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Celesta – Goddess of Death

Race: Goddess

Sex: Female

Name: Celesta

Parents: Unknown

Brothers/Sisters: Hades

Children: Unknown

(Celesta is played by Kate Hodge)

Celesta is the embodiment of death, and any one who touches her dies instantly. She is the guardian of the Eternal Flame, a candle that must never leave Celesta's hand should it burn into nothing. If the flame were ever allowed to go out, Celesta will no longer exist and there will be no death in the world. This is not necessarily a good thing - the capture of death would mean that those who are suffering would not be released from their pain as they would not able to die. Celesta is a very kind and gentle god, she has a genuine affection for her brother Hades as he is the only person who truly understands her.

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