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I've only started reading Dave's opening statements in recent weeks. You know: the short essays that can be found on the LABN home page. I look forward to what our admin has to say. This last one, for instance, the one covering the end of October, started off really nice. I agree with Dave's sentiment (and I'm STILL, in my mind, the new guy. I probably always will be. I can't horn in on the bonding that took place during season one).

Dave's words were so mushy, in fact, they actually me glance away from the screen. Yeah, I'm an emotional being. And I wondered if I was going to have to kick myself for being a sap.

Unfortunately, Dave is another good writer, and near the end of his essay, he skillfully used transition to hit us with something heavy. I was unprepared for what he had to say. I felt it in my gut, and I didn't like it.

Now, I know Dave stated that nothing specific was said or posted to make him write what he wrote. He said that, and I can't think of anything unwarranted in what I've read on this site. But Dave still implied (on purpose or not) that personal secrets might have been revealed because of absent talking.

Of course, being paranoid, I had to think, "Have I said anything that might have betrayed someone's trust?" I sure don't think so. I take trust seriously. But then again, I do have a big mouth in those times I'm not pulling a lurking act (trademark of Robin Inc).

Right. So, if Dave can play what if, so can I. Let me say that I enjoy the confidence of others, and if ever I talk out of turn, I absolutley must be told of my blunder, because I wouldn't purposefully hurt anyone here. I like everybody on LABN, and I feel pretty darn close to some of you.

But when I'm in play-mode...*ugh*. Maybe I goof?

Just in case I've ever been guilty, I'll now take Dave's warning seriously, as should everyone else, and I'll make sure I'm not giving out too much info. On the flipside, unless something is clearly being said in confidence, I personally have no secrets from any of you. Talk all the guff you want about me. I thrive on it. More attention for me. :)

(in NO particular order)
Alice (a.k.a Hannah)
Hannah (a.k.a. Alice)

Thanks. I am not the same person I was before July 4th. It was a chain of random events that brought me here, and I'm so glad for them. You have all, as a whole, changed my life. You got me writing again. You teach me new things. You got me re-watching old movies I'd forgotten I liked. You got me listening to new music. You got my girlfriend visiting the Stomping Grounds where she can gripe and whine about politics. You changed my mind about internet friends. You have showed me a world without revision.

Glad to've metcha.

Here's to one day all being together in that great big collab in the sky. Cheers!

Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love,

Jeffrey Frederick Haines
October 29, 2002

Regarding Words From Dave

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And by the way, in my job I have to write the day's date about ten times a night. You might find it humorous to know that last night I wrote

October 28, 2005.

In case that slipped by you, as it did me at work, let me repeat. I wrote

October 28, 2005.

Regarding Words From Dave

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Lets say (f'rinstance) that someone did blab a little too much.

I could move the post to a private area,
I could kill it in its sleep
I could scramble like a madman to re-edit it to protect the guilty (er...innocent).

And Heather (as co-admin) could do the same.

But I don't want to. One of the reasons we thrive here is freedom. I don't want to put a damper on anyone's parade unless it is absolutely neccessary. I was pretty specific that I wasn't pointing to any single event/post/comment at all. But we have had some close calls. Fortunately this group is as intelligent as they are creative (which means LOTS)

My little admin corner thingies are supposed to be thought provoking and give you ideas on how we can make our commuinty better and better.

Sounds like it is working ;)

Loaves and Fishes

Regarding Words From Dave

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Just a minor point I'd like to make relating to Jeffrey's initial post in this thread. And it's to mention that Alice and Hannah really are two different people... they may get a little narky with you if you get them confused. :)

Other than that, I have to say that yes, there are things about myself that I've shared with most (if not all) of the people on this board that I don't normally bring up. There's only one thing I can think of that I've shared with Dave and nobody else (and it's something I didn't even share with my husband until we'd been married 10 years :?).

And there are things that some of you have shared with me in confidence - I may hate my own secrets and be unable to keep them, but other's secrets are sacrosanct.

And I think it's the atmosphere here that lets us open up. I've never been involved before with online communities, but it seems to me that what we've developed here is something quite out of the ordinary. I treasure the friendships I've made here. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the cast party in June and finally get to meet the rest of you in person.

Regarding Words From Dave

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Alice, Hannah:

I was just playing with that a.k.a. thing.

Regarding Words From Dave

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Well that's where you're wrong! I know for a fact that Ms. Alice Kent works for the Daily Planet and the SuperHannah spends all her time flying over the city of Metropolis in a blue catsuit with her underpants on the outside...

Either that or Hannah works at the Daily Planet and Alice flies around Metropolis. Okay so I don't have any actual EVIDENCE of this yet, but I'm trying to find some, they keep doing this trick where they're both on msn at the same time, I personally think that this is a trick done with mirrors and maybe a wire.

I swear I'm on to something here guys...

Regarding Words From Dave

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Could that thing you're on possibly be hallucinogenic drugs? :D

Regarding Words From Dave

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Okay, i believe i want to add something to this post Sid started, thanks Sid.

Sid said:

You have all, as a whole, changed my life. You got me writing again. You teach me new things. You got me re-watching old movies I'd forgotten I liked. You got me listening to new music. You got my girlfriend visiting the Stomping Grounds where she can gripe and whine about politics. You changed my mind about internet friends. You have showed me a world without revision.

You'r not the only one Sid. I mean i never thought i could ever trust ppl on the internet. I mean all my friend, my dad, they all had me believe that most ppl on the internet are frauds, who want to get hold of your name and passwords and ...ummm...hack into your computer and leave a msg on it that goes "Oh you idiot little gulable girl, mwhahahahah" and then crash it.

But i now believe they were wrong. Bein a member of this internet community has got me trusting again. I mean i always found ppl in chat rooms being rude to me. But here, this is sooo different. Here ppl actually care about you, we are all like one big happy family. We share our happiness, our joy, our pain, our problems, our smoking habits and we help each other out.

Even me, sid, i never thought i could write again. I tried to start three books, all of which never went further then chapter 2, after which i grew bored and got a big writers block.

But here, i don't feel i can stop writing. If i do, there are ppl here that will help me get threw that writers block, and all i can say is Thank You. Thank you soo much, all of you, and i mean this with all my heart.

I also want to apologize that if ever if i have been too blunt or rude or ignorant and you feel like i deserve a good kick in the *** then give it to me. I mean it. I want to say sorry if that has ever happened or if i have ever been too pushy....

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