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Race: Demon

Sex: Male

Real Name: Alaric

Nickname: NONE

Birth Date and Location: UNKNOWN

Position: Member of the 'Five' that govern The Order of Valor

Group Affiliation: The Order of Valor

Alaric's Picture Gallery

Alaric is an orange-coloured humanoid demon about 6’5” in height, which dark eyes that almost look black.

(Alaric is played by Patrick Stewart)

Not much is known about Alaric’s past before he was initiated into The Order of Valor circa 1602.

Alaric is currently head of The Order, little is known about this sect except that it is an organisation which is primarily a collection of demons, vampires, and humans who believe strongly in the concept of survival of the fittest. They believe that chaos and war lead to the strengthening of the surviving species. As a result of this, they often engineer conflicts in the demon/human/vampire realms.

Only a few outside the Order actually know about this organisation, and those who do keep that knowledge a closely guarded secret.


Knowledge ~
Alaric has vast stores of knowledge about magic, demons, and the underworld. In addition, he also has a number of very knowledgeable contacts.

Influence ~
His greatest asset is the indirect influence that he holds. Alaric's organisation itself works through a number of subsidiary organisations, touching few things directly. It is a rare event when Alaric himself gets involved personally.

Fighting ~
Finally, Alaric is an accomplished fighter who has been trained in several forms of martial arts along with the weapons that entails.

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