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Demon Bowling

not much more to say really

edit: the url don't wanna url proper so copy paste

Demon Bowling

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Nice to see you, GREG!

Archie, acting obnoxious: "Hey, Otto, how come you don't hang out with your friends no more?"

Woman under her breath to Otto: "Charming friends"

Otto: "Thanks. I made them myself."

Demon Bowling

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I was about as good at that as I am with real bowling... pretty crap. Though with Demon bonuses I managed to score 165. Maybe with practise I'll improve. :splat:

Cute little game, but limited in scope. Fun for a diversion. :multi:

BTW, Dave, these new emoticons are SO much fun!!! :BIG:

Demon Bowling

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Even with the bonuses, I only got a 76. I really sucked at that. :splat:

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