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‘Ello all *nods* take a seat.

So what have I got cooking (err… no pun intended) for ya? Well, remember a little while ago in that ‘If I played…’ thread Dave mentioned something about ‘I’d like someone to show Kyle what a REAL Kaoshain could do’, and then I said: “Yeah, I’ve had thoughts about that’…well, here is the latest incarnation (now in technicolour*!) of my musings!

(*Actually a lie).

Why am I posting a midseason (possibly get-me-through-early-season) storyline? (Besides to prove I'm not just sat around doing nothing :P ) Well, I want your opinion on it, of course! Without spoiling any it for those people that just really really want to save the surprise (that it is). Mainly, I’m concerned with several issues I’ll address at the end.

Plus I’m not as mean as Heather :P

So what’s this all about then?

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Well, I figure poor Kyle, he’s a little lost kid, right? Yeah, he does have Hayden, but he’s an annoying ghost. So somebody needs to straighten him out a little. What about some sort of ‘real’ Kaoshian. What if Kyle’s Kaoshian form wasn’t the real one? What if Kyle being ‘created’ a Kaoshian rather than ‘born’ a Kaoshian created ethical difficulties (ooh)?. What if Kaoshian demons weren’t really demons at all? Where else would they come from? Could dragons be a possibility? Thus my train of thought went. And so I begin, with the dramatically titled:

The Truth Behind Kaoshian Demons
And Other Related Stuff.

Whereas the gods have their titans and their champions, Nature has her own chosen. Amongst them the dragon was the most prominent. In the beginning, dragons travelled across the entire world. They were Mother Nature’s guardians and protectors, keeping what they saw as a ‘natural balance’. As the world began to change the species divided. Those with great wings made home in the West and flew over the lands like guardian angels. Those dragons without wings instead travelled amongst the seas, keeping safe those beneath the waves. They made their homes in the lands of the East. And in time separation caused the rise of different traits between those in the East and those in the West.

In Chinese legends it is believed dragons had the power to transform themselves into human form. Reference is drawn to the ‘Lung-tik Chuan-ren’ or ‘Descendants of the Dragon’. Dragons feature heavily in Imperial symbols and emblems. Emperor Yu Pang began life as a peasant, but rose to the highest rank – an unheard of accomplishment. In legitimising the ascension, he became the first to claim descent from a dragon and the epithet ‘Dragon-face’ was used to refer to the ruler. In Japan, where the lifestyle owes much to China, rulers adopted the practice of sitting concealed during audiences with visitors. It is theorised this tradition came from China, where it was used after Yu Pang became emperor.

Eastern dragons differ from those featured in Western legends in a number of ways. The Eastern dragon has mainly benevolent and wise characteristics but in Western mythology the role of the dragon is the greedy and jealous opponent of the hero. Western dragons also feature fire breath while the Eastern version is more closely associated with water. Again, it is theorised that Eastern and Western dragons are in fact two different species.

Western dragons also lack the ‘shapeshifting’ ability but in even Eastern mythology this is still very rare. Eastern dragons are also told to breed handsome and attractive offspring upon shapeshifting. The reason there is no record of Western dragons possessing the same ability is because they did not know how to.

In the early days of the planet dragons roamed the lands. There were not as common as the other creatures of the Earth, but there were not as rare as they later became. But dragons they were, and they maintained the balance of the planet and all respected them.

Then the mammals known as ‘humans’ began to spread amongst the globe in all directions. The first contacts with dragons were peaceful, but as human numbers grew and grew this changed. In the East, the people had a respect for all creatures and for the most part the dragons were treated as equals or betters. But in the West the mentality that the Earth was for man to govern caused tension between dragons and humans. As the teachings of the Bible spread dragons grew afraid and steadily withdrew from the Western world and humans grew suspicious of the increasingly rare creatures. They began to gossip of great treasures, and before long dragon slayers roamed the lands searching for dragons and their treasures. English mythology even includes a tale of a King defeating one of the last dragons in combat. In return, dragons became wary and suspicious.

The Eastern dragons learnt of the demise of their friends and, fearing for their own safety, too withdrew from the world into hiding, slowly to die out.

And then the dragons were virtually gone from this world.

As the demise of the dragons began, one Western dragon rejected the lands it had lived in and sought to seek his brothers in the East. He came having left his name behind and so he was given a new name in the Eastern dragon tongue: Koashian, Dragon of Fire.

And Koashian learnt the ways of the Eastern dragons, and in time he too was able to take on human form and walk among the people. But when Koashian decided to mate with a human female, the offspring she gave was like no other from a dragon. It’s skin was of black marble, like Koashian’s own hide, and from cracks in the boy’s skin fire blazed. Like Koashian, the newborn had a tale and on the tip of the tale was a small tongue of fire.

In that moment, when Koashian saw what he had brought into the world he suddenly knew of a way to keep the status quo between humans and dragons. He would father an entire species that could act as the dragon’s soldiers, to equal the numbers of the humans.

His plan was shortly foiled. The Eastern dragons, disgusted at the betrayal of their trust, hunted Koashian down and killed, dragging his carcass into the sea where his fire would be extinguished and the dragon would die. The dozen or so half-dragons he had spawned went into hiding, using their shapeshifting to hide in human circles. Yu Pang criticised their cowardice and instead sought to reach the noblehood he deserved, and became Emperor. But after he was gone Koashian became synonymous with a creature of legend and a demon. Thus the Kaoshian species was born.

Today, most Kaoshian’s are content to live amongst humans as if they are one of them. Over time they have since integrated themselves into Asian society, hiding their true ancestors behind human forms. With little written record or collective history, the progress of time has seen the majority of Kaoshians lose knowledge of their ancestry. Of those that have come to realise their heritage some choose to use their gifts for good, moving amongst the demon world as the guardians of the Earth the dragons saw themselves. Others instead follow the teachings of Yu Pang. They believe the dragon’s blood that flows through their veins entitle them to a nobility they have been denied. Like Yu Pang they seek to achieve the status they believe they deserve. Amongst this faction, Kaoshian is a god and Yu Pang his chief prophet. They seem themselves as children of the Yu Pang dynasty.

Ok…Uh, so are Kaoshians actually demons?

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In a word, well…yes and no, depending on how you define demon. If you mean creatures of evil, then no. But many demons that have been featured in the Buffyverse do not follow this requirement. They are certainly capable of evil, but so are humans and they are not ‘demons’. A number of demons are known to be ‘peaceful’. Kaoshians share similar traits to ‘demons’ as featured in the show; ‘mystical’, not human, so they can be classified as demons for ease (‘demon’ being a non-human species, ie subterrestial). Technically, Kaoshians are ‘half-dragons’, or at least more dragon than human (assuming you do not classify a dragon, which meets many of the show's requirements for ‘demon’ as a demon). But, over time Kaoshians have been labelled demons for their appearance, traits and out of general ignorance of their ways. Kaoshians are also less like dragons today, and can be considered more ‘demonic’. Thus it is generally accepted, even amongst the majority of such institutions as the Watcher’s Council that Kaoshian is a species of demon native to Asia.

Why is this generally accepted?

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Kaoshian was an embarrassment to other Eastern dragons. He had betrayed their trust. After they realised what he was up to, which constituted as a breaking of the balance they upheld, the dragons killed him and hunted down his illegitimate children. Kaoshians hid from their wrath. They maintained no written record of their history or traditions and only a few handed it down by word of mouth to their own children. Most were just content to be labelled demons and thus escape persecution. That is the only tradition they keep. Act human, if that fails – act demon. Of those that disputed, they were either quickly silenced by scared Kaoshians or dragons themselves, then later their disciples.

Hold on. What disciples are these?

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Dragons feature heavily in Eastern culture. In the days when dragons were still alive they often generated a number of followers (this was rare in the West due to cultural differences). They were the original ‘Lung-tik Chuan-ren,’ the first Descendants of the Dragon for their founders were the children of the first Eastern dragons long before the time of Kaoshian. When the great wyrms turned against Kaoshian, their followers turned against his children and huntend them down for their lords. As the dragons slowly died out so too did their followers wane. Ecantually only a bare handful remained, and though they did their best to keep their religion alive, without their patrons their way of life quickly died out – for the most part.


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Um…yeah. Some of the more wiser Kaoshians believe many of the Lung-tik Chaun-ren still survive to this day, waiting to hunt them all down, just as the followers of Yu Pang have survived. In other words, I may consider this for a future idea (I think it has potential to be cool enough to be) but I’m not sure and haven’t thought it through properly. This is one of the place where, if you have any ideas, I’d appreciate them.

Ok, what does any of this have to do with Kyle?

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Well, Kyle will be met by an old Kaoshian who follows the way of Yu Pang. He will show him what a real Kaoshian can do and try to convert Kyle to his ways. After all, there are no Caucasion, American Kaoshians. And every one of them can trace their bloodline - except Kyle. He was 'created' not 'made'. So by teaching Kyle the way of Kaoshian, this particular Kaoshian (name to be decided heh) will hope to get the answers he seeks (namely: what does Kyle mean for the species? What does he represent? Is he an abomination to be destroyed? What, if any, is his destiny?I have a few ideas about where this is going, and a fuzzy point where it should end, but up until now I've been working on the background and haven't really progressed much further. But that'll be to come!

So What Where You Worrying About Again?

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What do you think of the whole ‘idea’ in general? Dragons haven’t had much of an impact in the game so far (to my knowledge, please correct me if I’m wrong) although I do remember a certain dragon as a char proposal sometime back (that I also remember hating…man this is kinda hypocritical). Anyhow, I was kinda making it up as I went along and, considering nothing has been done on this before, wanted the board’s opinion on the whole matter before I went ahead and thought about writing something (lol).

Anything else?

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Yeah, a one more thing. What do you think of the dragon disciple idea? I have a niggling feeling new players may get a hold of it, or it’ll get more influence than its supposed to, and suddenly LA By Night will be focused on various Kaoshian factions hiding from the Lung-tik Chaun-ren. Then again, this maybe an attack of Inflated Ego, but still this is a very bad thing I'd rather not see and though we’ll all try to stop it from happening but, y’know, the danger is in the temptation *shrugs*. Still, that's not to dissuade anybody that wants to make use of any of this in their own stuff if they wish! (or even get involved with mine if they are that interested

Righto, any questions just ask away.

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PS this hide thing rocks :P

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Without giving too much of the above away ... if you DO yead it all then you might also consider that we already discussed some of this idea with this prospective player who never came back. http://unlimitedi.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=834

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[whisper]hey hey, I've got some big spoilerage to share with y'all. You could call this the start of Matt's Big Project (With Substantial Assisstance From Shaun [i have four weeks until he gets at me for that hehe]), except it already started a while back. Is the coast clear? Cool. [/whisper]

So whats this all about then?

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Well, sometime ago me and Shaun kicked out a basic premise for a Big Bad. After a couple of revisions and further thought, it got refined to this (but by no means set in stone) idea: Zayn'Jae Vex is pissed. I mean, seriously pissed. Well, in all fairness, wouldn't you be pissed if you were once a high-and-mighty change-the-world-with-a-thought Power That Is and got kicked out because you took an active involvement in the world? She did, and now she's kicking about here on Earth with all us mortals.

There's more to it than that, right?

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Right. She wants to settle the score. Restore the status quo. How to do this? Get her power back, of course! Easier said than done, though. Cut a long story short, she needs four individuals to become her 'Four Horsemen.'

Who are they?

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Well, I can't say on all of them. Originally one was going to be a badass vampire (maybe one of the surviving Brotherhood) and another a military general gone evil perhaps, but I beleive now those two positions are open. I do know that Shaun has a certain someone to be slated for a Horseman (you'll have to take that up with him though ;) ) Suffice to say, what is relevant here is only the other horseman...who will be none other than - that's right, you guessed it - Chance.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Yup, old Chancey-boy is coming back. I've been planning this since I booted him off way back when (before, even). Again, originally he wasn't going to be coming back till the start of the season after this one coming...but with this season all about changing hellmouths and whatnot I thought it suited it better for him to come back earlier.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
I'll start with what he's been up to. Chasing the Titan into the portal, he then followed him hopping from dimension to dimension relentlessly chasing it down (and getting up to all kinds of crazy stuff along the way - including getting his own disciplies) until finally killing it. He's given a little bit of peace and quiet for a while until it all gets ripped apart (quite literally) by a portal between Earth and where he's at.

And who opens this portal?

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Remember Morris, who I recently promoted to Resident Insane-o-Vamp? And remember him speaking to 'Roxana'? Well, as I'll explain in a future post, that ain't Roxana. And it ain't the ghost in the Asylum, either. Its a shape-shifting demon in the service of Zayn'Jae. It gets Morris who, taking advantage of the high magical levels caused by shifting hellmouth nastiness, rips open this portal which Chance then returns through (quite pissed off) inadvertently bringing with him Zayn'Jae's Horseman: Dray'chen (that old cliche).


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Yeah, genius isn't it? :P So rejoice! For Chance is returning...possibly towards the middle of this coming season (just to chuck in a little more chaos to the whole thing).

What will he be like?

Spoiler: Highlight to view
To start with, pretty different. A lot more grim, a lot more wiser, generally more at peace with himself. After a bit tho, although keeping much of this, he'll star to joke again and slip back into the nice Chance that we all know and love.


Spoiler: Highlight to view
Yeah, I know. What about Kyle? I'm working on that :P I still have special plans for him that I hope to wrap up before The Big Return(tm) and hopefully keep him kicking about as an NPC (unless I think of a really cool idea to get rid of him also...lol).

You mentioned disciples back up there, what's that all about?

Spoiler: Highlight to view
Well, during his travels Chance gains a band of merry men who follow him and join him in his quest. There'll come a point when I'll be able to give more info on these guys (I have plans for them hehehe).

Right, now I know that was perhaps lacking a little in detail but...hey...I don't want to give everything away ;) What's there is enough to give y'all a heads up and as TBR(tm) draws nearer, I'll probably be releasing some more bits and bobs anyway to give y'all a clearer picture anyway.

What details are these?

Spoiler: Highlight to view
What Chance got up to, who these 'disciples' were, how he killed the Titan, what happened to him afterwards, why he goes through the portal Morris opened...stuff like that which I'm working on :)

(Btw, hope you don't mind me posting this Shaun!)

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