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Go, Dave. I love the additions to the character profiles. They get more attractive every time you work on them. The FIRST APPEARANCE icon is kickass. If you are feeling inspired, what do you think about the option of clicking that icon and zooming to the actual post where that character first appeared?

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I considered that but that will take a lot more work and i was trying to be sneaky and slip it in.

If someone wants to compile a list of first appearance posts I'll do it (reference them from the timeline notation, if you would).

Butt Kissing

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Sam's first appearnce is the 5th post on page 1 of of midseason 1.

How about everone else's?

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I'll compile a list of everyone and send it to you, Dave.

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Wow Kris, you're sure getting into the spirit of this topic ;) hehehe

Butt Kissing

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I#ll lighten the work load (marginally) and provide the refs. for Midseason -


Mantheana First appeared on p01#002

Sam First appeared on p01#004

Jessica First appeared on p01#007

Reanna First appeared on p02#021

Parasol First appeared on p03#039

Derek First appeared on p03#030


Chinaka First appeared on p05#073

Maria Alashkov First appeared on p01#002

Hesch First appeared on p01#010

Kimmie First appeared on p02#016

Joe Mante First appeared on p06#078

Mariah First appeared on p02#026

All done

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I finished this up and e-mailed it to Dave the other day. I hope I got it all right. Thanks, guys.

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I indexed the list (thanks Kris...I never could have done it without you) and redid the number graphics.

While I was there I put up a gallery for Alaric. Thought you might like to know.

I also added Mortis to the missing list. I think I'm gonna bring him back again. I'll write a bio for him soon.

I polished my halo. Amen

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