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okay just thought I would write about the last two days because they've been different than my normal boring dull life, even stranger.

on sunday I was woken by someone telling me to get up and get ready for church (I don't go to church)
I have recently befriended a big zimbabway (or however you spell it) fella that lifes in the same flats as I do and I also work with him.
he had asked me if I would join him at church the night before and I politely refuse but he came over in the morning anyway.

I heard "get up we're going to church"
I rolled over in bed and looked up.
there he was standing there in my bedroom. (I was sure to my flat was locked but apparently I was mistaken.)
anyway after about 20 minutes of me saying "I'm not going" and getting the reply "yes you are" I gave in I said "okay I'll go but only go if you get out of my bedroom"

anyway I went and yeah it was ok but still I HATE the way people act so fake there but thats another story altogether

anyway I ended up spending the whole day with him after church

so I left him and went back to my flat where I came here for a while and then went to bed

I give my mate a lift to work in the morning seeing as he lives so close by

in the morning my mate woke up when his alarm went off, got ready to go to work, then went and knocked on my door to see if I was ready

I did not answer

he knocked louder and louder

after about 20 minutes of beating on the door he decided something must have been wrong so he went back to his flat and called the police

this was about the time my alarm went off

I got up out of bed and went straight into the bathroom to have a shower

the police rang my flat on the telephone
I could not hear it because I was in the shower

so the police came around
they banged on the door

no answer

so they decided that the best course of action would be to climb in throught the window

so they dismantled the window

I was oblivious to all this, happily finishing my shower and brushing my teeth

so I exited the bathroom

I live on my own so am used to walking around the house naked

I was not worried because this time I had made extra sure I had locked the door

any way I heard a "Greg, and you there?

I thought * hang on that sounds like it's coming from within the flat, I'm SURE I locked that door*

So I said "yeah hang on" and wandered into the lounge room where I was suprised to see a male and a female cop standing looking in through my window

the first thing they said to me "are you ok?"

I said "yeah I'm fine except I'm stark naked and two cops are standing at my window watching me" as I stood naked full on directly in front off the window

I walked forward all my glory hanging for all to see, I said "I think I'll just close these curtains and put some pants on" as I closed the curtains

the female cop (quite a beautiful one I must say) by this time was in hysterics and all the male cop could do was say "I think that would be best" and stand there and watch as I slowly drew the curtains across in front of his face

eveything turned out fine it turned out my mate had actually set his alarm
an hour earlyer than nessisary by acident

I thought I would tell you guys this because I was laughing at it all day

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