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Name: Valkyrie
Age: 24
Race: Enhanced Human

Physical Description: Valkyrie is a 5'11, 130 lb female. She is Caucasian, but noticably pale, almost the shade of an albino but not quite. She has lower back-length white-blonde hair and pale blue eyes that seem to fade to grey around the edges. Her eyes glow irredescent green in certain light/dark situations, like a cats. She has six-fingers on her left hand and elongated canine teeth that give the appearance of having fangs. She is beautiful and well-proportioned. For the most part she dresses professionaly, but when she is on her own time, she wears a white dress that covers her from neck to ankle, but that highlights the curves of her body along with a long white cowled cloak.

Personality: Valkyrie is the quiet, but congenial type. She is rarely in a bad temper, and is normally polite and well thought of. She is however, not the most sociable of human beings due to her inability to be around people for prolonged periods of time. She hates crowds and spends a good deal of her time alone. She is a fairly caring person, understanding of other people's failings, but she knows how to take care of herself. She gives off a feeling of innocent strength without naivette.

History: Valkyrie was born as the result of a Soviet expirament to create a perfect soldier for their army. They chose the best of their soldiers and cloned him, but added different genetic strands from various animals into the DNA sequence to code for desired traits such as speed or enhanced senses. Several hundred fetuses were cloned. Valkyrie's was an anomaly from the start. All of the clones were supposed to be male, but four turned out to be female. After much deliberation, the project manager decided to keep them and see what became of them. Only three of the infants survived gestation to be born: Valkyrie and two of her brothers. Valkyrie herself, having extensive powers of memory, can barely remember some of the events of her life before a year old but she has very clear memories of her siblings. She remembers being in a nursury with two boys. Both were pale like her and growing shocks of blonde hair. One boy had steel-grey eyes...scary eyes. The adults that cared for them called him Wraithe. The other boy was badly mishapen. He had nubs on his back that could have been the beginning growth of wings...his irises were a pale whitish color, almost indescernable from the surrounding white of his eyes. The adults called him Seraphim. They all played together, until one day Wraithe was gone. She never saw him again after that.
By the time she was two years old, her powers had grown more evident. She could move things with her mind and she could tell when the adults were thinking most of the time. In the less mentally strong ones, she could even implant her own thoughts and wishes and the adults would do them. She and Seraphim would have hours of amusement in confusing the adults. By this time, the nubs on his back had grown into recognizable proto-wings. Then one day, she suddenly knew that the adults had figured her out. She huddled in fear under the bed in the room she and Seraphim slept and played in and nothing Seraphim could do would cheer her up or bring her out. Then they came for her. A man who smiled in a way that was supposed to be friendly but which Valkyrie knew was not came and coaxed her out from under the bed with food. She didn't want to come but she was hungry. When she was out, he picked her up and told her that everything would be ok and carried her out of the room. The last thing she remembered seeing was Seraphim's face, mouth open wide in shock and his big scared eyes.
In the years that followed, she was taught math, science, languages, a first rate education. All the while, her powers were being honed. She was exercised in the gym for several hours every day to strengthen her body and exercised for several hours at moving objects with her mind and in precognition and telepathy. All of her tutors were specially selected so that she found it almost impossible to look into their minds. They underestimated her stubborness though, and one day her tutors fled the room after she had sent them mental images of each of their own seperate worst fears befalling them. She was then 15. After that,they put her to work. She was taught charm and social graces and then she would accompany premiers and military officials at their meetings as a "secretary" but what she would really be doing was peering into the minds of their oponents and relaying the thoughts to her bosses. She hated this job though, espeically as the military began to make more and more use of her to interrogate prisoners and to help plan military strategy. She tried to escape several times, but each time they just isolated her further. One day, while sitting in her lonely room, she began to imagine that she was walking along the outer hall. She could see it all planely in her head. She could see the glass outer door where the guards stood and through it the metal inner door that kept her locked in her room. Playfully, she began to think towards the guard....open the door....now. In her imagination, the guard did so and she walked through to the inner door. She knew the combination, but there was no way she could enter it from inside her room normally, but her new game was amusing. She imagined entering the code. To her surprise, she was suddenly awoken from her daydreaming to realize that the door had actually slid open. The guards outside the outer door peered in shocked and one reached for his radio. She began to think calming thoughts at both of them, realizing this might be her last chance to escape. They both relaxed and the one dropped his radio. She strolled past them, smiling at them, removed their guns and spring down the hall way, while the guards smiled and nodded at her.
To make a long story short, she escaped. She quickly disguised herself as a normal teen age girl and fled the country for Great Britian. She decided then and there that she would never allow her powers to be used for anything but good again. After her presence was made known to the British Government, she was offered British citizenship and a very good lifestyle in exchange for her future services to the nation. As a consequence, she was was adopted by Lord Atkins and his wife, a wealthy family of landed gentry who had not managed to have children of their own and who were high up in the MI5 chain of command. After testing she was immediately entered into a top grade college, where she graduated with honors with a degree in criminal science. She started working as a detective for Scotland Yard and has risen in the ranks to consultant for the MI5. However, she has take a years sabbatical to try and track down her two brothers, Wraithe and Seraphim, who she hasn't seen or heard from in 22 years.

Telepathy: She is capable of reading the thoughts of others and transmitting her own.
Limit: She can only do this feat if she is able to put her full concentration
to this act. If she is even the slightest bit distracted, she will only be able to pick up fuzzy information at best.
Stunt: She can transmit images and thoughts to other people
Stunt: She can recieve images and thoughts from other people

High Metabolism: Her metabolism is slightly higher than the upper limit of average human metabolism.
Stunt: She heals at a slightly faster rate and is more resistant to disease
Stunt: Her reflexes are faster than a normal humans
Stunt: Her brain functions work at an increased rate, making her mental processes more efficient.
Limit: She must ingest more calories per day than the average human, at least four meals a day.
Limit: If she does not ingest a sufficient number of colories, her body slows down to dangerous rates and she is in danger of falling into a torpor coma state.

Empathy: She is capable of picking up the emotional states of others at an increased level.
Stunt: She has a sort of inborn "lie detection" system that lets her know when people are telling the truth, unless they are skilled at controlling their emotions and physiological responses.
Stunt: She is a very good criminal negotiator because she can tell exactly what state the criminals are in and what they want or need to hear.
Limit: She must be completely alone for a substantial period of the day, due to the fact that her ability to feel what other people feel can overwhelm her entirely. For instance, if she is around someone who is in considerable emotional pain, Valkyrie will feel the exact same pain and sadness they feel. This is debilitating to her mental state. She must also have a strong bond to the person in question, or must be in the same general area as them.

Powers and Weaknesses:
Telekinesis: She is able to move objects with her mind.
Stunt: She is able to manipulate things suck as locks, light switches, and small objects with her thoughts. In times of very good concentration, she can cause her self or other people to levetate, but she must concentrate hard to do this and is only seldom able to do it.
Stunt: She is able to direct a low-energy "chi" blast at an individual, enough to knock them off their feet.
Limit: This feat causes her to become exhausted and causes her metabolism to spike to dangerous rate to keep her overused brain running. Moving small objects will only make her tired, but the larger the object the more taxing it is. After a "chi blast" or moving something as large as a human being, she will most often need help to remove herself from the area before passing out, which is why she uses this mechanism only as a last ditch defense.

Astroprojection: The ability to project a vaguely solid image of one's self that is able to manipulate it's environment somewhere that the physical body is not.
Stunt: She is able to use this feat to see into places her physical body couldn't normally go.
Limit: She must be somewhere where her physical body will be safe. Also if her astral body is killed during the exercise, her physical body will be left in a vegetable state. While astral traveling, her body and life signs will appear as though she were in a deep coma.

Increased Sensory Perception: Her sight, hearing, and smell are all increased beyond normal human levels.
Stunt: Her dark vision is significantly improved and she can also detect infrared at night.
Stunt: She is able to detect smells from several miles away.
Stunt: She is able to detect sounds beyond the range of normal human hearing.
Limit: Her infrared vision is only active at night.
Limit: She recieves terrible migraines from being able to see both at light and dark, particularly when going directly from one to the other.
Limit: Particularly loud sounds cause her terrible pain.

Weaknesses: Because she is an empath, she is particularly weak to psychic attacks, even though she is psychicly gifted herself. She tends to avoid those of her own kind because it is simply too much for her mind to deal with at any one time. She prefers to be around those people who can represent and empathic blank. Even though she can't tell what they're thinking, it provides some relief.

Items: Valkyrie is a fairly non-materialistic person. She prefers not to use any weapons. Even when she was a detective and was forced to carry a gun, she never used it, preferring to convince her quarry to come in of their own free will using her powers. She now never carries a weapon.[/i]


Soulless Zombie's picture

Picture of the Valkyrie and her Brothers (Made on HeroMachine 1.1)

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