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Strife - God of Strife

Race: God

Sex: Male

Name: Strife

Parents: Discord

Brothers/Sisters: Unknown

Children: NONE

(Strife is played by Joel Tobeck)

Strife is the God of Strife and the son of Discord. He is also Ares’s nephew and bound to serve him or go to Tartarus for his past crimes (he plotted with Discord to frame Ares for the attempted murder of Hercules). Strife in many ways is Ares’s apprentice in the art of warfare, but he never seems to get it right and is often an infinite source of disappointment and shame for Ares. But Strife tries hard, and is frequently torn in his loyalties between Discord and Ares. Strife is very skittish in his actions and movements and has a very sickly appearance. He stutters and stumbles and often appears more comical than fearful.

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