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In the 1960’s or 70’s, Nestle started this secret campaign where it actually paid doctors in many countries for them to suggest to mothers of new born babies that they use powdered milk, instead of natural milk. This was mostly done in undeveloped or developing countries. Many of the mothers followed this advice. Many infants died because of malnutrition.

There is this actually story of a Pakistani woman who had twins, a boy and a girl. Her doctor also told her to feed her infants powdered milk. Because she was poor she could not afford to feed both the kids powdered milk so she fed the boy the powdered milk and the girl mother’s milk. After a few months the boy died and the girl was healthy.

Nestle was taken to court because of this and they swore (indirectly) that they would never do that again. In 1980’s/90’s they were caught doing the very same thing again.

Right now, some of you maybe aware of it, but Nestle is asking Ethiopia for compensation. In 1975 (ish) and communist regime in Ethiopia nationalized a company that was a counter-part of Nestle. That government was replaced sometime later, and now Nestle has come to Ethiopia asking for a compensation of $6mn.

Incase you are not aware Ethiopia is a country with a GDP per capita of $100, meaning that on average each person in Ethiopia earns $100-a year. It is the 2nd poorest country in this World.

Nestle is the one the largest multinational company in the world with its total revenue in 100’s of billions.

In summary Nestle is asking a poor country for a compensation to what was happened before this government of Ethiopia and is asking for $6mn, which will not be a large gain to Nestle, in reality it will be close to peanuts for it, while it will be a massive loss to Ethiopia. Ethiopia has agreed to pay $1.5mn, to which Nestle refused.

I ask you all, is this fair?


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Fair? No. Especially in light of Nestle's capitalistic tentacles: Alpo, Baby Ruth, Butterfinger (Bart Simpson? Say it ain't so), Coffee-Mate, Fancy Feast (the only food my cat's'll eat), Juicy Juice (those kids that sell it are so cute), all the Nestle's chocolate stuff, Ortega (taco shells), Stouffer's Lean Cuisine (Oh, noooo), SweeTarts (*sniff*).

I'm enjoying your indignation, though. That's the kind of indignation that makes the world a better place. In the youth of the world, it can make the impossible occur.

What precipitated your outrage? Have you been following Nestle's actions for a while? Did you read a news story? Or see it on television?

I'm intersted to know.


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This is Nestle's Official statement on thie baby formula thing...


and here is a rather cynical counter statement...



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actually it was the influence of one of my teachers, who absolutely hates the brand and claims he hasn't had a Nestle product in 10 years....after that i started reading articles and stuff....

for me it's rather difficult, because in Pakistan, we don't get any good water (bottled) except the :twisted:NESTLE:twisted: bottled water!!!


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Also, like Sherylnn pointed out, these large multinational companies own lots of subsidary groups. So it's pretty difficult to know just who you are buying from.


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Nestle are evil. If ever there was an evil entity in this world or in the LABN basement, it was nestle. But shreddies and Kit-Kats are soo yummy.... darn the devil and his temptations....

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