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After me and my aunt dropped my parents off the airport in San Francisco, while passing by. I saw a sign "Poplar Ave."

LOL, I never knew it existed...

Just curious... how did you guys come up w/ the name "Poplar Ave."?

Hm, I am not exactly sure though.. I think I was daydreaming.. But, I'm sure, I saw that name.

Poplar Ave.

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My best friend lives at 1318 Poplar Avenue in Arbutus Maryland. He speaks Chinese and said that "1318" is a lucky number in Chinese it means "Plenty of Money for Rice" and signified prosperity and success.

Poplar trees are also lucky trees (according to my Inadian lore) and were often used around dwelling places. SO I kept the street name too.

I did some research and there is indeed a Poplar Street in Alhambra, CA and so thats where I put the house (althought the numbers do not go as hight as 1318).

SO if you saw the street name thats great! I had no idea it was that well marked.

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