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Race: Human

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: March 21, 1970

Group: Formerly of the Balance

Position: Drifter, hired gun, whatever will pay


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Tyler is 6'0" and weighs in at roughly 180 lbs.(give or take ten pounds.) He is chiseled in his physique, obviously a fitness nut. As such, he looks at least three years younger than he is.

His hair is dirty blonde and is cut short, for simple convenience, rather than style. His eyes are a dark shade of green, but always look simultaneously deadly and exhausted.

Even stranger is that he seems to have burned off his own fingerprints, and carries no ID of any kind.

Usually, he is in black slacks and some dark shaded work shirt. Over that he wears a brown jacket, which falls to just below his buttocks. He has that on at all times, regardless of the weather.

Played by: Kiefer Sutherland
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Tyler Hyatt was born in a military hospital just outside of Dallas. That moment turned out to be the last time he would be certain he was with his mother. She disappeared, long before he was old enough to know anything about her.

His father was, at the time of Tyler’s birth, forty-five years old. He had made a life out of the military, and brought the values that life instilled into him to his home, treating Tyler like a young soldier, and playing a drill sergeant, rather than a father. And it only got worse when Tyler turned five, and Omar Hyatt was dishonorably discharged from the Army, on the back of a drunk and disorderly charge.

Roughly a year later, Omar was a limo driver, and he and his son were living in the ghetto. Picture that, if you would. You white army brat in the poor neighborhoods. His was the only white face. This is how Tyler Hyatt’s life began. He attended the poorest school in his neighborhood, and was driven to excel by his father’s torment.

It worked. Tyler graduated from high school two years early, and was something of a child prodigy. But, that same year, Omar was responsible for the death of a woman for whom he was driving, and was sent to prison. So college, and any thoughts of that nature, quickly became a pipe dream for Tyler Hyatt, as he had to set himself to keeping himself alive. For the next two years, from ages sixteen to eighteen, Tyler held a variety of jobs, from hot dog vender to construction worker.

Two days after his eighteenth birthday, Tyler joined the Army, for a sense of stability. It worked. He’d found his calling. In 1994, after compiling an exceptional, if unspectacular service record, Tyler completed Special Forces training. He continued his run of exceptional, but not eye catching, performance. Over this same period, Tyler met and married a woman named Kelly Dennis. Together, they adopted a nine-year-old boy, by the name of Shawn.

That is, until his unit was sent into Zaire in 2000. While on assignment, Tyler and six other men were attacked by a gang of vamps. After some crafty thinking, quick escapes, and the expending of massive amounts of ammunition, Tyler emerged as the only survivor. His comrades were drained.

After the incident, a man named Collin Braddock approached Tyler. Collin explained, in the shortest, most unspecific fashion possible, that he worked for the government and that he had a proposal for Tyler. Tyler responded, with interest. Over the course of the next two days, Tyler learned of MJ12, and it’s current purpose. In addition, he was exposed to more of the demon world than most people can guess.

At the end of those two days, Collin made his pitch:

“This world, this system, our very way of life, ceases to operate when power runs unchecked. And everything we are dies with that way of life. We become nothing more than the things we fought against, as this nation built itself.

When the other worldly element was first brought to President Truman’s attention, he created MJ-12 to act as it’s check. And he was praised. But there was a reason that was never announced, Tyler.

Can you imagine the reaction to the very idea that such a group exists, much less controls the flow of information, and thus free thought, as they do?

There are those of us within the government who believe this has gone on long enough. We’ve watched, as MJ-12 started to lose control, and took more and more drastic measures to maintain the cover. This isn’t going to last. Sooner or later, one of them is going to crack. What then?

Mj-12 was the check for this otherworldly element. It’s high time to restore the balance.

That is what my organization is, Tyler. We are the Balance. We keep watch over the Majestics, keep them in check. When one steps out of line, we deal with it. And what’s more, we take care of everything they miss.

And they never know it.”

The pitch was successful. Tyler joined The Balance, and spent the next three years busting “other worldly” dust. And it was here he excelled. It seemed he had a knack for working in total secrecy. In 2002, Tyler was even given a young man to mentor, teach the business to. The young man’s name was Ryan Michaels.

The next year, it all came tumbling down.

In January of 2003, Tyler and Ryan were sent to San Francisco for a clean up job just outside the city. They were to clean a warehouse. Upon their arrival, however, a gang of vamps attacked the pair. They escaped, splitting up in the Tenderloin. They were to meet up at the ferry to Alcatraz. But Ryan never made it. Tyler assumed him dead.

However, on the day he went to tell Ryan’s mother, Gloria, the young man’s only remaining family, Tyler found his former ward sucking on the woman’s neck. After a brief battle, Michaels escaped into the night, carrying an heirloom of his grandmother, a three century old Katana.

That week, waiting in Braddock’s office to discuss the problem, Tyler happened upon a file. Inside was a report on Michaels, stating that he was set to blow the whole thing wide open. MJ-12, The Balance, demons, all of it. And as such, he and Tyler had been set up.

The rage Tyler felt was only natural. And with that rage, he chose to disappear, go deep underground. So deep, his ex-comrades could not track him. He singed off his fingerprints, and erased any record of his own existence, and well as Ryan’s. Tyler vowed to bring it all into the open, The Balance, MJ-12, everything. But to do that, he needed proof, more than he had.

And there was one other order of business. Tyler had to, as he might put it, “silence Gloria’s ghost.” And that meant dusting his former pupil.

So, Tyler has spent the past year tracking Ryan. He moves from place to place, staying under the radar of his former associates, who seek to shut him up, and MJ-12, who’ve never known he existed, searching. He sustains himself through various odd jobs, and donations of bodily fluids. And now, on a tip from a wounded M’Fashnik, Tyler has come to LA…


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Three wooden stakes kept inside the jacket, held in place by small straps.

A silenced Sig Sauer 228(small nickel plated handgun)

A wallet containing no ID, just two thousand dollars, cash

In addition, his ride into town included a bag which held two devices which Tyler wears on his arms whenever he knows he's walking into trouble. With a press of a button, these devices shoot two eighteen inch long knives(if you can call them that) into his hands. They're not the most intimidating weapons in the world, but in the hands of a properly trained individual (i.e. Tyler) they can pop someone's head off quite quickly.


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Tyler is a certified instructor in Krav Maga hand-to-hand combat defense. He has an uncanny accuracy with his sig and all other small arms, in addition to being dead eye with anything resembling a throwing knife.

In addition to all of that, Tyler either has exceptional, and purely instinctive, understanding of kinetics. He is virtually able to predict how any remotely humanoid creature will attempt to attack him. This allows him to evade and counter with a great deal of success against much faster opponents, which is nearly every demon/vamp in this ugly world.

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