jade spend a nice, normal evening out at a restaurant. (8pm)
{p05#061} Daye is accosted by Ryan as she locks the shop and he walks her home. (10:30pm)
{p04#055} Galen is arrested while breaking into Dr. Sara Anderson's office. (10:30pm)
{p05#064} Victor and Tash go hunting together and encounter a huge black vampire, who is subsequently replaced by a doppelganger. (10:30pm)
{p05#070} Sorrow and Jade are attacked on their way home by fanatical vampire hunters. (11pm)
{p04#056} Kate bails out Galen, who is determined to continue his investigations. (midnight)
{p05#066} Mariah collects a bunch of new recruits via their dreams. (night)

13-Aug-05 - Saturday
{p05#068} Tash and Victor find and kill Chris while on their hunt. (2:30am)
{p05#069} Sam's dreams are invaded by Mariah. (early morning)
{p05#062} Daye tells Drew she feels exhausted. She dreams of Ryan and wakes still exhausted. (12:01am to late morning)
{p04#059} Jess meets Mantheana and Maria when they visit Bibliophile. (late morning)
{p05#067} Galen spends the morning in bed with Kate; he gets a phone call telling him he's suspended indefinitely. (late morning)
{p06#079} Jade heads out to XY to sort it out for reopening. (noon)
{p05#072} Majestic command discuss Galen and decided to bug his apartment. (1:15pm)
{p05#073} Reah is confronted at work by Paul, who's looking to shut down Joe's competing operation. (3pm)
{p05#071} Tash is interrupted while training by Sam - she agrees to train him. (5pm)
{p06#078} Sorrow sets up his apartment and gets a feel for likely vampire hunting grounds. (morning - 6:30pm)
{p06#080} Jade calls Sorrow to say she'll be home after midnight - he's planning on going hunting later. (6:30pm)
{p06#088} Tarix has been in L.A. three months, and is recruited into the Order of Valor by Thule. (7pm)
{p05#074} Jess is assigned a Slayer-in-Waiting - Eleanor Wyatt. (8pm)
{p06#075} Kate and Galen leave the movies and fight off a pair of vamps that attacked them. (9:30)
{p06#076} Reah returns to her motel room, tired and hurt, and dresses her wounds. (9:45pm)
{p06#087} Daye and Drew go out for dinner - Daye sleeps on the way home and dreams of Ryan. (night)
{p06#077} Parasol goes out clubbing and spots another vampire as she's leaving. (9:30pm - midnight)

14-Aug-05 - Sunday
{p06#081} Sam is attacked by the werewolves on his way home and encounters Jade who helps him fight them. (12:15am)
{p06#082} Jade learns a bit about Sam and offers to put him up for the night. (1am)
{p06#089} Killroy and Hesch discuss the v-wishes involving Sam. Killroy moves in with Kimmie. (1am)
{p07#090} Parasol misses the W.I. vampire outside Chevrine's, instead pissing off a demon. (2am)
{p06#084} Sorrow bumps into Tash - they're both going hunting, so they team up and wind up at 'The Purple Haze'. (midnight to 2am)
{p08#105} Parasol is rescued by the demon's keeper - London - and she asks him about the Cadre D'Ames. (2:30am)
{p06#085} Tash and Sorrow track the vamps that escaped the club and finish them off. (2am - 3am)
{p06#086} Deon lies in wait for Tash and follows her and Sorrow while they hunt. (midnight - 3am)
{p07#101} Victor heads out and runs into Hesch - they talk about love and hate. (1am to 3am)
{p07#102} Hesch at Denny's recovering from confrontation with Victor and talks to Killroy. (3am)
{p07#093} Sorrow and Tash have an argument about Tash's excessive hunting. (3:15am)
{p07#097} Tash returns to her own apartment to find Victor has gone out. She has nightmares. (3:45am)
{p07#103} Victor at After Dark, rejects Eriantha. Gets advice from Killroy and a ride home from Hesch. (3am to 6am)
{p07#104} Victor gets home - argument with Tash followed by the beginnings of reconciliation. (7am)
{p07#091} Daye is lost in dreams of Ryan and wakes unrefreshed, feeling unsure of Drew. (early morning)
{p06#083} Kate and Jess do some training and discuss Ellie. (9:45 to noon)
{p08#106} Parasol dreams of her mother's death. (noon)
{p07#092} Jess entertains Mantheana and Maria and learns that Mantheana is a Coldling. (2pm)
{p07#096} Galen has been recalled to answer to Majestic Command. Kate is worried. (late night)
{p07#098} Jess picks up William and Ellie from the airport and gets them settled at her flat. (late night)

Timeline - Season Two (Part 3)

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22-Aug-05 - Monday
{p16#234} Tash returns from hunting and tries out something new with Victor - later in his office he's musing on it. (3:30am to 9:30am)
{p16#235} Tash tries to hit on Sorrow when he looks for her for their training session. (6pm)
{p16#236} Victor is in his office when Sorrow finds him to tell him about Tash's actions. (7pm)
{p16#237} Tash goes out, finds a vampire at Bob's Bar and has sex with him before dusting him. (7:45pm)
{p16#233} Bunniko gets herself a job with Fugue at Narcosis. (8pm)
{p16#238} Tash raises a zombie while on her all-night escapades. (10pm)
{p16#239} Parasol finds London, who tempts her with rare blood. (11:45pm)
{p17#243} Kate and Galen are playing strip chess. (11:45pm)
{p17#242} Sorrow and Jade fight about Xavier and speculate about Tash. (midnight)

23-Aug-05 -Tuesday
{p17#240} Tash returns to Poplar Avenue and continues to drain the real Tash. (3:30am)
{p17#241} Tash encounters Sam and uses his foggy perception of reality to trick him into sex. (8am)
{p17#245} Jade broods about the fight she and Sorrow had the previous night. (10am)
{p17#246} Victor wakes from dreaming to find that Vrithetek has jumped ship. Victor finds the real Tash. (6pm)
{p18#256} Victor is out of energy and Tash is weak - they combine essences to create the gestalt entity Vicasha. (6pm to 8pm)
{p17#247} Xavier discovers that Sorrow is trying to get him out of L.A. (8pm)
{p17#244} Bunniko is hired by Paul to work as muscle on a job to take out The Armoury. (10pm)

26-Aug-05 - Friday
{p17#251} Galen sneaks out of the house, but Kate sees him go. (3am)
{p17#252} Kate finds Galen breaking into a clinic and they're chased by cops. (4:30am)
{p18#255} Sam has been taken in by Zac Hanson and is having a psychotic episode in their bathtub. (5am)
{p17#253} Galen tries to shield Kate from the truth and he finds a bug in her house. (6am)
{p17#254} Kate finally learns the truth about Majestic 12 and she tells Galen to piss off. (6:40am)
{p18#264} Jade finds the three-day old note left by Vicasha on Tuesday. (7:30am)
{p19#277} Kate looks for Tash and Victor, but finds Jade instead and tells her about the fight with Galen. (7:30am)
{p18#257} Reah learns that Paul runs the Beazor from an old phone message left by Joe. (8:30am)
{p18#262} Thule is waiting for Tarix and recalls a ring her father Alfred gave him five years ago. (8:15am to 9am)
{p17#248} Xavier is staking out Sorrow's place, while Sorrow plots a means to kill Xavier. (9am)
{p18#258} Alistair, in London, is pleased with how things are progressing in L.A. with Subject 21. (10:30am LA time)
{p21#304} Thule tells Tarix the history of the Kumacs and determines that she possesses the Codex. (morning)
{p19#280} Sorrow is researching a weapon to use on Xavier and debating his chosen course of action. (1:40pm)
{p18#259} Galen is in a foul mood and is invited to drinks after work by Henry. (1:45pm)
{p18#260} Sam's Tech Wit customer response card lists his address at Poplar Avenue.
{p18#263} Parasol knows it's time to distance herself from Chinaka. (6:30pm)
{p18#265} Sam's personality switches to that of Mr Dowd and he leaves the Hansons. (7pm)
{p18#261} Reah and Galen meet for the first time at Club Asylum and get drunk together. (7:15pm)
{p19#272} Vrithetek is tracked down by Vicasha and reabsorbed. (afternoon to sunset)
{p19#281} Jade reaches Sorrow by phone and tells him about the doubles and that Kate is staying. (9pm)
{p19#282} Sorrow muses about Kate, Tash, Jade and Xavier after the phone call. (9:30pm)
{p19#273} Vicasha relates her tale to a drunken Galen. (11pm)
{p18#266} Parasol is finally able to talk to God as she heads to London's place. (11:30pm)
{p18#267} Chinaka finds a book and a note about the Cadre left by Parasol. (11:45pm)

{p19#279} Mantheana and Jem first meet at a soiree in Paris and their mutual dislike begins. (December 1859)

27-Aug-05 - Saturday
{p18#268} Parasol finds London and he thanks the Cadre for fulfilling its promise. (12:40am)
{p19#274} Vicasha re-separates into Tash and Victor. (12:30am to 7am)
{p18#269} A new blank is created by the Evil Entity. (morning)
{p19#275} Victor and Tash retell their tale to a hungover and depressed Galen and enlist his help with the doppelganger threat. (10am)
{p20#289} Sorrow researches Zhi-ming-de Shu and creates some illusion spells to mimic the Myoleth Triad to cover his planned murder of Xavier. (10am to noon)
{p19#276} Galen chairs a meeting to mobilise his section against the doppelganger threat. (2pm)
{p19#271} Brinkley gets Sam's address from the Tech Wit card and arrives at Poplar Avenue. (3pm)
{p19#283} Brinkley meets Jade, and they go together to see Sam. They meet Reah instead and Brinkley explains that Sam might have a singing career with Hanson. (4pm)
{p19#270} Oriana Tucci, a secretary at Wolfram & Hart, is overcome by her doppelganger. (5pm)
{p19#278} Three Majestic 12 directors discuss contingencies after receiving a report of a possible invasion. (5pm)
{p20#296} Kate is in Jade's apartment, feeling miserable aobut Galen. (5:30pm)
{p20#286} Galen sinks deeper into depression and orders that a conspiracy theorist be framed for murder. (6pm)
{p19#284} Killroy tries to kill Hesch for proposing to Kimmie, but Ra and Maddy stop her. (8pm)
{p20#287} Parasol has been with London for a week, waiting for tidbits on the Cadre. (8pm)
{p20#290} Daye inspects the repaired and refurbished Bibliophile. (8pm)
{p21#305} Tash and Victor return to Poplar, where Tash finds Kate and tells her about the doppelgangers. (9pm)
{p20#288} Galen notices Parasol as they each sit alone in the same restaurant and he joins her. (10:30pm)
{p20#293} Sorrow encounters Reah while they're both out hunting. Xavier is following Sorrow. (evening)
{p20#294} Bunniko kills Reah during the attack on The Armoury, and the rest of the raid team rigs explosives. (11:20pm)
{p20#292} Meh and Sea-Doc "arrive" in LA. Meh is looking for the Beazor. (midnight)

{p21#301} A wizard tries to invoke the spirit of Kh'-kum, but the spirit is affronted. (Egypt, date unknown)

28-Aug-05 - Sunday
{p20#297} It's revealed that Bunniko's friend Jimmy helped make it appear that Reah was dead and Bruno alive. Alice tells Reah about the raid arranged by Paul. (1am)
{p20#298} Reah gets the address to Narcosis frm Bob. Sam - as Harv - asks about Reah and gets the same address from Bob. (2am)
{p20#299} Meh and Sea-Doc are following Reah from Bob's Bar. (2am)
{p21#306} Reah is approaching Narcosis when Meh and Sea-Doc abduct her. (2:30am)
{p23#330} London has a frustrating phone call with David, who is keeping the Cadre safe and hidden from Parasol. (2:30am)
{p21#312} Tarix dreams and recalls her parents' deaths. (3am)
{p20#291} Galen sinks further into depression and recalls moments of his life with Cassandra. (3:15am)
{p21#313} Tarix confronts Thule with her newly gained memory. (3:45am)
{p21#302} Sam - as Mr. Dowd - has a singalong with three vampires on his way to Narcosis. (4:40am)
{p21#314} Tarix learns from Thule of the split of Kumacs into Koolangs and Macabres, and the start of the massacres by the Macabres. (5am)
{p20#295} Galen recalls happier times with Kate as his depression deepens. (4:30 to 6am)
{p21#300} Samantha is in Hong Kong and feeds from a businessman in a hotel in the evening. (6:15am LA time)
{p21#311} Valerian decides that he and Samantha will leave Hong Kong and return to L.A. (7:30am LA time)
{p20#285} Hesch buys thirteen rabbits to live in the back of his cab. (10am)
{p21#307} Kate is temporarily in apartment #106 in Poplar and starting work on deciphering Victor's scrolls. (10am)
{p22#319} Tash visits XY to explain to Jade and Sorrow aobut the doppelgangers. (10am)
{p22#323} Reah has become like a mindless drone, and Sea-Doc worries that she may have over-zapped the girl. (2:30pm)
{p22#327} Sea-Doc is at the hospital, healing patients until security chases her out. (3:30pm)
{p22#329} Stalker is fading fast, but Sea-Doc's intervention brings him back from the edge. (3:30pm)
{p22#320} Sorrow and Tash discuss doppelgangers and Majestic, but Sorrow has a major DNQ spasm. (4pm)
{p21#309} Kate returns home from the library and encounters Henna who denies mentioning the basement to Kate. (4:15pm)
{p22#321} Jade spots 'Xavier' exiting Poplar Avenue. Jade, Sorrow and Tash rush downstairs to see Xavier destroy a Xavier blank. (5pm)
{p22#315} Jess and Ellie tidy up Ellie's room and Jess discovers something. (5pm)
{p22#316} Jess and Ellie fight about Ellie's dabbling in magic, while Jess recalls a similar argument she'd had with her father. (5:15pm)
{p22#322} Victor is trapped in the basement, then Tash forces a connection with Henna, confirming her doppelganger status. Sorrow destroys the Henna clone then Sorrow, Jade and Tash help Victor fend off the basement monster. (5pm to 5:30pm)
{p21#308} Galen removes the bugs in his flat and reads the files he stole on the Lazarus Project. (7:30pm)
{p21#310} Anthony Constillias (Manticore) orders the capture and testing of the chest-plated vampire doppelganger. (7:30pm)
{p24#352} Xavier digs up information on Sorrow's connections in L.A. and devises a plan for revenge. (7:35pm)
{p23#332} Reah learns from Meh and Sea-Doc that they wish violence upon Paul as well. (9:45pm)
{p21#303} Derek has a new case to work on, and encounters a seemingly helpful zombie. (evening)
{p22#328} Deon muses about Tash's strange behaviour for the past week. (11:30pm)

Timeline - Season Two (Part 4)

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29-Aug-05 - Monday
{p22#324} Sorrow plans to spend the morning researching and centring himself while Jade reopens XY for its first day. (8am)
{p22#325} Jade has placed an ad in the morning paper for XY's reopening and a new Store Assistant. (early morning)
{p22#326} Galen visits XY for magic supplies to contain a large demon, and gets the third degree from Jade about both the supplies and Kate. (11am)
{p25#363} Alice tries to ring Victor but gets Tash instead - they meet and Alice tells Tash that Xavier has hired the Order of Turaka to get Sorrow and Victor. (9:30am to noon)
{p25#364} Tash finds Victor in his office and tells him of Alice's news. (noon)
{p23#331} Manticore learns that the doppelganger is not made of matter at all, but is ectoplasmic in nature. (afternoon)
{p24#350} Jade's old friend Julien Chen (JC) shows up at XY about the job. (6pm)
{p22#317} Kate is in the library, researching the scrolls, but can't stop thinking of Galen. (7:15pm)
{p22#318} Kate rings Galen from the library payphone, only to get his answering machine. (7:30pm)
{p24#355} Valerian and Samantha arrive in LA. Samantha is tasked with following Jade. (8:45pm)
{p23#333} Reah rescues Kate from Ryan. Kate gets home safely only to be knocked out by an unknown assailant in her flat. (10:45pm)
{p25#362} Xavier learns from Samantha that Sorrow was possessed by a vampire demon and that Jade is a partial vampire. (11pm)
{p23#334} Reah is out hunting with Meh and Sea-Doc tagging along. Reah is mesmerised by a strange light. (11:15pm)
{p24#357} Sorrow's illusory Myoleth manace Bob, ostensibly looking for Xavier. (11:30pm)
{p24#351} Tarix has a dream in which she sees a 'mirror image' of herself that isn't quite herself. In New York, she realises Tarix is starting to remember. (night)

30-Aug-05 - Tuesday
{p24#356} Jade wakes from a nightmare about Rose and Valerian, and tells Sorrow she thinks Valerian's back. (2am)
{p23#344} Reah wakes in a park feeling very time disoriented and is helped by Officer Laiko. (2am)
{p24#354} Reah is escorted home and she realises she's not dreaming - she's really back in L.A. from... somewhere. (2:30am)
{p23#335} Kate's assailant is a doppelganger. Kate frees herself, but the doppelganger escapes. (6:30am)
{p23#336} Galen gets home after containing his large demon to find Kate's message. (6:45am)
{p23#337} Kate chases her doppelganger, only to lose the fight and wind up facing an oncoming car. (7am)
{p23#338} Kate is tended at the scene of her accident and taken by an ambulance. (7:15am)
{p25#365} Tash visits Reah to ask her about Sam, but finds Reah in a disturbed state. (8am)
{p23#339} Galen reaches Poplar, worried by Kate's dead phone and meets the doppelganger, who is then shot by a sniper. (8:15am)
{p23#340} Galen chases the shooter and learns that Anthony Consillias ordered Kate's assassination. The doppelganger crawls off and dissolves. (8:30am)
{p24#358} Sorrow creates the praentath he plans to use on Xavier. (9:15am)
{p23#341} Galen confronts Anthony but is removed by security. Later, Galen is shot at his apartment. (1pm to 4pm)
{p25#367} Sorrow heads out to find Xavier, but encounters Danta instead. Alice helps Sorrow and explains that Xavier has called the Turaka in. (6:50pm)
{p25#366} Various doppelgangers are being dealt with by Majestic. (afternoon/night)
{p24#359} Victor is busy barricading the basement so clones can't get out. (night)
{p25#370} Jade chats with JC, worries about Valerian and phones Sorrow. (10pm)
{p25#368} Sorrow and Xavier duel for hours before Sorrow finally kills Xavier with the praentath. (10:20pm)

31-Aug-05 - Wednesday
{p23#342} Kate wakes in hospital to learn that she's okay - and pregnant. (10:30am)
{p23#343} Galen wakes in hospital to have Algernon Farefax tell him that Anthony had been been using Galen to get to Algernon. (5pm)
{p25#369} Sorrow asks to meet Tash and he tells her the details of Xavier's death and also about his D'Nethk'Quan choices. (5pm to 8pm)
{p25#372} Jade fights with Sorrow over his lack of communication about Xavier. (8pm)
{p25#373} Sorrow confesses to Jade about his DNQ bindings coming loose. (9pm)
{p25#360} Victor leans that if a doppelganger is held long enough it dissolves, though an ogre dg escapes. Victor stands vigil outside the basement. (day through to night)
{p24#353} Derek is uncomfortable about an alleyway while patrolling with his new partner Elaine Street, who joined him on Monday. (night)
{p24#345} Kate is ready to leave hospital and sees the Wednesday newspaper with the story of Galen's shooting. (10:30pm)
{p24#346} Kate finds galen's room and Algernon Farefax tells her the extent of Galen's measures to protect her. (11:10pm)
{p24#347} Kate tells Galen about the doppelganger Kate, and that she's pregnant. (11:30pm)

01-Sep-05 - Thursday
{p24#348} Galen decides to resign from Majestic as he and Kate discuss their future. (1:45am)
{p24#349} Galen tells Algernon he wants to resign, and tells him of the evidence against Lazarus. (7:30am)
{p24#349} Algernon gets a signed confession from Anthony and has him killed, making it appear as a heart attack. (2:30pm)
{p25#374} Sorrow enlists Kate's help with the ritual to fix his D'Nethk'Quan. (3:20pm)
{p25#371} Victor recruits Alice into the upcoming basement bash. (afternoon)
{p26#375} Sorrow performs his ritual with Kate supplying power and Tash there to take care of them afterwards. (6pm)
{p25#361} Daye has been busy with Bibliophile repairs - she finally gets a quiet night with Drew. (7pm)

02-Sep-05 - Friday
{p26#377} Jade is worrying, waiting to learn about how Sorrow's ritual went. (6:30am)
{p26#376} Tash stays with Kate and Sorrow until they wake - Sorrow's rebinding seems to have worked, and Tash brings them up-to-date on the preparations for the basement entity. (7:30am)
{p26#380} Tash and Jade have a long discussion about Jade's role in Xavier's death and Sorrow's choice of people to confess to. (8:30am)
{p26#378} Galen phones Kate, telling her he'll be out of hospital on Saturday morning. (9:30am)
{p26#379} The entity muses on the pointlessness of the champions' attempts to fight it.

03-Sep-05 - Saturday
{p26#381} Tash, Victor, Kate, Galen, Sorrow, Jade, Alice and Reah do battle in the basement and discover a temporary solution. (1:45pm)

04-Sep-05 - Sunday
{p26#382} Kate reads the Circle of Osiris diaries and tells Tash and Victor of a powerful protective magic that was disturbed when we rebuilt the third floor. (2:15am)

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