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Character Name: Chib Paramisii, Oronoko (stage name), Oro, Ace of Flasks, Chibba Fann

Species: Ryn

Gender: Male

Light Side/Dark Side Ratio: 5/5

Description: The Ryn: this species of humanoids was distinguished by their birdlike faces and the stiff hair covering their bodies. They had a slender, prehensile tail and a chitinous nose. The males had drooping moustachios and crests at their temples, while the females lacked moustachios and had slicked-back hair in place of the crests. Their noses were formed from a series of holes, making it appear to be a musical instrument, and the tips of their tails were sky-blue in color. USWE: http://www.theforce.net/swenc/entrydesc.asp?search=21599

Oro is not all that uncommon for his species. He stands just below average height, is slender, and quick fingered. He wears his hair loose and unkempt, and keeps a full moustache that droops as low as his chin. Underneath the smoky dark grey of the tiny, stiff hairs covering his body, his skin is a deep, dark blue that fades to the blue of Ord Mantell’s Bright Jewel Star at the last 30 centimetres of his meter-long tail. His superstitious lack of hygiene gives him the characteristic Ryn musk, that he mellows with scented oils (think of a combination of ferret musk and Patchouli) Like any Ryn, his most striking feature is the elegantly perforated beak growing out of the middle of his face in the place of a nose. Unlike most Ryn, his eyes are a bright, deep amber. He often wears a knotted scarf around his neck to conceal the slender scar running laterally across his throat.

He typically dresses in comfortable slacks, shirt, and a three-quarter jacket in dark gem tones. He wears two fairly heavy gold earrings and the aforementioned scarf in place of a tie, and wears corded sandles when not barefoot. The holos on his cloak are rarely activated except when performing for wealthy clients.

Birthplace: Ord Mantel.

History: Oronoko was born 30 years ago (Episode IV -46) into a Ryn kumpaniya (extended family traveling together) on Ord Mantell. The kumpaniya spent several years working the various ports in the Bright Jewel System. Because his own skin colors matched those seen in the Bright Jewel star, his parents (Krana and Prow Paramisii) nicknamed him Oronoko, the Ryn name for the system. Oro was speaking Ryn and Basic fluently by his second year.

Chib and his family were driven away from Ord Mantell by Republic policies attempting to “clean up” the planet. They relocated to Nar Shaddaa and its vertical cities. They used the moon as a central hub of activity while working the various Hutt houses based on the moon and Nal Hutta as entertainers, mechanics, and cooks. Oro had an unusual insight into the emotional state and needs of his audience, and became quite popular as a performer despite his young age.

This didn’t go as well as they expected.

Chib’s father, Prow, was a compulsive gambler. By the time Chib was ten, his father had amassed a massive debt to several Hutt lords. In a desperate attempt to get the money, he accepted a job from a Black Sun envoy and got himself killed. It was an unusually cold, second-phase night when the thugs came for Krana. Three of Chib’s uncles were killed in the ensuing battle. While fighting desperately to protect his mother, a Nikto thug slashed Oro’s throat. As the brigands made to drag off his mother, the pain, fear, and anger welled up in Chib and, with a bone-chilling scream, he erupted in a blast of Force lighting, literally frying everyone else in the room—including his mother. The Paramisii’s ancient nurse droid, PV-S03, emerged from hiding in time to repair Chib’s injury. Oro has never forgiven her.

Oronoko spent the next five years performing music, petty theft, and occasional knife-work on the streets of Nar Shaddaa. He became emotionally detached, absolutely terrified of what another emotional outburst would bring. He learned Sabacc on his 15th birthday, and his empathic abilities made him absolutely murder at the game, it was in during these early games he won his prized holocloth cloak from a particularly wealthy Falleen.

He learned from his father’s mistakes and stayed low-key. By the time he was twenty, he was a minor legend on Nar Shaddaa, and in spite of his attempts to the contrary, he’d become very well known. Well known enough that a certain Falleen named Xrithrillial came looking for his lost cloak. Luckily, the young Ryn had made enough money and connections at this point to charter a quiet transport out of the system three months to the day after his 17th birthday.

He performed, lied, stole, and cut his way to Coruscant. He kept to the lower city until a Twi-Lek noble woman slumming in one of the seedier Hutt-run night clubs caught his performance and commissioned him as on-ship entertainment on her various trips around the galaxy. Dutchess Kalla Mattoo was her name. The Ryn tatterdemalion finally had it easy for a while. His service to the Dutchess enabled him to perfect his musical talents in a relatively safe environment, and the frequent stops during the journeys exposed him to countless variations of Sabacc. His affair with Kalla earned him training in the finer sides of Twi-Lek bedroom arts.

It was on Chib's 23rd birthday that Duke Mattoo discovered his wife’s infidelity during a tour of the Outer Rim, and the raucous Ryn was forced once more onto the underside of the law. He conned his way onto an Ithorian herd ship bound for Tatooine. The ship turned out to be a smuggling ship for the Herd, and the young man convinced the Ithorians to take him in with a combination of natural charm, Force-powered empathy, and his uncanny ability to mimic the sound of the Ithorian dual-throat speech.

He spent six years learning the ropes of the smuggling trade, and earned his own ship and the nickname Ace of Flasks during this same time. He his independence by beating his immediate superior in the syndicate—RrrooofforloothanTHroan—in a game of Sabacc. The ancient Ithorian was impressed by the Ryn’s ability, and gave Oro full independence from the Herd.

Oronoko no longer uses the name Chib Paramisii. He fears that his father’s old debt collectors may still be out for blood. He knows how long the memory of the underworld can be. He’s kept to the Outer Rim while war rips through the galaxy. The Empire’s “Purity Laws” make it difficult for a non-human to earn an honest living, and the constant struggle of Ryn life is made even worse for it.

He’s recently take a break from running and pointed his ship to fertile grounds on a Expansion world named Vorgrell.

Items: Heavy holocloth cloak; holos of deep space float across its surface; often set to display the Bright Jewel star system (prize from one of his early Sabacc victories). Shrlii (a PKD L-420 Blaster Pistol), Slimline vibroknife, Czerka NZ-52 "Palm Surprise" hold-out dart thrower,
deck of pure sabacc cards and set of chance cubes. Sundries of a vagabond in space.

R5-Z3 astromech

Abilites: A kind of Jack-of-all-sorts. Passibly flies spacecraft, and maintain them well enough. Well-spoken and fluent in Basic, Ryn, Huttese, Twi-Lek (at least, its spoken aspects), Bocce, Binary (Astromech dialect), and Ithorian. Devilishly capable at gambling and storytelling, as well as sabacc card and chance cube fortune telling. Decent cook. Fantastic musician, specializing in the Rynian beak. As far as theft, breaking and entering, forgery, smuggling and graft? He could make a living.

Force Powers: Definitely not a jedi. Ryn is a moderately sensitive empath, enough so that only the Sabacc Mask of a Hutt or Ubese can fool him. He has an inate nack with languages. All he needs is an evening of exposer to a new language and he'll be passably capable by morning. Another couple days and he's fluent. This is most definitely a Force skill. He gets cryptic flashes from other times...other places.

Played by: Paterson Joseph (aka NeverWhere's Marquis De Carabas)

Player: Niko



Queen of Air and Darkness
Craft:decommissioned and heavily modified MandalMotors M12-L multi-role craft, aka Hutt Kimogila
Type: Heavy fighter
Scale: Light Transport
Length: 24 metres
Crew: 1+astromech
Crew Skill: Average with Droid, Advanced without
Passengers: 4+ sleeping space
Cargo Capacity: 10m Tonnes
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1
Backup Hyperdrive: x10
Nav Computer: No
Maneuverability: Heavy Fighter
Atmosphere: 300 cruise, 500 max
Hull: Semi-conductive ditanium
Shields: x1
Weapons: 2x medium laser cannons, 2x ion cannons
Ryn removed a good deal of the ship's armament to make room for cargo space and a comfortable living space
Other: Switchable Transponder card
Typical Ryn:

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