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Timeline - Season One

6-Feb-05 - Sunday
{p01#002} Stalker attacks thief. (night)
{p01#001} Tempest fights Kain's goons - he owes Kain for something. (midnight)
{p01#002} Stalker sees Tempest's fight. Sword familiar.

7-Feb-05 - Monday
{p01#001} Tempest recovering.
{p01#005} Stalker steps into sunlight and hit by bus. Later, crawls into bear trap.

8-Feb-05 - Tuesday
{p01#007} Cian blows up bus depot.
{p01#001} Tempest goes to Bob's Bar to find Kain's address. Sees smoke in distance.
{p01#003} Jade sees Tempest exit Bob's Bar. Man who saved her life?
{p01#004} Tash sees Tempest at Bob's Bar. Curious about aura. Follows him.
{p01#006} Jem gets address for Kain from Bob.
{p01#010} Ebony wants to recharge cattle prod.
{p01#011} Jem and Ebony get ready to go shopping.
{p01#012} Stalker awakes badly hurt. Goes to Bob's Bar looking for healer - Kate.
{p01#008} Tempest gets to Narcosis. Kain at Beazor Complex. Killed fighter - find crystal as compensation.
{p01#009} Tash following Tempest. At Narcosis, gets vision from sword. At Beazor, approaches him after he's thrown out.
{p01#013} Jade goes home. Hears about a new neighbour - Tash.
{p01#014} Tash meets Tempest. He tells her about crystal he has to find.

9-Feb-05 - Wednesday
{p02#015} Kate at work - Bob's Bar. Learns Stalker was looking for her.
{p02#016} Kate at home. Powers a bit erratic.
{p03#034} Talhu feeds on guy in café.
{p03#036} Sorrow looking for werewolf for friend Jenny.
{p04#045} Tempest has nightmares about the past becoming the future. (daytime)
{p03#040} Sorrow kills 5 vampires. (overnight)
{p02#017} Ebony and Jem leave crypt. (night)
{p02#020} Jem and Ebony kill cops. (night)
{p03#032} Ebony and Jem shopping. (night)
{p03#038} Ebony playing with crystal necklace - cat upset. (night)
{p04#050} Ebony and Jem to Kain's - he learns of crystal in crypt. (night)
{p04#053} Cian at Beazor. Finally beaten up by Kain, but sees crystals. (night)

10-Feb-05 - Thursday
{p02#018} Kate found by Stalker at Bob's Bar after closing.
{p02#021} Stalker losing memory - spell by witches. Physical damage healed by Kate.
{p02#022} Victor arrives - business with Kain. (day)
{p02#023} Victor passes 1318 Poplar - gets apartment. (day)
{p03#043} Sorrow researches magic shops, including XY. (early morning)
{p02#026} Kate has vision of Victor selling crystal.
{p02#029} Kain adds purple crystal to blue & red.
{p02#027} Kate recalls ritual of banishment performed by Coven.
{p02#028} Wisewoman surveying from rooftop.
{p03#030} Victor sells yellow crystal for Orb of Thessela.
{p03#033} Kate researches - nine crystals in all.
{p03#035} Bereaver meets Victor outside Beazor.
{p03#044} Kain asks his headman, Paul to prepare for an invasion. Crystals given to twins.
{p05#060} Tempest finds Cian after beating. Trades homeless man for info that Kain's getting Ebony's crystal. (sunset)
{p05#060} Tempest intercepts black crystal. (just after sunset)
{p02#019} Tash rides, getting to know streets. Finds Zack and takes him home. (night)

11-Feb-05 - Friday
{p02#024} Jade visits Tash, who learns of crystal sculptures in XY. (early morning)
{p02#025} Jade writing in diary at XY (late morning)
{p04#046} Talhu recruited by Alaric.
{p04#049} Kate getting no more visions from Poplar, but powers growing erratically.
{p04#056} Daye arrives in LA.
{p03#037} Tash leaves to visit XY, meets Matthias. (early afternoon)
{p03#039} Matthias sensing Kain has four crystals. (early afternoon)
{p03#041} Jade startled by old tramp outside XY - Matthias. (afternoon)
{p03#042} Tash at XY - senses orange crystal. (mid-afternoon)
{p04#047} Jade learns from Tash about orange crystal, Cloch Cosan, and Tempest's hunt.(afternoon)
{p03#031} Stalker wants to find Kate to fix his memories. (day)
{p04#059} Stalker gets real address for Kate from Bob. (daytime)
{p04#059} Stalker awakes with no memories, gets apt. in Poplar under name Jake Smith. (later in day)
{p04#048} Sorrow looks for werewolf, feels crystal carried by Tash and Jade. (late afternoon)
{p04#052} Zayn feels nine crystals in LA. (night)
{p04#051} Kate uses magic to pinpoint Beazor.
{p04#054} Kate stopped by Victor from entering Beazor. (night)
{p04#057} Victor convinces Kate to fix his diguise. (sunset)
{p05#061} Victor - flashbacks to 1981 opening of Cloch Cosan in Paris, with Talhu, Tempest, Janus and Oillill.
{p05#062} Jade - flashback to meeting with Valerian in 2001 in Australia.
{p05#063} Tash and Jade meet Victor with Matthias. Call Tempest. Discuss Cloch Cosan. (sunset - early night)
{p05#063} Tash tries to restore Tempest's memories - effects? (night)
{p04#058} Talhu passes test set by Alaric. Tasked to ensure max. carnage from Cloch Cosan.
{p05#066} Talhu recalls Rome 452AD at mention of Cloch Cosan.
{p04#055} Sorrow finds trail of shapeshifter at Beazor. (night)
{p05#068} Tash has Tempest's nightmares. (overnight)
{p06#075} Victor uses Thesselan Orb - soul from Kain's man who tracked down shards.
{p07#098} Cian wakes - decides to kill Kain, then Tempest.
{p05#070} Jade hears Tash having nightmares - writes in her journal about Tempest. (night)

12-Feb-05 - Saturday
{p05#064} Stalker wakes with all memories, and discovers now less vampire, more human.
{p05#065} Kate discovers Shard of Judecca. (early morning)
{p05#069} Stalker visits Kate, finds her with crystal. (early morning)
{p06#079} Wisewoman meets Victor. Trades good glamour for info on crystals. (early morning)
{p05#072} Jade tells Tash about Valerian. Tash gives Matthias orange crystal. Matthias to XY with Jade.(morning)
{p05#073} Kate learns Stalker becoming human - power in Poplar Avenue. (morning)
{p05#074} Tash cleans up after Jade and Matthias leave. (morning)
{p06#085} Tempest wakes in Tash's place. Goes to find Victor for some answers. (morning)
{p06#080} Jade and Matthias to XY. Matthias starts working on damping crystals. (morning)
{p06#088} Stalker to Bob's for drink. Sells sunscreen. (midday)
{p06#084} Kain's four crystals 'guarded' by null-magic effect of two girls.
{p06#076} Kate sleeps after Stalker leaves - she dreams of mother. (afternoon)
{p06#078} Kate hears Shard of Judecca. (afternoon)
{p06#086} Kate at Poplar Ave. Sees Victor leave. (afternoon)
{p06#087} Tash to XY - residue of reading Tempest's memories soothed by Matthias. (afternoon)
{p06#081} Victor at Bob's Bar. (afternoon)
{p06#082} Zayn noticing spiritual activity in LA. (afternoon)
{p08#112} Daye goes to Bibliophile and decides to check out Kain. (afternoon)
{p07#095} Talhu told that Alaric leaving. Talhu kills shopgirl. (afternoon)
{p06#089} Kate startled by Stalker outside Poplar. Tash arrives, feels crystal. Arranges meeting. (afternoon)
{p07#090} Jade and Matthias go home. (late afternoon)
{p07#092} Tempest meets Victor at Bob's. Discuss memories. (late afternoon)
{p08#105} Victor beaten up by Kain's goons - won't give info on crystals. (late afternoon)
{p07#093} Tash tells Matthias about Kate. Jade cooks dinner. (early evening)
{p08#106} Tash finds Victor and patches him up. (just before sunset)
{p08#108} Jade shown Matthias' history. (just before sunset)
{p08#107} Tempest arrives for meeting. Talks crazy. Victor attacks him, hurt badly. Tempest leaves. (sunset)
{p08#110} Jade and Matthias go for walk, fight vampires from Black Veins. (sunset)
{p07#104} Jem discovers crystal necklace missing. (night)
{p06#077} Sorrow learns Jenny killed. Finds creature, kills it, gets grey crystal. (night)
{p06#083} Paul (Kain's headman) sees Sorrow kill creature and get crystal. Follows. (night)
{p05#067} Bereaver fighting at Beazor. Kain has job for him. (night)
{p05#071} Jem finds old lover Chris. (night)
{p08#117} Talhu gets info at After Dark on Victor's whereabouts. (night)
{p08#111} Ebony being tortured in Kain's dungeon. (night)
{p08#118} Ebony learns Tempest has black crystal. (night)
{p08#114} Victor badly hurt, fixed up by Tash again. (midnight)
{p08#116} Matthias arrives back at Tash's flat. (midnight)
{p08#115} Zayn decides it's time to intervene. (night)
{p09#120} Zayn arrives at Tash's flat. (after midnight)
{p09#125} Victor, Tash, Jade and Matthias in Tash's flat. Tash gets visions of Tempest via Antenora (after midnight)
{p09#123} Something beneath Poplar stirs. (night)
{p09#124} Serapis watches Luc leave. Needs Kate for knowledge of Rites. (night)
{p07#091} Kate working at Bob's. Inanna there. (night)
{p07#103} Inanna lies to coven about finding Kate. Coven sends Lucien to look for her. (late night)
{p07#094} Kate finished work. First Janus flashback. (late night)
{p07#097} Kate gets to Stalker's flat at Poplar Avenue to stay the night. (late night)
{p08#113} Lucien gets to Kate's trashed house. (night)
{p08#119} Luc fights Kain's goons at Kate's house. (night)
{p10#140} Daye caught snooping at Beazor, beaten. Dropped off near Bob's Bar (overnight - very early 13th)
{p07#096} Sorrow hit in back. Flashback to 1990. Wakes feeling OK - surprised. (night - early morning)

13-Feb-05 - Sunday
{p09#129} Tash has nightmares soothed by Victor. (very early morning)
{p09#128} Talhu visits Victor, who tells Talhu about Kain's 4 and Tempest's one crystal. (early morning)
{p07#101} Stalker wakes, wants to bite Kate, leaves apt. (morning)
{p07#102} Kate wakes, finds note left by Stalker. (morning)
{p07#099} Sorrow wakes, puts ward on crytal. Leaves for XY. (mid-morning)
{p07#100} Paul breaks into Sorrow's hotel room. (late morning)
{p09#126} Jade in XY, Sorrow comes to buy warding crystals. (morning)
{p09#127} Sorrow and Jade to hotel, fight Paul & shaman stealing crystal. (morning)
{p09#130} Tempest sells info to Kain - 3 crystals at Poplar. (morning)
{p09#134} Mortis sent to Poplar Avenue by Kain. (morning)
{p09#131} Tash spends morning with Victor. (morning)
{p09#132} Tash and Matthias go visit Kate. (mid-morning)
{p10#143} Mortis 'eaten' by Poplar Ave. (morning)
{p10#144} Victor enlists help of Eriantha at After Dark. (late morning)
{p10#135} Sorrow has flashback to the D'Nethk'Quan ritual.
{p10#136} Tash cleans up after the previous night's fight then leaves for XY. (midday)
{p10#137} Kate has muted crystal now - Matthias leaves. (midday)
{p10#138} Four vampires test "magic" sunscreen. Not happy with Bob. (midday)
{p10#141} Kate finds wanted ad at XY. (midday)
{p10#142} Tempest gets apartment and car.
{p10#145} Jade and Sorrow get back to XY. Sorrow mutes grey crystal. Tash arrives. (very early afternoon)
{p10#146} Kate back to Birch St. Finds Luc there. (afternoon)
{p10#147} Aetolus has guys sent to Poplar Ave. to look for crystals. (afternoon)
{p10#148} Victor meets Jade, Tash, Sorrow and then Matthias on way home to Poplar. Fight Kain's force. (late afternoon)
{p11#152} Wisewoman hears fight, leaves LA - note for Victor (late afternoon)
{p10#149} Kate sees Luc find her crystal. (evening)
{p09#121} Stalker works out demon has no control in sunlight. (evening)
{p09#122} Jem, Chris and minions go to Beazor to rescue Ebony. (evening)
{p09#133} Ebony leaves Beazor with Jem and Chris. (evening)
{p11#150} Talhu finds Daye in alleyway where dumped. (evening)
{p11#158} Tash and Victor share love & visions after fight. (evening)
{p11#156} Kate's flashback to her arrest.
{p11#153-155} Stalker attacks Mrs White, stopped by Daye who's come to see Victor (night)
{p10#139} Cian kills 8th victim in 2 days - all into healing. (night)
{p11#151} Jem learns of fight in park with Jade and Matthias. (night)
{p11#161} Sorrow dreams he and Jade are hunting as vampires. (night)
{p11#159-160} Jade up writing diary and dumping Matthias. (4am)
{p12#174} Matthias senses people in Poplar as he leaves Jade's flat. (4am)
{p11#163} 3 remaining vampires find out from Bob about Stalker and that he hangs with Kate. (near dawn)
{p12#166} Stalker kills woman near Bob's, then down sewer. (near dawn)

14-Feb-05 - Monday
{p11#157} In England - Subject 21 barrier down. Team sent to observe.
{p12#169} Jade leaves early for XY. (dawn)
{p12#165} Daye visits Victor and Tash. Agree to swap info. (early morning)
{p12#168} Talhu gets new hotel room. (day)
{p12#175} Daye visits Mrs White on way out of Poplar. (morning)
{p11#162} Kate gives Shard of Judecca to Luc. (mid-morning)
{p12#170} Jade gives Kate job at XY as clairvoyant. (mid-morning)
{p12#173} Victor and Tash share life history and soul. (morning)
{p12#171} Kate resigns at Bob's Bar. (late morning)
{p13#180} Jade receives orchids from Sorrow. (midday)
{p13#183} Jade dreams of Sorrow leading her to see Valerian kill her family. (early afternoon)
{p12#172} Sorrow moves into Jenny's old flat. (day)
{p12#176} Tash looks for Black Veins and Black Jem. (afternoon)
{p12#178} Daye dreams of Ryan's death. (late afternoon)
{p12#179} Kate finds spell to help her remember Janus' death. (late afternoon)
{p13#182} Kate and Luc decide to go clubbing - spell tomorrow. (late afternoon)
{p13#181} Talhu given assignment by Serapis to find Kate. (evening)
{p11#164} Tempest beaten unconscious by Kain's guy. (night)
{p12#177} Matthias finds Tempest and heals him. Starts to dampen Phlegethon. (night)
{p12#167} Inanna tied up by coven 2 days now. (night)
{p13#184} Kate faints at Club Asylum. Cab blows tyre on way home. (night)
{p13#185} Victor makes wager with Kain that he'll find Tempest. (night)
{p13#186} Victor finds Tempest and Matthias on roof. (night)
{p13#187} Daye researches Shards. (afternoon - night)
{p14#205} NightWalker looking for Daye at Bibliophile. (late evening)
{p13#188} Tash checking out cemetery (early night)
{p13#189} Sorrow meets Jade at her apartment. (early night)
{p13#190} Jade tells Sorrow about Valerian. (early night)
{p13#191} Sorrow tells Jade about D'Nethk'Quan. (early night)
{p13#192} Tash kills Ebony in fight with Jem and vamps. (night)
{p13#193-194} Kate and Luc find Tash, teleport to Birch St. (night)
{p14#196} Jem gets info from Bob about Tash. (night)
{p14#202-204} Victor and Matthias get Tempest home. Call Zayn in for magic memory restorer. (night)
{p14#206} Stalker spends day underground, attacks with dog at night. (day-night)
{p14#207-208} Zayn muses while Tempest relives memories. (night)

15-Feb-05 - Tuesday
{p15#211} Daye dreams of dead lover Ryan. (before dawn)
{p14#209} Stalker visits hospital, kills babies etc. (just before dawn)
{p15#210} Victor, Tempest, Zayn and Matthias discuss getting to Kain's crystals to restore Tempest's memories. (dawn)
{p15#216} Stalker regains control of body from demon, leaves hospital. (early morning)
{p14#195} Jade wakes with Sorrow. (early morning)
{p14#197} Tash wakes in Kate's house, with Luc there. (early morning)
{p14#198-199} Kate wakes and talks to Tash and Luc about memories. (early morning)
{p15#212} Victor leaves Tempest's place and heads home. (morning)
{p15#213} Tash returns home, Victor arrives soon after. (morning)
{p14#201} Sorrow researches Cloch Cosan and Brotherhood. (day)
{p14#200} Talhu visits XY. Tries to enlist Kate's help to kill Serapis. (midday)
{p15#214} Serapis and Coven move location. (day)
{p15#215} Inanna hears radio report while being moved to new location of Coven. (day)
{p15#217} Sorrow meets Daye at Bibliophile. (midday)
{p15#218} Sorrow meets Kate at XY. (early afternoon)
{p15#220} Jade returns to XY while Sorrow is still there. (early afternoon)
{p15#221} Kate meets Luc at lunch time in the park. (early afternoon)
{p15#223} Jade learns of Kate's difficulties with the Coven. (afternoon)
{p15#219} Victor finally gets Wisewoman's message. (late afternoon)
{p17#242} Stalker learns of way to get rid of vampire, drinks holy water. (day - sunset)
{p15#222} Talhu gets drunk at Club Asylum and kills woman. (night)
{p15#224} Kate sees portent in moon. (night)
{p16#225} Victor tells Tash about orb message and plan to get crystals. (early night)
{p16#226} Tash and Victor to Club Asylum, where find Talhu and leave him at Jem's crypt. (night)
{p16#230} Sorrow looks for bookshops, packs to go to Jade's flat. (afternoon - early evening)
{p16#229} Jade hears Lethe telling her to embrace the darkness. (early night)
{p16#231} Sorrow and Jade bite each other's necks during lovemaking. (night)
{p16#232} Valerian reaches town, senses Jade and Sorrow. (early night)
{p16#233} Jade and Sorrow get help from Matthias with Lethe. (early night)
{p16#227} Daye researches more, late shift at Bibliophile. (afternoon - night)
{p16#228} Tash and Victor meet Daye at Bibliophile. Swap info. (night)
{p16#234} Kate and Luc encounter 3 vamps looking for Stalker. (night)
{p16#235} NightWalker contacts Mrs. White, looking for Daye. (night)
{p16#236} Sorrow recovers from backlash. (night)
{p16#237} Kate learns from Luc that coven has moved. (night)
{p16#238} Talhu found by Jem. Make bargain for him to kill Tash, Jade and Matthias. (night)
{p16#239} Cian gains info at The Sledge. (night)
{p17#240} Victor tells Tash details of his plan back at her place - Matthias there. (night)
{p17#241} Jade and Sorrow join Tash, Victor and Matthias to discuss plan. (night)
{p17#247} Sorrow and Jade return to her apartment. (midnight)
{p17#244} Tash takes Victor on reccy to Pasadena. (midnight)
{p17#245} Victor and Tash stop at Tempest's place to tell him of plans. (after midnight)
{p17#246} Cian kills witches and learns Pasadena address. (late night)
{p17#249} Victor and Tash further wake the nameless something. (very late night)
{p17#251} Tempest encounters Valerian. (bit before dawn)

16-Feb-05 - Wednesday
{p17#253} Valerian meets Eriantha and sets her onto Poplar Avenue. (just before dawn)
{p17#250} Tash tells Victor about her nightmares. (dawn)
{p17#243} Talhu told by Alaric to befriend Kate to escalate Sindell conflict. (early morning)
{p17#248} Kate and Luc in bed - he has ring but doesn't ask. (morning)
{p17#254} Kate learns of raids from Jade and Sorrow. (late morning)
{p17#252} Tash collects Ian, who deals with security measures at Pasadena. (dawn to mid-afternoon)
{p18#255} Tash and Ian go to XY and meet Jade, Sorrow and Kate. (late afternoon)
{p18#258} Aetolus gets location of crystals from Kain. A demon of Kain's race shows up at Pasadena. (late afternoon)
{p18#256} Kate and Jade fight with Jem who arrives at XY just on dark. (sunset)
{p18#257} Talhu approaches Kate outside XY after the fight, kills 3 out of 4 Sindell members who try to take Kate. (just after sunset)
{p18#259} Tash finds Ian and kills vamp that attacks him. (early evening)
{p18#260} Kate and Luc argue before getting to XY. (early evening)
{p18#262} Sorrow at XY. Jade tells him about Jem's attack. (early evening)
{p18#261} Alaric talks Jem into laying off Talhu. (early night)
{p18#263} Victor, Tash, Daye, Tempest, Kate, Matthias, Ian and Luc all meet Jade and Sorrow at XY. Plan attacks on Beazor and Pasadena, then head out. Ian stays at XY. (early night)
{p18#264} Victor and Tempest get to Beazor first, followed by Sorrow and Jade. Mayhem, during which Matthias gets Victor out. (early night)
{p18#265} Tash, Daye, Kate and Luc at Pasadena. Cian also shows to disrupt Kain. Big boom. (early night)
{p18#266} Matthias revels in power, finally gets Victor out and healed. (early night)
{p18#267} Jade lends strength to Sorrow for backlash recovery. (early night)
{p18#268} Kate and Luc take girls to hospital, heal themselves. (early night)
{p19#270} Tash conquered by the four stones on way to Bibliophile. (early night)
{p19#271} Daye also tormented by stones, but able to resist. (early night)
{p18#269} Kate and Luc have Stones of Bishamon to use as ward. (early night)
{p19#272} Victor dreams while unconscious, wakes with Matthias near Bibliophile. (early night)
{p19#273} Jade had disturbing dream waiting at Bibliophile - dream sent by Valerian. (early night)
{p19#274} Tahlu gets visit from Alaric. (night)
{p19#275} Jade and Sorrow see Matthias with Victor return to Bibliophile. Tash and Daye arrive, followed by Kate and Luc. Shards cause problems. (night)
{p19#276} Tash gets Victor home, where they start fixing chitin. (night)
{p19#277} Ian inadvertently saves everyone in Poplar due to amulet, then beaten up by Tash. (midnight)
{p19#278} Valerian seduces an Asian woman - Samantha - while on the prowl. (night)
{p19#279} Sorrow dreams of wolf and raven. (night)
{p19#280} Kate, Luc and Matthias head back to Birch St. to continue with shards. Leave Daye at Bibliophile. (midnight)
{p21#304} Jem feeds with Chris. (night)
{p21#307} Tempest kills Cian, badly scorched in explosion. (night)

17-Feb-05 - Thursday
{p19#283} Jade and Sorrow feeling like shit when wake up. Back to sleep. (morning)
{p20#287} Daye cleans up Bibiliophile. Meets Drew Langley at opening time. (morning)
{p19#284} Tash sends Ian back to St Louis. (morning)
{p20#286} Serapis annoyed with Thalia for attacking Kate early. Learns that Talhu helped. (morning)
{p19#281} Kate, Luc and Matthias share histories. (mid-morning)
{p19#282} Talhu made 2IC by Alaric at Order of Valour's HQ. (morning - noon)
{p20#285} Tash visits Jade and Sorrow, decide to go visit Jem's crypt. (noon)
{p20#288} Talhu learns of possible cover-up concerning his actions. (early afternoon)
{p20#289} Sorrow and Tash check graveyard, then do vision quest. Learn of Sorrow's embrace at age 12. (early afternoon)
{p20#290} Tash in turmoil over revelations about Sorrow. Home to Victor. (mid-afternoon)
{p20#291-292} Jade checks XY. Finds Ian's amulet. Almost killed by reporter Anderson. (afternoon)
{p20#293} Sorrow in empty flat, musing about vampire nature. (afternoon)
{p20#294} Tash and Kate try to determine what's blocking Kate's memories. (late afternoon)
{p20#296} Talhu back to base, Alaric calls meeting of 5 for Sunday. (late afternoon)
{p20#295} Kate gets home late, Matthias has gone. Argument with Luc. (early evening)
{p20#297} Eriantha learns of residents in Poplar. Decides to investigate. (early evening)
{p20#298} Tash finds Jade passed out in hallway. (early evening)
{p20#299} Sorrow leaves flat and brutally kills vamp in alley. (early evening)
{p21#300} Eriantha drops off "B'Earth Day" card for Victor. (early evening)
{p21#313} Jem visits Ebony's crypt - leaves with sword. (night)
{p21#302} Sorrow feeds on Cindy the waitress, but stops before quite killing her. (night)
{p22#315} Daye goes on date with Drew. NightWalker watching in shadows. (night)
{p21#303} Tash and Victor have same 'dream' of killing Mrs. White which turns out to be real. Tash was inhabited by Vrithetek. (late night)
{p21#301} Jade had nightmares about Valerian and Sorrow. (very late night)
{p21#306} Valerian cleans up after Sorrow's attempted 'kill'. (late night)

18-Feb-05 - Friday
{p21#308} Tash and Victor can't relax together. Tash runs from guilt. (dawn)
{p21#305} Sorrow finds church and meditates. (morning)
{p21#309} Kate and Luc get to XY - Luc proposes just as black van pulls up. (morning)
{p21#310-311} Kate and Luc caught by Serapis. Kate into van, drugged, driven to country house. (morning)
{p21#312} Jade scrys for Sorrow's whereabouts. (noon)
{p21#314} Kate locked in dungeon. Serapis tells her of Jade's birthright. (day)
{p22#316} Jade looking for Sorrow, finds Cindy's flat and meets Jake. (day)
{p22#317} Jade checks Cindy's flat. Valerian speaks to her. (day)
{p22#319} Kate being tortured. Serapis responsible for Janus' death, wearing Kate down for possession by Janus. (day)
{p22#320} Jade gets to church, priest tells her Sorrow has gone to Malcolm St. (afternoon)
{p22#321} Sorrow dreams of killing friends, and drinking Jade's blood. (afternoon)
{p22#322} Tash spends day on remote beach, thinking about Victor. (dawn - sunset)
{p22#323} Victor back to his apartment. Contemplates navel in front of Stone. (afternoon)
{p22#327} Luc and Inanna at police station - Det. Grey arranges coverup. (mid-morning - afternoon)
{p22#318} Galen arrives in LA to check on mystic activity. (afternoon)
{p22#324} Tash returns to Poplar, encounters Molly in hall. Goes to see Victor. (early evening)
{p22#325} Paul sent by Aetolus to search for Matthias. (evening)
{p22#326} Kate beginning torture session with Anubis. Given sedative. (evening)
{p22#328} Galen meets Det. Grey for info on Kate as well as contact details for Jade, Luc and Inanna. (evening)
{p23#330} Victor musing on separate nature of his 'self' and his evil. (afternoon - evening)
{p22#329} Luc and Inanna back at Birch St to discover Shard of Judecca missing. (late evening)
{p23#331} Serapis visits Kain - doing deal to give Kain Rites of Binding. (evening)
{p23#332} Victor and Tash agree it's too dangerous to stay while he's healing. Victor indicates his 'evil' could be excised. (evening)
{p23#343} Jade attacked by Valerian and new vampire Samantha. (night)
{p23#333} Kate suffering more torture from Anubis. (midnight)

19-Feb-05 - Saturday
{p24#345} Galen spends weekend reading and destroying police reports about Kate's kidnapping.

20-Feb-05 - Sunday
{p23#342} Tempest meets with Aetolus at Narcosis. (night)

From Monday 21 Feb 2005

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21-Feb-05 - Monday
{p23#344} Sorrow is confronted by Valerian who says he's Sorrow's sire. (just before dawn)
{p23#334} Kate escapes to woods, but recaptured. (morning)
{p23#335} Thalia makes good her escape while coven looking for Kate. (morning)
{p23#336} Matthias still leading Paul and entourage on a merry chase. (morning)
{p23#337} Kate back in dungeon. Serapis casts spell on her to bind her magic powers. (morning)
{p23#338} Kate endures more torture by Anubis. Alaric pops in to watch. (morning)
{p23#339} Alaric determines to kill Anubis. Alaric finds out from Serapis that Kate is the key to the Rites. (morning)
{p23#340} Daye spent weekend with Drew. Returns to find messages left by Luc. (morning)
{p23#341} Daye calls Luc and finds out about Kate. (morning)
{p24#345} Galen heads to Poplar to find Jade. (noon)
{p24#346} Jade wakes after three days in stupor after attack by Valerian's minion. (noon)
{p24#347} Galen breaks into Jade's flat. Tash investigates. (noon)
{p24#348} Tash works through problems with Jade while Victor leaves to track Galen. (early afternoon)
{p24#350} Tash finds Sorrow at his apartment and learns more about Valerian. (early afternoon)
{p24#353} Jade follows Tash to Sorrow. (early afternoon)
{p24#354} Sorrow and Tash at church to talk freely. Jade arrives. (afternoon)
{p24#355} Sorrow undergoes binding ritual cast by Luc and Inanna in an attempt to curb his demon. (late afternoon)
{p25#368} Stalker wakes in church and overhears that Kate has been kidnapped. Waits at Poplar to follow. (late afternoon)
{p24#349} Galen heads to house in country - followed by Victor. (afternoon - evening)
{p24#356} Victor sees Galen go into house and be captured. (late evening)
{p24#351} Jem at Bob's Bar, still looking for Tash and Jade and now Kate. (night)
{p24#352} Jem remembers being sired while creating new vamp - Alec. (night)
{p24#359} Kate gets a new cell-mate as Galen is questioned by Serapis in the basement. (night)
{p25#360} Galen is mind-probed by Serapis. (night)
{p25#361} NightWalker feeds on lifeforce via kiss - to be fully satisfied, needs to drain Daye. (night)
{p25#362} Jade and Sorrow road test the binding spell on Sorrow. (night)

22-Feb-05 - Tuesday
{p25#363} Sorrow and Jade decide to call on Tash first thing. (3am)
{p24#357} Tash gets call from Victor and collects him. He later has struggle with Vrithetek. (midnight - morning)
{p24#358} Talhu breaks into Victor's flat, steals empty orbs, causes pile-up on freeway to refill them and returns them. (early morning)
{p25#365} Paul's mob in shootout at a school - later stuck in freeway pileup. Aetolus explaining his plans for Tempest to Kain. Talhu sent by Alaric to ensure ritual goes ahead. (late morning)
{p25#364} Galen and Kate in basement dungeon - Kate gets taken away for ritual. (afternoon)
{p25#366} Kate undergoing final preparations for ritual this evening. (afternoon)
{p25#369} Tash, Victor, Jade, Sorrow, Daye, Stalker, Luc and Inanna make plans to rescue Kate and Galen. (afternoon)
{p25#367} Serapis finds marker left by Victor. Ritual preparations complete. (late afternoon)
{p25#370} Kate is bound to altar by Serapis - time for ritual has arrived. (late evening)
{p25#371} Tash, Victor, Jade, Sorrow, Daye, Stalker, Luc, Inanna and Tempest reach clearing with Galen and free Kate but not without cost... (night)
{p25#372} Jem and Chris are interrupted by her new vamp, Alec. (night)
{p25#373} Tash and Victor wait while Sorrow and Jade are saved from going over to the dark side by Jade's pendant. (night)
{p25#374} Clean up in grove performed by Liam. The gang deal with the opening of the Nether Arch at Poplar Avenue. (late night)
{p26#375} The ancient evil awakes....

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