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Race: Demon

Sex: Male

Real Name: Aetolus

Nickname: Aetolus

Birth Date and Location: Unknown

Last Seen: 22nd February, 2005 – Los Angeles (Read About It)

Position: Deposed Overlord

Group Affiliation: Beazor Demon Outcasts

Aetolus is tall around 6'4” - 6'5”, with black hair and black eyes. He usually wears a long black cloak that allows him to melt into the shadows with ease. Aetolus has no natural form but usually assumes the form of a tall dark man.

(Aetolus is played by Ian McDiarmid)

The race known as the Beazor Demons had a vast martial society that prided itself on two factors: Strength and Peace. Peace however was at the point of the sword. As uprisings and wars broke out they were quickly quelled by the might of their greatest General Aetolus.

When he returned to their capital after many long campaigns he found that their society had willingly adopted various cultural pursuits such as literature, art and music. Disgusted that they should abandon their heritage of blood and warfare in favour of these frivolous diversions he took over their society and declared himself Emperor. However, the elders of their society realised that the iron rule of Aetolus meant a stagnation of their people and a loss of advancement for their glorious race. It was a step backwards. Using powerful magic they banished Aetolus and his supporters to the various dimensions and bound them to those planes, so they would be unable to return.

Aetolus and Kain arrived on Earth in the year 1770. Little is known of Aetolus' activities since that time since he has kept a very low profile. However, using various magics he has been able to draw many of his loyal followers to Earth (a plane well known for its ease of entering) and has rallied an army to support them.

Kain informed him of his discovery of the Cloch Cosan in the mid 1990's. Aetolus realised that this was a method of physical travel between dimensions and would bypass the binding magic that kept him from transporting himself back home. Further, he could take his army with him and make the Elders pay for their betrayal.

Aetolus has also been manipulating Tempest since the death of his grandfather in 1899. The purpose of this was unknown until recently.

In 2005 Aetolus came to Los Angeles to fulfil his plans of returning to his home dimension. With the Cloch Cosan already gathered in the city he sent Tempest to retrieve the vessel containing the Rituals of the Cloch. When Aetolus discovered that Tempest had decided to open the Nether Arch on his own he decided to take advantage of the turn of events. He and his army of Beazor demons entered through the Arch, passing over in to an alternate dimension unknown.

Aetolus is a Beazor Demon and as such has no fixed physical form. When not assuming a specific form, Beazor Demons appear as a smoky haze. They can assume any form animate or inanimate so long as it consumes the same physical space (e.g. about the same space as a human body). They can also alter their physical properties to be as hard as stone or soft and pliant like flesh or even insubstantial as smoke.

Beazor Demons have impressive physical strength and are capable of lifting extremely heavy objects with little effort. Older, more powerful members of their species may also possess mental powers such as telepathy or mind control.

Aetolus is incredibly strong even in human form Aetolus can also alter the brain chemistry of humans and influence their thoughts, feelings, and ability to remember accurately. Aetolus has been known to produce the emotions of fear, ecstasy, loyalty produce seizures and submissive behaviour in humans.

Beazor Demons are practically invulnerable to physical threats but can be affected by magic. There is no known way to destroy a Beazor Demon.

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