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cant remember if i gave correct email its haden@nme.com

New to this site

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Hi, I'm new here. I came via the Buffy Bronze site. I recently caught the season 6 Buffy musical, and was seriously impressed.

This started as a high school show, but it appeals to older geeks like me. I'm an ex-roleplayer, and would like to take part in an online game for the first time in my life.

Nice site, by the way.


welcome to LABN

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Thanks! I've tried to make it both attractive and useable. I appreciate it when people say they like my work (Who Doesn't!)

We are all "seriously impressed" with Buffy and Angel as well. We appreciate the outstanding writing and the challenge it gives to viewers to do more than ogle the stars and be spoon-fed the plots. I consider it a mark of sophistication when someone tells me that they watch Buffy for the sophistacated plots and writing and yes even the acting.

My feet are now wet

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I've been poking around before I head off to bed. I'm pretty excited to find a group of intelligent Buffy watchers.

I must admit that this whole internet roleplaying experience is strange, since I come from a background of tabletop gaming. I don't fully understand how it works (the posts and all), but I've no doubt that it will become clear through usage.

I'm beating around the bush. I'm hesitant to bring up my lack of knowledge: I don't know about this "Angel Investigations." I dug the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie when it came out in the early 90's, but I ignored the TV series until about five months ago. Now I'm hooked and have it completely on VHS (excepting the 6th season, which I'm taping in reruns).

But Angel Investigations, to finally get it out in the open, is new to me. Would anyone care to give me a crash-course? Is it a TV series that FX hasn't been kind enough to send to my area? Or is it a brainchild of LA By Night?

I need to know, I think, if I'm to effectively take part in your story.


Sid Siclid :?:

P.S. Thanks for this opportunity. I look forward to taking part.

P.S.S. Just noticed the destruction of Sunnydale due to a Hellmouth implosion (in your story Timeline). Wow. That's heavilicious!

welcome to LABN

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At the end of Season 3 of Buffy, Angel decided to leave Sunnydale (basically because he couldn't bear to be around Buffy when they were unable to be together without Angel losing his soul...)

So Angel moved to L.A - The Angel Investigations is a spin-off show written by Joss about Angel in L.A and it's starting to become very good even if i do say so myself - even if the first season seemed a little blah.

At first Angel Investigations ran paralel to Buffy - with both Angel and Buffy crossing over into the different shows but that doesn't really happen since Buffy changed networks.

The characters of Cordelia Chase, Wesley Wyndham-Price and Darla also star in Angel Investigations there have also been guest appearences by the characters of Buffy, Spike, Oz and Drusilla (and probably more but the UK is far behind showing the series.)

Hope this helped! :)

on angel...

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just to add a little more detail on louisa's (that's catherine to u non-gamers) summary of the tv series of "angel"...

"angel investigations" is actually the name of the agency our vampire with a soul set up in l.a, mainly to fight all those nasties that go bump in the night. (although due to a lack of funds, there have been the odd attempt at spying on suspected adulterous spouses... heh...)

angel's the frontman fighting off the big bads. cordelia's become this "i-get-visions-and-they-gimme-migraines" psychic-cum-girl-friday. wesley's the brains behind the operation (and a total giles wannabe in my opinion!). and gunn's a... well... a gun-toting hothead. *mutters*

i agree with louisa when she says that season one of "angel" is blah. in fact, i think it really sucked. it does get better though... i actually enjoyed season three! :D

i'm guessing joss didn't wanna leave all of us fans floundering when angel left the show.

i'm also guessing that he doesn't really give a damn about us fans anymore since he's axing buffy after season seven. :cry: (joss, if u ever read this, pleeeeease pleeeeeeeeeeeeease don't do it! *goes down on knees* whatever will we do without our weekly dose of stakes and fangs and weird nightly activities? *grimaces* not that kind!)


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Bummer that season 7 will be the end, but that seems to fit the niche Star Trek has left: 7 seasons for a show of this nature.

So I'd like to know where I can find Angel Investigations. Is it on DVD yet? Up here in the redwoods we don't always get the good stuff. Jesus, why don't they play ANGEL INVEST. instead of (the ever-asinine) Change of Heart, which plays directly after Buffy? I'd curse the UPN network, except that I need it right now. Needs suck.

Just some bitching.

welcome to LABN

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just posting a reply cos i've worked it out now! yay me!!!

welcome to LABN

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It's actually just "Angel" and it's not on DVD yet. It's also still on the WB. Unfortunately it isn't in syndication yet, either, although Buffy is. You can see it on various networks including FX, which airs the old episodes in order. They are in the middle of the second season now.


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Hello. Thanks for inviting me in. And, also thanks for liking the idea of my character. My character's bit original, but I want him to have some powers.. (I haven't decided which yet), because this is a supernatural world we are living in :). BTW, do you remember what actor I wrote? And is there picture of him somewhere??
Again, thanks for inviting me in :)


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Click here to see your character submission. You will need to re-post it in the Character Descriptions Forum and Dave'll make you a profile page that will magically reflect any changes in your profile for the public at large.

welcome to LABN

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Derek. A word of advice. This may be a supernatural world, but that does not mean you have to have supernatural powers.

People like Fred, Gunn, and Wesley on Angel and Xander and Giles on Buffy have no powers at all. That does not mean that they are untouched by the supernatural...Xander has an Ex-Demon Girlfriend. Giles has a magic weilding Nemesis (Etahn Raine) and was marked for death by a demon ...and can aparently collect debts from the supernatural community...

Fred has an encyclopediac knowledge of physics but gets lost in a simple tome of magical history. Gunn uses his strength, youth, and wits to defeat all kinds of otherworldly baddies, and Wesley...well...is Wesley.

The point is that someone like Sid's character has nothing going for him, but his life REEKS of the supernatural. Yours can too.

Derek Park wrote:
But one day in his senior year of college. He encountered a demon, who stung him, and mysteriously gave him a power to cast spells with his hand without the book of magic.

This is what I was talking about. It's contrived. It sounds like something that was sort of stuck onto your character. What if instead your character encounterd the records of a failed project to harness supernatural forces (penned by the late Maggie Walsh) as well as some samples and reports and lab notes.

Investigating Sunnydale reveled nothing (the base was filled with concrete at the end of Season 4) and there were no clues to the fate of The Initiative.

Curiosity they say killed the cat, and so you may be experimenting with xenobiological implants into your own body or into the fate of an LAPD officer (Cute blonde girl named Kate) who left the force after finding evidence of "demons in the streets of LA"...and so on.

Any of these ideas can lead you right into the plot of LA By Night without seeming like an attempt to pad your character in the power department. And don't feel you have to use any of these ideas...please by all means write your own!

Remember you are a researcher who approaches your research from the non-mystical non-magical very secular world. Yours is a quest for truth (sorry Galen, you are not alone).

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