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In the wake of Tash's death (which I haven't been able to reveal) a few things are gonna happen. I don't have to write these, but they can be written by anyone who wants to.

Q: What happens to Poplar Ave?
A: [hide]Poplar avenue is owned and operated as an office building with residential spaces primarily by the "Victor Foundation" - A non-profit organization with an enormous endowment. They maintain a number of other buildings including warehouse space. These all are under the direct contol of the President of the Foundation.[/hide]

Q: What happens to all the money in The Foundation?
A: [hide]Like the buildings there is a lot of money in the foundation. Roughtly $700 Million. This sum includes Tash's trust funds as well as the payouts on her life insurance and a number of other insurance policies held for members of the Foundation and an educational fund for Maia. These funda are mostly administered by the attornies on record for the Foundation - Wolfram and Hart.[/hide]

Q: What happens to the White Hats?
A: [hide]A lot of this depends on how you want to handle it as a group. As far as W&H is concerned, they have explicit instructions to enact. They are (in order of priority):
1) Freeze the assets of the White Hats until their next board meeting.
2) Send a representative to the highest ranking member of the board and install him as President of the Board.
3) If there is no other member of the board, then all funds are dispursed to orphanages, religious organizations, and private charities according to an extensive list of recipients.

The problem is that Tash, for all her leaership qualities, wasn't a good administrator. She never updated rolls or members or anything. So the only employees of "The Victor Foundation" (because Victor hired them) are (in order of seniority) : Sam Aubrey and Reanna Kossinton.[/hide]

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