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Race: Human

Sex: Male

Real Name: Unknown

Nickname: Fugue

Birth Date and Location: Unknown

Died: 1st July, 2006 – Los Angeles (Read About It)

Position: Drug Dealer

Group Affiliation: Owner Narcosis

Fugue has the appearance of an ordinary middle-aged man, brown hair slightly greying at the temples and hazel coloured eyes. His actual age is unknown, but estimates have put it anywhere between 35 and 50 years. The many days and nights he spends in Narcosis have given him a pale and somewhat withered appearance. He moves with deliberate motion, not seeming to expend more energy than he has to. He generally speaks in an even, low tone that gets your attention that has an almost hypnotic quality.

(Fugue is played by Anthony Geary)

Fugue runs a local drug den called Narcosis, where he peddles drugs of all types to anyone desperate enough to need them.

Narcosis is an old house in one of the poorer quarters of LA. Most nights there are several people in each room experiencing varying degrees of stupor. Once his human customers are satiated, Fugue then opens the doors to his vampire customers, who for a price can feed on humans doped up with the drug of their choice. Some of Fugue's human customers know of this and agree to the arrangement for free drugs. Others have no clue. Occasionally, for a very stiff fee, Fugue will arrange with one of his vampire customers a discreet opportunity to 'snuff' someone high on whatever. Fugue would never grass on his customers - they pay too well - but he does hear plenty of gossip and knows an awful lot about what's going on with the local vamps.

Early in Season Three, Narcosis was the target of a vampire-bomb sent by The Brotherhood. The entire club was completely destroyed, and everyone inside was killed by the explosion, including Fugue.

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