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Okay, so my lack of smoking has made me so annoying that Dave has resorted to hiding my posts. I'm better now. I'm currently flipping coins:

If I get heads: don't smoke.

If I get tails: I get a cigarette.

So far I've only gotten heads. use your head. Don't think with your butt.

Day 6 of no smokes.*

I'll stop being annoying. don't bury this thread. it's important that we have a place to beg for mercy, Dave. Please, Dave! Please don't take away this thread! Oh please! Please! :D

* of course my alcohol consumption has skyrocketed.

A Personal Plea x2

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I don't think Dave locked the thread because there was anything annoying in it as such... but the tone had gone somewhat beyond the supposed PG13 rating of this forum. Perhaps byplay should stay in the realm of the intant messenger chats. :)

A Personal Plea x2

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Beg, plead, vent, or rant...I don't mind. But I do feel as if that particular thread had gotten off of butts and on to other areas of anatomy. Thats why I killed it.

PG13 its the law.


A Personal Plea x2

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Despite anything I may have implied, I agree with you. I was getting out of hand. I need reminders, from time to time. And even for private PM's, it was inappropriate. It was fun, but inappropriate. I'm just out of sorts, this week. Out of control. oh, behave!

Your decision to get rid of the thread is seconded. thirded. Fourthededed. Fifthededededed.

whatever. :D

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