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I have to admit, I hardly watch Hercules, of the two shows (Xena and Hercules) Xena is definately my favourite, I just love that war cry, and all the gravity defying antics, plus Joxer, Joxer is great, he's hilarious. Then there's the King of Thieves... okay, let me just say it, Xena has a magic that just doesn't come through in Hercules at all (for me at least).

I don't know why I decided to mention this other than a reason why I am restricting this game as a XENA quote quiz only, and not a Xena/Hercules quote quiz. I'm working on the principle that since the shows aren't shown very often on tv at all restricting the quotes to ONE show should (hopefully) make this slightly easier. Well maybe.

And just in case you are REALLY stuck, you can always just guess who said the quote rather than the character and episode - see I'm giving you a helping hand already :D

Xena Quote Quiz

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Here's one to get us started...

"That thing you did with the hoop-- That was amazing. Where did you get that? Did you make it yourself? And that kick you do-- You've got to teach me--"

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