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Batman: Life after Hush

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It's true... the Bat Universe does and has continued after Hush. As shocking as it may seem, we have to go on with our lives and read other comic book adventures.

So has anybody read (and by anybody I bacically mean Ric) Broken City? It's the newest arc that's about 3/4 of the way done. It's definitely grittier than Hush and I like the art alot.

I don't know if I like the writing so much though. That whole think where Batman was talking to Allen about grilling a steak... obviously there was more to that convo than just meaningless chat, but I didn't think Batman would want Allen to know anything about his private life. I always thought that, to the officers and the criminals, he was only Batman and nobody else.

I did enjoy the part about the Penguin though. I thought he was written very well. And lets face it, the Penguin's just funny :P

Oh, and also, I think the sequal to Hush in Gotham Knights starts next month. I'm trying to subscribe to GK and have them rush it (I already subscribe to Batman and Tec, but I'm now trying to get GK and Catwoman). So for all of you still living in the times of Hush (really...you need to move on....) you can have more!

Oh, and I thought that Detective Comics for January was really good. It featured Batgirl, but it made comparisons between Jason Todd and Stephanie Brown, and showed to Batgirl why Batman didn't want Stephanie to be Spoiler. He didn't want another Jason Todd case.

Batman: Life after Hush

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damn, broken city has been really really good...but i really love Az's style of writing...he's making bats more pulpy, and @ the same time he's given him some dark humor...i love it, it's just like 1940's era batman...

i guess i was the only one who laughed @ the steak scene...it killed me, hehehehe

i can't wait to see what Az is going to do with superman (starting next month), mike, u should check out 100 Bullets, a real solid title...very tarantino-esque

however, i didn't get GK 50 cuz my shop owner forgot to put it on my list, so im waiting for a reorder

and i havent read gabyrch's start on 'Tec yet...still sitting there on my desk...

oh yeah, check out the joker sniper arc in gotham central, the conclusion actually has some repercussions for the MCU and bats, totally f'd up

heh, this isn't a plug for marvel, but damn, is daredevil getting sicker by the ish...this title is simply the most insane one on the shelves now...if bats wasn't far and beyond my no.1, the blindman would be on there most def

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