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Character Name:Balthazar Romano
Other Names:
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Birthdate / Location: Oct 8th, 1964/ Brooklyn, New York
Group Affiliation: Head of Romano Investments


Balthazar is played by Ray Abruzzo

Aesthetics and Dress~Though inching close to 60, Balthazar still has a full set of dark hair and a definite spark of youth in his crafty eyes. Even though he’s one of NY most affluent citizens, Balthazar is a bit of a shlub and subsequently dresses accordingly. He despises suits and can often go several days without shaving.

Attitude~Easy going and always joking, Romano has a magnetic personality. Young or old, human or demon, whoever you ask will tell you Balthazar is a great conversationalist and hoot and a half to be around. Though he’s a perpetual bachelor, Balthazar has never had trouble when it came to the ladies. It’s not uncommon for him to show up to a party with the new ‘it’ girl of the week. However, those who are wise know not to mistake this social butterfly for a push over. Balthazar did not get to where he is simply by being a charmer. He’s cunning, intelligent, and stops at nothing to get what he wants.  

Born the only child of a poor family of Italian immigrants, Balthazar led a relatively normal life in the slums of New York. His mother and father were blue collar, working long hard hours. As a result, Balthazar was often left in the care of his grandmother, who had moved from the old country to spend the remainder of her years close to her family. It was here that Balthazar’s interest in the occult started. His ‘nona’ had been a known seer and mystic. Though his mother would discourage Balthazar from believing in the grandmother’s old superstitions, his obsession with learning all he could about magic and occult lore grew with each passing year.

As the years passed, Balthazar excelled in both his academic studies as well as his mystical ones. His parents had both died in their mid 50s, leaving Balthazar will no family to speak of.  He eventually graduated school, and quickly made a name for himself on Wallstreet as a top broker. With each year that rolled by, he continued to grow his wealth and power, establishing himself as one of New York’s elite. Eventually, Balthazar founded his own company, Romano investments, now a multi billion dollar trading house. With his cash cow in place, Balthazar shifted priorities to the darker aspects of his life, delving deeper and deeper into the supernatural. Like in the world of finance, it did not take long for Romano to assert himself as one of the major players in New York’s demonic underbelly. Now, along with a few other powerful men and woman, Balthazar has a hand in almost all supernatural dealings in New York and continues to work to expand his power and influence.

Items:Large collection of arcane artifacts

Powers:Balthazar is a powerful sorcerer, dangerous in his own right. He also has a large network of humans/demons/vamps that work for him on and off the official payroll.

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