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charname: Joe Mante
race: human
gender: male
bdate: July 8 1985 New York
group: Former Drug Dealer (wanted by some very dangerous men)
position: none
descript: Joe is an average guy. He is Italian in appearance, is slim, has
brown eyes and dark brown hair.(although it appears black from the hair gel he
Joe is 5'8.
Joe likes to wear bright Hawian shirts but his need of a low profile has him
wearing a dark green trench coat and black jeans.

history: Joe grew up with his family in New York leading a mostly uneventful life. Until 14 of May 2001 when Joe's Mother was killed in a car crash and 2 months later his father went missing Joe went to live with his uncle Vinnie and shortly after was dealing drugs for him Joe decided that he needed space from his uncle and asked for commision on what he sold his uncle agreed and shortly after Joe moved out of his uncles home and into his own apartment Joe was making a good amount of money and was living well, he was even hiring his own dealers.
In January 2005 though Joe made a big mistake he tried to make a very large deal to an unknown buyer unfortunatly this buyer turned out to be NY police. Joe got out before he got caught but unfortunatly his uncle still wanted the money for the now 'police owned' drugs.
Joe's uncle wasn't about to let Joe off just because of the family connection and if Joe couldn't 'find' the money Joe would have to pay with his life.

So either Joe would have to find 2 million dollars or loose his life Joe did the only logical thing, he could think of, he gathered up all the money he could find and went into hiding.
Joe moved to L.A. in March 2005 to escape.

Joe bought an old dilapidated warehouse, for a very reasonable price, and has been using it to live in and has been fixing it up in the hopes of starting a new business...
items: Tonys only possesions are a pocket full of cash, his black convertable, a
suitcase full of clothes a handgun and his warehouse that cost him an extremly cheap $20 000.

powers: None. (That he knows of)
played_by: ??? you choose
player: Hey just thought I'd submit this.
It is just a character, not to join, maybe you could use as an npc or someone eles could take it up. :)

GoddessMaia NPC: Anthony Caine

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Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(not@real.com) on Friday, July 5, 2002 at 06:38:25

charname: Anthony Caine nickname: Tony
race: Human
gender: Male
bdate: 12/12/1963 L.A
group: L.A Police Force
position: Detective
descript: Tony is 6'0" He has brown hair and brown eyes and with 22 years on the force knows the sort of things that really happen in L.A after dark.
A strong man with a powerful looks and voice make this character seem very magestic but it's what he's hidding thats really interesting.
history: As a child all Tony wanted to be was a cop just like his father who had died by a shot to the head whilst on duty when Tony was 12.
Tony got his wish but went one beter, he became a detective, in 2004 Tony saved the cheif of his dept and his son from a demon Since then the cheif has let him work on his own on the streets realising Tony worked beter on his own.
items: All Tony carries with him is his Gun, Badge and has backup whenever he needs it.
Tony is not a man that can be paid off.

powers: Tony has no powers (that he knows of)

played_by: ??? you choose
player: Hey just thought I'd submit this.
It is just a character, not to join, maybe you could use as an npc or someone eles could take it up. :)

GoddessMaia NPC: Goddess Maia

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Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(goddessmaia@hotmail.com) on Saturday, July 6, 2002 at 06:29:45

charname: Maia
race: Goddess
gender: Female
bdate: before time
group: Daughter of Atlas
position: Goddess
descript: Her real appearance is inconceivable to human eyes when veiwed by humans she takes on the appearance of a beautiful young maiden.
history: A shy goddess, she avoided the company of the blessed gods, and lived within a deep, shady cave on Earth.

Maia is one of the seven daughers of Atlas as she was so shy she chose to spend her time in her cave.

Her beauty was known and she was sought after by Zeus and secretly had his child she hoped to live happily with her child but he was a disapointment, she later cast him out of her cave for bringing evil things apon men, his name was Hermes.

She and her sisters where persued by the giant Orion, for their safty she and her sisters were transported to the stars where they were safe...

Maia was restless amongst the stars and petitioned her father Atlas to let her down from amongst the stars to her earthly cave.

Atlas fearing her safty at first would not let her leave the safty of the stars, eventually he let her creating her a new cave-like dimension.

After Maia entered her new home dimension Atlas, the fear of Orion still looming, made it a condition that only mortal beings may enter, or live in, Maia's new dimension making sure that nothing could hurt his presious daughter.

..that was all a long long time ago...

Throughout time Maia has been a quiet god not leaving her dimension after returning from the stars. She made a vow to her father that she would never leave her cave dimension and if she ever did it would only be to rejoin her six sisters, in the stars, her place still awaits her return.

items: Maia controls her own very large cave dimension this dimension is very quiet, as Maia likes it.
The mortal beings that live there, that Maia created, are likewise very queit and passive.
Maia has much power which she does not use prefering to live quietly with the people she created.
powers: Maia has much power which she does not use prefering to live quietly with the people she created.
player: hey just giving you back this profile I spent alot of time creating and am not applying to play just saying you guys can use it however you like... :)


Hamis Shamus Jester

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Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(Goddessmaia@hotmail.com) on Friday, July 12, 2002 at 03:27:08

charname: Hamish Shamus Jester
race: Human
gender: Male
bdate: 8/8/1956 Wales
group: none
position: none
descript: Hamish is a 5'9 tall Welsh man with grey hair he is always clean shaven he is well built from his bussiness of brick laying
history: He got his name from his Father who was possibly Irish (his mother never really new the man, Hamish was the result of a quikie in the mens toilets at a Public Bar)Hamish grew up in Wales and lived a quiet normal life. When he was 18 he married a young woman from his local area named Celeste Waters, twelve months later their first child was born they called her Mary, two years later they had their second child Jane. Hamish became a brick layer and by his own initative built up his own brick laying bussiness. Hamish's wife Celeste died in 1996 from cancer and in July 1998, when his both his daughters had finally left home, he sold his bussiness and house and moved to L.A for no beter reason than a change of scenery.
Once again Hamish went back to doing what he does best, he started another brick laying bussiness and it is doing well.
His daughers have visited him a few times over the past few years whilst he's been living in L.A but never at the same time he is looking forward to August the 6th as he has organised for them both to come over and visit him then...
items: Hamish has no Extraordinary possesions he has a his buisness premisis were all the clerical work is done and were all his and his employees work equipment is kept he rents a small apartment and drives an old Ford pickup
powers: None
played_by: You choose
player: This is just an NPC for you guys to use. :)
age: over13

John Smith

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Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(Goddessmaia@hotmail.com) on Friday, August 9, 2002 at 03:54:10

charname: John Smith
race: Human
gender: Male
bdate: ??/??/???? ?
group: The General Population
position: Various
descript: John is an average looking guy that rarely says much.
John will wear clothes to fit in with the situation if he's in a bussiness class area he will be wearing a suit.
Or simarly if he is at some cult meeting or another he will be wearing cloths to suitably fit in.
history: John is an average guy that spends his day in the background of the bigger picture.
John shows up in many places although not many people refer to him by name.
John at times may be a bad guy who gets killed and is often refered to as expendable or foder.
John sometimes may appear in strange places like face down, dead, in a river or being fed on by some mean vampire in an alleyway.(sometimes he may be saved but othertimes the hero will get there to late)
No one really ever cares about John as there are many people like him, always there ready to die, or just have walk thru part and yell out a warning to a main character.

Sure John Smith may have a family but do any of us really care?
items: John rarely carries objects of any use.
powers: it depends on the situation at times it seems John may have some powers but he rarley gets to use them as he often ends up dead
played_by: ???
player: Just another Npc for you guys ;) incase you don't realise it's not a reeeeaaaalllly serious one :)

Julia Stife

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Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(goddessmaia@hotmail.com) on Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 09:34:24

Name: Julia Stife
Race: Vampire
Gender: Female
Birthdate/Turned Date: 2/26/1985 RIP 8/12/2005
Position: ex-waitress
Description: Julia's hair is blonde dyed pink.
She is 5 foot 8 inches tall.
Julia is atractive and wears suductive clothing.
History: Julia is a LA local and worked at Bunnies (a buffet style resteraunt that is close to the Beazor)as a waitress. She was walking home one night late from work when she decided to take a shortcut home it was the last shortcut she would ever make again, as a human.
She woke on the 14th of august to find a man standing above her he was her first meal and the first vampire she would sire his name was Gary she now roams the streets of LA with Gary her new companion.
Items: A sharp tonge a razor sharp wit.
Powers: Normal Vampire Powers!
Feel free to make any edits or ajustments as you see fit I'd rather you change the NPC's I create a little and use them rather than have them sit gthering dust ;)

Gary Sorsuk

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Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(goddessmaia@hotmail.com) on Wednesday, August 14, 2002 at 07:53:43

Name: Gary Sorsuk
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male
Birthdate/Turned Date: 12/8/1946 RIP 8/14/2005
Position: ex funeral director
Description: Gary has light-brown greying hair.
Gary is a small man with a fine complexion.
He is 5 foot 4 inches tall.
Gary wears a suit.
History: Gary has no family
He was the funeral director for Puresly Funeral Homes for 30 years before he was killed and 'changed' by a vampire.
He had been the funeral director for 30 years.
Items: Gary has a strong stomach and a good knowlege of the dead.
Powers: Normal Vampire Powers.
Feel free to change any of the characters I create any way you want to beter suit whatever situation you want to place them in.


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Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(goddessmaia@hotmail.com) on Friday, September 6, 2002 at 23:31:52

Name: Clem
Race: Giant
Gender: Male
Birthdate and Place: 9/9/1909 San Gabriel National Forest

Clem is a Giant
He is 11foot tall
He has ogreish looks
He has a very simple look as he isnt all that intellegent
He is very well built
He wears a dirty old bearskin for clothing
He has dark red-brown hair
He has dark brown eyes

Clem was born in a forest he knows not where, he does not remember his mother as she left him when he was very young, he never met his father.

Clem has had little contact with humans and the contact he has had hasn't been friendly so Clem trys to stay away from humans.

Clem lives in the San Gabriel National Forest and survives by eating nuts, berries, bugs, and any small game he can club.

Clem has limited speech all that he has learned is words he has heard secretly listening on the outskirts of campers fires at night.

Although Clem fears humans he does feel the need for their company and only hides because when he shows himself to them they always run screaming of try to kill him.

He has a large club (no!! not a night-club! a big stick kinda club, sheesch)

Giant strength (although he wouldn't ever hurt any one).
A big goofy Smile :)

GoddessMaia NPCs

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Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(goddessmaia@hotmail.com) on Saturday, September 14, 2002 at 08:26:12

Name: Curtis Mayfield
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Birthdate and Place: 4/8/1980 Jamaica
Group: He has many contacts and is constantly developing new ones. He is gaining alot of friends.
Position: Boss and Owner of his new Blood for Money, Money for Blood buissness (plus the cover clothing shop called Exodus Clothing)

Curtis is a black man with dreadlocks a mostache and a small beard.
He speaks with a very relaxed calming voice which can be very deceptive.
He is 5 foot 9 inches tall.
He wears bright loosefitting casual clothes.

Curtis is played by Bob Marley

Curtis grew up as an entrepenure, every chance he saw to make a buck he would start a bussiness and start making money (this means he has alot of money in the bank). In July 2003 Curtis developed narclepsy due to never getting enough sleep (because of all his crazy money-making schemes taking up all his time)

He came to L.A recently to see a new doctor specialising in sleep theripy.
Curtis recently bought a shopfront bussiness selling cloths as a cover for his new bussiness, buying/selling blood, when he found out vampires were real.

He plans to make a bit of money out of the vamps by starting a Blood for Money, Money for Blood tradeing post.

Curtis is rapidly developing contacts in the L.A area both underground and above.

Alot of people owe him favours as he is investing alot of money in helping people out (it is not clear when or how he will call these favours in).

He seems to be able to control his narclepsy more recently and is getting more sleep which is combating his insomnia. He claims it is the calming effects of Ganja.

Money, Ganja and a smooth calming Jamaican voice.

He owns a small clothing shop called Exodus Clothing that sells bright casual clothes.

A smooth calming Jamaican voice.

Curtis follows the Rastafarian religion.

GoddessMaia NPCs

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(goddessmaia@hotmail.com) on Sunday, October 13, 2002 at 02:42:41

Faction Name: Protectors of Life

Group Description
There are many members of this group about 17 in all 7 female 10 male all hell bent on revenge for the loss of loved ones.

Their leaders name is Samual and he is really quite mad from the loss of his wife and new born child but he holds the groups greatest power The balls of Ja'rith

The protectors of life are a group of people who got together after a masacre of babies and people in a L.A hospital they got together to try and find the person that killed their loved ones and make sure that person could never do it again.

Their searches lead them to the world of the supernatural they learned what they could through trial and error and lost many members in the process.

The group now is well versed in the world of the supernatural and get together each Friday night to plan attacks on supernatural beings although their main target is Vampires they will kill anything that is supernatural either good or bad they make no distinction

The group has aquired through their searchs many things that will aid in the destuction or the supernatural eg. knives, stakes, holy water etc.
But the most usful things they have aquired are 2 supernaural items, they are called The balls of Ja'rith. The balls of Ja'rith are 2 orbs which when in the presence (about 20 feet) of a supernatural being vibrate and absorb some power from the supernatural being and transfer it to the holder of the balls, which will give the holder extra strength and speed for a short amount of time. These balls are handy in the search and destruction of the

The group has no real powers except for The balls of Ja'rith and other small charms of protection they have aquired.

Ka La

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Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(Goddessmaia@hotmail.com) on Monday, October 28, 2002 at 11:03:20
Race: Demon
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 27/4/595 AD

Ka La is human in appearance She has white hair and a wrinkled old face she looks about 70
5 foot 6 inches
Basicly she looks like a little old lady and dresses appropratly.

Ka La* was born in Jerusalem 27/4/595 AD
She lived a normal life until she was on her death bed dying.

She was about 70 years old and on her deathbed when her grandson came to her, she had a special conection with her grandson they were very close, he came to her with a jar full of liquid and told her that within the jar was something that might save her from death.

In the jar was the blood of a special demon that was reputed to live forever.

She told her grandson that she was sorry and that it was her time to leave this mortal coil and that she did not want to live forever. He would not accept this and instead force fed her the demon blood.

Ka La's grandson was correct this was the blood of that demon and she did inherit that aspect of the demon now she would roam the Earth forever as an elderly woman.

Although she also inherited a few other of the demons traits she could now levitate herself, she could make people feel drained and lethargic just by looking at them and anyone she touched became cursed(she can not control this).

After inadvetantly cursing her grandson to death she left Jerusalem to try and find a way to reverse what she called the demons curse.
She learned many things about demons, magic and other mysical things throughout time and after hundreds of years gave up and hid becoming a recluse from society moving very little.

Until one day she found out of a demon living in L.A that was reputed to live for ever.

She left for L.A...

*Ka La isn't her real name it is the name she has gone by since she was changed, she refuses to use her real name because she thinks she is not that same person anymore.

a staff to hold herself up with (she is fully capable of walking without it but her back aches alot).

Many old herbal remedys which are good for healing wounds and soothing aches and pains.

Ka La is a copetent fighter as throughout time she has, at times, needed to defend herself (although she can't die she can feel pain) she has learned how to use her staff as a weapon.

Anyone that Ka La touches (with her hands) comes down with a powerful curse, Ka La cannot control this, so she avoids human contact.

Ka La can levitate she rarely uses this except when she sleeps (beds are to hard for her old aching bones).

If she concentrates she can make people she looks at feel extremly uncomortable, drained and lethargic just by looking at them, she uses this power on people she doesnt like or on people who have done wrong by her.

She has an extremly vast knowlege or all things magical and mystical. But no magic she has learned has seem to be able to reverse what has happened to her.

Sometimes it takes a while for her to remember things as she has exlremly mild alzhiemers (this has not gotten any worse nor beter thoughout time).


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Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(goddessmaia@hotmail.com) on Tuesday, October 29, 2002 at 23:29:33
Race: soul in orb
Gender: female
Birthdate: 11/3/1847 stolen 4/6/1852 L.A

Amy was a beautiful young girl with blue eyes and blonde hair in piggytails.

Amy-Lou was born in L.A on the 3rd day of the 11th month in the yaer 1847.

The daughter of Ivan and Chantelle Keller Amy-Lou was surely the most loved and treasured child ever born.

On the 6th day of the 4th month in the year 1852, all this changed.

Ivan had just put his daughter to bed, and read her a fantastic story about a princess that had found her true prince in the form of a frog, the last thing Amy-Lou said before she fell asleep was "I wish I was a princess"
Ivans only answer to that "you are my dear, you are your fathers precious, beautiful, princess".

Ivan left the room and headed toward the study where he sat and read for a while.

There was a loud crash of a window being broken. Ivan raced to his daughters bedroom but he was to late he only caught a glimpse of the man climbing out the window and running off down the street.
Ivan turned to his daughters bed expecting to see her cowering there frightened, crying.

What he saw was unexpected his daughter lay there exactly as he had left her not 5 minutes before asleep. Ivan smiled he was glad his daughter had not seen or heard this obviously bungling burgler.
Ivan went to leave the room, to find something to place against the window, when he happened to take a second look at his daughter, stunned he looked again, her chest did not rise nor fall.
He ran to her shaking her trying to rise her from this sleep, but it was impossible as little Amy-Lou Keller was dead...

Days later Amy-Lou's body was buried 6 feet beneath the earth in a small coffin after a quick sad funeral service.

Her parents never got over there daughters death and until the day he died Ivan searched for the burgler that had, obviously, scared his daughter to death...

Little did Ivan know, the burgler of his house had stolen something that fateful night, as that burgler was no ordinary burgler, the burgler had stolen little Amy-Lou's soul.

To this day Amy-Lou's pure soul remains trapped in a forgotten white orb somewhere in the city of L.A...

GoddessMaia says: "Perhaps Dave could use this one."

Goddessmaia NPC: Billy Jay

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Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(goddessmaia@hotmail.com) on Friday, May 2, 2003 at 05:56:55

charname: Billy Jay
race: Undead
gender: Male
bdate: Unknown
group: none
position: none
descript: Billy was/is a average looking guy, if you overlook the fact he is always laying on the ground looking up at you with a dirty face begging for change.
He has brown hair and looks around 20 years old. He is 6 foot tall has a rather small nose that makes him look rather cute, and also makes the women feel sorry for him.
He is always wearing raggy clothing. His eyes show not even a glimpse of life.
history: Billy is/was an addict.
Always has been.
It seems as though he has always been there.
In the same spot waiting and begging for change from people passing by.
10 years earlyer he had been waiting and begging at his normal spot.
He was a normal drug addict and asked for nothing more than anything to help him get his next hit.

Until one day.

He was there on the corner as usual when a woman passed by.

He said in a weak voice "please, could spare me something to get me by"
She stopped turned and said "what do you need to get you by?"
He said "just a little, maybe $20"
She said "what would you do for it?"
He said "Anything, hell I'd even sell my soul"

That was his mistake.

Now he is there.
He is always there.
Watching/waiting and begging for money to get his next hit.
He got his $20 that day and unfortunatly it DID cost him his soul now he is destined to beg forever.
items: he owns only the rags on his back
powers: He is quite handsome (some may class it as a power) but lacks the charm/soul to get any response/help from anybody.
played_by: Brad Pitt
player: Hi, thought I would submit a character for you lot to play with I would be happy if you used him and maybe incorperated him into the game.
age: over13
for those of you who don't know, Goddess Maia likes to make NPCs for us to use. Joe Mante was one such NPC. There is a gallery of ehr characters at http://latenightgames.com/labynight/characters/maia.html

Goddess Maia NPC: Phillip the Banana

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Below is the result of your feedback form. It was submitted by
(Goddessmaia@hotmail.com) on Thursday, October 23, 2003 at 06:42:58

charname: Phillip (Phil)
race: human and sometimes bananna
gender: male
bdate: 04/09/1953 Burmingham
group: none
position: none
descript: A grey haired, going slowly white, man with a neatly trimed full face beard and mostache, about 5 foot 11 inches tall with quite good posture and an average build.
He wears any style of clothes but just a plain checked shirt and black pants with runners is what he usually wears.
I don't know how to explain it but when you look at him, if you look past the dazed look, you can see a very intellegent man who looks like he would like nothing more than to read a book or look at some archetecture or something.
history: Philip is a strange man who spends most of his time with his head in the clouds in deep thought.
He wanders through life without a care in the world.
At age 7 Philip's parents had died from a strange illness, that is when Philip withdrew into himself, from then on he spent his time thinking, just walking and thinking.
His parents left him quite alot of money and he doesn't really spend alot of it, he only uses it for clothes and food, in each town he arives at he will go to the first op-shop he can find and discarding the clothes he is wearing buy a fresh pair of second hand clothes.
As soon as he had finished at the boarding school he had been sent to after his parents died, he just started walking, and thinking.
He stoped only to rest and either slept in the dome tent he carried in his backpack or a hotel.
He always has a dazed look in his eyes, don't get me wrong, he isn't stupid, just ordinary things don't bother him, he is actually quite intellegent, not that any of his intellegence actually adds up to anything he is constantly thinking outside of the square, way out there.
Most people, if they talked to him, would think he was quite crazy the way he seems to talk in cryptic riddles which to him make complete sence, he is the type of man you could see an ancient tribe taking in as there witchdocter and going to when they had a problem that couldn't be solved by normal ways of thinking, he would give them a riddle they would take from it what they needed and solve their problem.
Philip has seen alot of the world in all his years but what has he been looking at as he walks along? what does he think of all the places he has visited? Hmmff Who knows! He is an incredibly hard man to understand and I don't think anyone ever will! if you read his mind I think you would come out with more questions and less answers about him than when you started.

About ten years ago he got on a plane and went to America and has been wandering around ever since.
items: just his backpack with a few books a tent and his black leather wallet.
powers: Phillip can turn into a bananna.
A useless power that doesn't even make any sence, he has studied some buddest beliefs and believes the human mind can do anything, he decided that one day he would prove this to himself so he consentrated on becoming a bananna, and thats what he became, for about five minutes he was a bananna, he has no memory of what happened whilst he was a bananna but he did actually turn into a bananna.
played_by: ???
player: Use him please! It would be interesting to see what you do with him and how he fits in and reacts.
age: over13

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