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Brinkley Davis

Name: Brinkley Davis

Nickname: Brink

Race: Archangel ("A Keeper")

Body: She is currently inhabiting a 20-year-old human girl.

Height: 5’1

Weight: 120 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair and General Style: Her hair is brown, but it often appears black. It's fairly long, thick, and course. It tends to curl naturally when she doesn't wash it. She doesn't see the point in clean hair; it just makes people want to talk to her. She dyes it from time to time: green, blond, pink, anything. She likes grungy, punk styles. But she looks really pretty when she combs it, washes it, and puts on makeup.

Associates: Ra Davis (brother), God (in the form of The Idea)

Brinkley Davis is played by Janeane Garofalo

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Brinkley and her brother Ra began sometime after The Idea, on it’s big-bangy journey through the area of space that was to become our solar system, left the Sun in it’s wake. From this cosmic dendrite, the planet Earth formed, a nerve cell in space. Perhaps Brinkley’s first measurable appearance was as an amoeba. But she wasn’t herself; that is, she was a conglomerate thing. Eventually this became an amoeba, and eventually this amoeba split, and she and her brother, Ra, were born proper.

Of course, she wasn’t always Brinkley. Traveling over planet and time, she and Ra have taken many names, many bodies, for themselves, such as her favorite: pterodactyls. Throughout history they have kept reality in tact. She and Ra were born with the knowledge that God is searching, and it is their job to keep it from concentrating too much in any one area. (That would be bad...worse than an over-sized Twinkie kind of bad.)

Brinkley has discovered over millions of years that she and her brother do not share duties equally. She’s had to keep Ra from wandering into fancy. He’s an emotional thinker, a mischievous sort, whereas she avoids trivial pursuits. She can’t afford to play. She knows that if she doesn't keep a serious tone to their work, Ra will forget the point of their existence, and the results could very well end in the destruction of the solar system…or the universe itself.

Yes, their work is that important.


-Ability to gain respect in one-on-one situations.
-Practical intelligence.
-Responsibility. She looks out for the human race.

-She doesn’t like humans on a personal level.
-Impatience in the face of idiocy.
-She doesn’t know how to play very well. Give her pre-school building blocks and she’ll place them back in the case in alphabetical order, look up, and smile proudly.
-She is surprisingly vain--though she tries to keep a ruffled appearance, she often wears contacts instead of the black glasses the doctor prescribed.

Unlimited income: she prayed once to live “comfortably” as long as she was a human. As a result, she has been able to travel at her leisure (with Ra) year after year. She can get an apartment, a car (if she wishes), clothes, food, etc. She cannot buy anything grand (like a mansion), but she will never want for the casual things in life.

About Archangels:
Regarding the order of Archangel known as Keepers: Keepers are all over the world, the solar system, the galaxy, the universe. Their job is the same: keep God, in all its forms, from getting out of hand. Keepers come in the bodies of plants, animals, and minerals (although the tribulations of plants and minerals are difficult to envision.). They can be people, places, or things; animals, settings, or ideas incarnate. They number in the googols. This is how it must be. Without near infinite Keepers, God will expand too much, learn too quickly, and probably snap from the revelation! God would then become insanity, and all existence would succumb to its frantic, paranoid, dreadful thoughts.

Keepers make mistakes all the time, which result in cataclysms. It is how we account for disasters…and even, on a smaller scale, the phenomenon of lost left socks. But so far, the collective work of the Keepers have kept the universe from collapsing. We can only hope they continue working hard.

Keeper Powers:
Brain-sucking. By placing her hands on the head (preferably the temples) of a person she feels is a carrier of The Idea, she can suck him or her dry. This kills the person, but she gains health from The Idea, like a shot of grapefruit juice. Unfortunately, the process often tastes like grapefruit juice, so she avoids brain-sucking if she can.

Sucking a brain will give her access to her victim's memories and knowledge. Unfortunately, this transfer is wrought with mistakes, like corrupted data when you send files over the Internet.

Dislocation. If her mortal body is killed, she will be forced into the next living creature. That’s the worse case scenario. Normally, when she wants to change identities, she body-hops.

Body Hopping. If she chooses, she can pick a victim—a living creature—to inhabit. She must get to know this person. The more intimate the connection, the easier it will be for her to jump into him or her. To body hop, she does a reverse brain-suck. This kills (frees the soul) of the inhabited person, but once inside she breathes new life into the body. It becomes hers. The body develops and ages normally—she becomes a member of that species.

Inspiration. She can put an idea in a person's head simply by bringing it up. The person is under no obligation to follow this idea, but he or she is inclined to do so. The more creative the person, the easier it is to plant the idea. Especially dense humans are very difficult to inspire.

Prayer: Brinkley and Ra can pray to God. “Praying” is a misleading name. When Keeper Archangels pray, they are centering on the aspect of God that is The Idea. The goal is to change reality.

Ra, for instance, who is much better at praying than his sister, might decide that he doesn’t like the color of his car. He bought his VW Beetle in red straight off the dealership lot. Therefore, he silently chants, asking God to make it white. Suddenly—voila!—it’s white. If he prayed correctly. And everyone he and Brinkley meet will behave as though it had always been white. Of course, it WAS always white, wasn’t it? Of course it was. That’s reality talkin’.

The change doesn't always take place "suddenly," however. Sometimes it can take minutes, hours, and in extreme cases, days. During the metamorphosis, the praying angels must sit tight and wait.

In many ways, praying is more a skill than a power. If one makes a mistake while praying, in addition to (or instead of) the desired change, reality just might go WHOOPS. It’s impossible to define the damage that will be caused by a mistake. Perhaps a street lamp will stop existing, perhaps a whole decade of development will be rewritten. The change—for better or worse—will be believed by everyone. To the rest of the world, it always was. Only the angel who screwed up the prayer must adjust to the goof.

The more “far out” the prayer, the harder it is to come by, the more likely it will fail, and the greater the catastrophe, generally speaking, should the angel botch the job. It's notable to mention that Brinkley and Ra Davis, together, botched a major prayer once (a story off public record), and we ended up with the 60's peace movement. Ask them and they will readily admit, "God, we miss the 60's." By this they mean they miss what reality had been before the mistake. They still refuse to tell anyone what America was like originally.

It's possible to re-wish a mistake, but the task is two or three times more difficult. As are the consequences of failure.

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