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The process is probably needlessly complex but it is what it is until I can figure out how to get it simplified.

First...figure out a character concept. It may not be who you finally end up playing, but it will be a basis for your writing style and character to be. Then tell us about it by either emailing it to David (admin@latenightgames.com) or by using the form:


If you need ideas or are looking for how to format a character, try looking at the characters that are already in the game:

The current players post your character to the forums for viewing. They then say yes or no to inviting you in. If you are invited in then we go to registration...

You need to register on the GAMEBOARD. This is done here:

or on the register link on the upper right hand corner of the page.

once you are registered you will receive an email when you are activated...
This generally takes a few days.

Once activate you need to LOG IN. Using the log in link in the upper right hand corner of the page you provide a username and password. Check the "remember" box and then you won't have to log in again (hopefully...unless your cookies get corrupted or wiped out) and that's it! It's all downhill from there!

How DO I become a member?

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"Oh damn! I did it backwards? I registered before I got a character!"

No problem. You will get an email like this...

I am writing you you becasue you have registered on the LA By Night
Gameboard. But we don't have a character profile for you.

THis isn't to say you aren't welcome but all of the board members are
characters in the game as well. It isn't a free for all. So if you
would submit a charcter profile through the form on our website
(found here)

or email one to me (see the profiles here for examples:

then I'd be happy to post it to the forums for approval.

I'm glad you are excited about joining our unique community and this is
a good time to come becasue we are transitioning between seasons. This
will give you a chance to meet the players and learn how the process

Glad to have you!
C. David Dent
Email: Admin@LateNightGames.com
ICQ: 10321894
Yahoo!: MrDave2176
AIM: MrDaveTime
Work: David@USHUD.com
Web: http://wildandbad.com
Jabber: http://dev.friedbaloney.com/jabber
Business: http://www.HeavyHammer.com

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